August 2015

"First, the definition of sacrifice. It just means
"what makes the Sacred," according to its Latin
etymology. No meaning of "punishment," or
"deprivation" as most people think. However, in
my philosophical system, sacrifice still relates
to some idea of "gift," of "reciprocity" and of
"reconciliation.' Unlike its modern negative
sense, to sacrifice does not mean to take
away... but to give away. Gandhi once said that,
'A spiritual aspiration without an equal spirit of
sacrifice in return is the worst possible sin of
all.' This is remarkable thinking and pure
Druidic teaching as well. To the ancient Celts
(and all other aboriginal cultures on such a
matter), a sense of sacrifice and freewill are the
two components of a common higher concept.

We humans were meant to be the Guardians
and the Midwives of the Divine Natural Order
here on Earth. We have been sent on this
precious gem of cosmic life to protect and to
serve all other living things, not destroy them,
subdue them or use them up according to our
schizoid caprices.... In my "healing" system,
sacrifice is the sine qua non component of the
whole process. If people are not ready to
reciprocate my empathetic sacrifice with a gift
toward the Divine Natural Order of equal
magnitude as what they expect the Divine
Natural Order to do for them, it just won't work,
period.... If people want a "miracle," people
need to be ready to pay the price of a "miracle,"
with all the respect required for such an
apparent violation of logical rules....

To get attuned with their Divine self, people
need to atone to the Earth, to all living things
and to atone to their true human self, ultimately.
This is the very sense of my "Reciprocating
Sacrificial Procedure." Thousands of years
before an American martyr expressed a feeling
very similar in essence that my Druidic
ancestors never ceased to repeat:
"Instead of always asking yourself
what God can do for you, why don't you ask
yourself what you can do for God?"

Dr. Philip Savage, Ph.D.
Interview with Avallac'h
Dr. Philip Savage, Ph.D., scientist, author, originator of the science of
Subliminal Influentiality, is renowned in the United States and Europe for
resolving the most life-threatening health crises in thousands of cases, using
his advanced Subliminal Influence technology, producing unprecedented
results in person or from a distance.

Dr. Savage's ground-breaking work is non-physical, non-therapeutic, non-
pharmaceutical and painless. It has been tested and validated for more than
twenty-five years by medical professionals, universities, laboratories, media
and most recently in global public experiments.

This website reports some of the most compelling, documented cases of
Bio-Restoration ("healing") by Dr. Savage, who is the only one who can do what
he does. Unparalleled, he is able to demonstrate, with repeated visual proof
and under strict scientific / medical scrutiny and replicability, recoveries that
reductionist science considers to be absolutely impossible.

Following are examples of dramatic Bio-Restorations by Dr. Savage using
his Subliminal Distant Influence (SDI) and Distant Subliminal Neuro-Bypass
technologies (DSNB):
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RUSH Trailer                      Exclusive Interview Dr. Philip Savage
R U S H    Award-winning documentary film

Brain Mapping of Dr. Philip Savage
was done at the University of California San Diego
(UCSD) Neurobiology Program. The results were
labelled, “Unprecedented” when the Alpha Band
Power increased 30 to 40 times from resting mode
to processing mode. The UCSD scientists stated
that this phenomenon has never been seen in
human beings, only in large sea mammals.
Scientific Miracles: The way it works in a health crisis, even in the most
extreme cases, is that Dr. Savage takes care of the actual cause of the
problem, bringing the individual person into complete balance (homeostasis).
This is similar to "resetting" a crashed or defective computer to make it function
perfectly again. Alternative health treatments (such as radionics, acupuncture,
homeopathy, Reiki) are band-aids that may help temporarily relieve some
symptoms, while Subliminal Influence technology removes the deep, underlying
cause of the problem and is permanent.

For Public Proof: The 100% success rate of burn data
using the specialized Distant Subliminal Neuro-Bypass (DSNB) technology is a
first in human history. Dr. Philip Savage, the Bio-Matrix Hacker, is able to "hack"
into the Psycho-Continuum (Bio-Field Matrix), write a new "program" and
download it to the appropriate burn victims. Any interested scientist can easily
replicate these test results by calling in burn cases of their own and monitoring
the astonishing and immediate recoveries.

Training and Broadcast TV: When the FireBurnDoctor "before" and
"after" results
of DSNB burn treatment have been broadcast globally, widely
seen, and accepted by network television and social media, Dr. Savage can
then train emergency DSNB response teams all over the world. Professional
workers and public citizens, without any prior training in burn care, will be able
to produce exactly the same results as Dr. Savage himself, thereby creating a
widespread "wave of healing" capable of eradicating the world's catastrophic
scourge of burns, a travesty that, since 1982, is statistically more devastating
than AIDS. As a consequence of his Burn Eradication Project, Dr. Savage will
prove, scientifically, for the first time, the existence of a higher power accessible
to us right here, right now, something each one of us needs to see with our own
eyes - proofs, not new messages. Expericism (based on proof of the truth), no
longer mere empiricism (based on theory and belief).

Subliminal Influence technology works. Dr. Philip Savage can prove it and
teach it. As he says, "Whether you are eighty years old or whether you are
seven years old, you just need a complete transformation; you just need to
break free from your own cultural prison. Well, I can do that upon people. But
better, I can teach people to do that upon others."
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