Dr. Philip Savage, Ph.D., scientist, author, Father of the advanced science of Subliminal Influentiality, is known in the US and
    Europe for resolving the most life-threatening health crises in thousands of cases, producing unprecedented results using his unique
    Subliminal Distant Influence technology (SDI).

    This website reports some of the most compelling, documented cases of Bio-Reparative Rescue the world has ever seen,
    a claim which is substantiated by the fact that Dr. Savage is the only one who can do what he does: Demonstrate repeated visual proof,
    under strict scientific and medical scrutiny, of what medical science considers to be absolutely impossible recoveries.

    For example, nowhere in the world can you find outcomes like these:
Such astonishing results are the effects of Philip's work and provide documented proof of so-called "impossible" events.
  • Broken Neck: Tad Dodge, a near-fatal car crash victim, got a broken neck (a C2 break just like Christopher Reeve) but he
    was back to work in a week, with full range of motion within 1 month. (UCLA-Emergency Room documentation)
  • Drug Addiction: Christian Forlani (brother of Hollywood actress Claire), a drug user and violent addict of 20 years, was drug-
    free in a weekend, suffered no withdrawals, without going to a "rehab center."
  • Child Abuse Victim: Jeremy Newman, a 41 year-old world-record triathlete, sexually and physically abused as a child, was
    FREE from the pain and trauma of a lifetime after one appointment with Dr. Savage.
  • HIVS/AIDS: Buz Crump suffered from HIV/AIDS for 10 years and suddenly got a drop in his viral load from 36,000 copies to
    less than 50 without change in medication or diet, after seeing Philip once. (UBS/Lab Corp test scores)
  • Arthritis Horse: Paddy, the 19-year-old Irish Cobb crippled with arthritis, raced around the field, pain-free, kicking and
    running 5 minutes after one SDI treatment. (Live video documentation)
  • More Compelling Cases: Including unprecedented results of cancer, shingles, corpus callosum, kidney, brain-mapping,
    EEG, AMI and unique shielded room experiments of Philip Savage's SDI technology.
  • FireBurnDoctor.com: Public tests -- 950 burn cases from 47 states & 49 countries, ALL with the same amazing results: Pain
    gone in minutes, burn erased in hours! Global FREE "Instant Burn Recovery" 1-818-332-6445 (within first 30 minutes of burn).
  • ShinglesDoctor: Research results: "It was amazing. After 5 minutes the pain was completely gone from my head, the itching
    and pain around the rash was very much less, and the area of the rash itself was reduced." (Live video documentation)
Dr. Savage can help any person (and any animal) in almost any health crisis. The "Bio-Matrix Hacker" and his science of Subliminal
Distant Influentiality (SDI) have been put to the test with always the same remarkable, some would say, miraculous results.

Evidence of this proof has grown for more than 25 years with cases documented by medical professionals, such as seen on the "Broken
Neck" page. Now there are hundreds of "instantly recovered" burn victims, strangers  who knew nothing about Dr Savage, documenting
their amazing experiences when they called in their own burn cases. These data come from more than 950 cases from 47 states of America
and 49 countries of the world, all with the same results: pain gone in minutes, burn erased in hours.

The way his technology works in a health crisis, even in the most extreme cases, is that Philip Savage takes care of the actual CAUSE
of the problem, bringing the individual person into complete balance (homeostasis) -- similar to "resetting" a crashed computer to make it
work perfectly again. The results of Dr Savage's work always elicit awe and exclamations of a "miracle", when in fact, such results are
actually the logical effects of a true and most advanced technological intervention, that scientists can test, but do not yet understand.

What matters most to people right now is that SDI works and Philip Savage can prove that to anyone.

When you need surgery, you find the best doctor who can do the job. When you need a lawyer, you hire the best one available. When you
want to resolve an impossible health crisis, you go to Philip Savage, the only one in this world who can give you the solution you need...
quickly and completely. Just as the valuable work of the best doctors and lawyers requires an equal exchange -- value for value -- so too
does Dr. Savage's unique, incomparable "technology of possibilization" require heartfelt, freewill sacrifices -- reciprocal sacred gifts.
We, who have worked with Dr. Savage for these many years, have seen with our own eyes and in our own lives
the amazing results documented in the many cases reported on this website. We are sharing this information with you so
that you too have the opportunity to see and experience the extraordinary effects of Philip Savage's science and
technology of Subliminal Influentiality in your own personal lives.

We invite you to read and watch some of the most remarkable writings and videos in existence today that
explain and demonstrate Dr. Savage's proven solutions to the problems we all face and will face in our individual and
collective lives on this planet: Health, happiness, security, protection of our children and the future of Life on Earth.

Who do you know who's suffering or dying... or who may be struggling in silence without your knowing?
Give them the link to www.psproof.com, so that they too have the chance to find out exactly how Dr. Savage can help
them. Everyone has the right to learn, understand and decide for themselves. Give them this very unique opportunity.  
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