Dr. Philip Savage, Ph.D., scientist, author, father of the science of
Subliminal Influentiality, is renowned in the United States and Europe for
resolving the most life-threatening health crises in thousands of cases, using
his advanced Subliminal Influence technology, producing unprecedented
results on site or from a distance.

Dr. Savage's ground-breaking work is non-physical, non-therapeutic, non-
pharmaceutical and painless. It has been tested and validated for more than
twenty-five years by medical professionals, universities, laboratories, media
and most recently in global public experiments on burns and shingles.

This website reports some of the most compelling, documented cases of
Bio-Restoration ("healing") by Dr. Savage, who is the only one who can do what
he does. Unparalleled, he is able to demonstrate, with repeated visual proof
and under strict scientific / medical scrutiny and replicability, recoveries that
reductionist science considers to be absolutely impossible.

Following are examples of dramatic Bio-Restorations by Dr. Savage using
his Subliminal Distant Influence (SDI) and Distant Subliminal Neuro-Bypass
technologies (DSNB):
RUSH Trailer                         Exclusive Interview, Dr. Philip Savage

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Brain Mapping of Dr. Philip Savage
was done at the University of California San Diego
(UCSD) Neurobiology Program. The results were
labelled, “Unprecedented” when the Alpha Band
Power increased 30 to 40 times from resting mode
to processing mode. The UCSD scientists stated
that this phenomenon has never been seen in
human beings, only in large sea mammals.

  • Broken Neck: Tad Dodge, whose neck was broken in a near-fatal car crash,
    was back to work in one week, with full range of motion within one month.
    (University of California, Los Angeles Emergency room documentation.)

  • Drug Addiction:  Christian Forlani, brother of Hollywood actress Claire Forlani
    and violent drug and alcohol addict of 20 years, was drug-free in one weekend
    and suffered no pain, no withdrawals, without going to a "rehab center."           

  • Child Abuse Trauma:  Jeremy Newman, a 41 year old world-record triathlete,
    sexually and physically abused as a child, was FREE from life-long pain and
    trauma after one appointment with Dr. Savage.

  • HIV/AIDS:  Buz Crump suffered from HIV/AIDS for 10 years. After seeing Dr.
    Savage once, Mr. Crump's viral load suddenly dropped from 36,000 copies to
    less than 50, without any change in medication or diet. (See Lab Corp test

  • Arthritis Horse:  Paddy, 19-year-old Irish Cobb crippled with arthritis for three
    years, raced around the field, pain-free, RUNNING FIVE minutes after one
    Subliminal Distant Influence (SDI) treatment. (Live video documentation)

  •  Global public experiment using Distant Subliminal Neuro-
    Bypass (DSNB) technology on burns. 1400+ burn cases from 56 countries and
    50 states, ALL with the same amazing results: Pain gone in minutes, burn
    erased in hours. Global FREE "Instant Burn Recovery"   Call +1-818-332-6445
    within first 30 minutes of exposure to fire.

  • ShinglesDoctor:  Global public experiment using DSNB technology on virus
    (herpes zoster). Results: "It was amazing. After 5 minutes the pain was
    completely gone from my head, the itching and pain around the rash was very
    much less and the area of the rash itself was reduced." (See Live video
    documentation.) Call +1 818-332-6445 with 24 hours of outbreak.

  • More Cases:  Including cancer, diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, kidney failure,
    corpus callosum, brain mapping, EEG, AMI and pioneering shielded room

Scientific Miracles: The way it works in a health crisis, even in the most
extreme cases, is that Dr. Savage takes care of the actual cause of the
problem, bringing the individual person into complete balance (homeostasis).
This is similar to "resetting" a crashed or defective computer to make it
function perfectly again. Alternative health treatments (such as radionics,
acupuncture, homeopathy, Reiki) are band-aids that may help temporarily
relieve some symptoms, while Subliminal Influence technology removes the
deep, underlying cause of the problem and is permanent.

For Public Proof: The 100% success rate of burn
data using the specialized Distant Subliminal Neuro-Bypass (DSNB)
technology is a first in human history. Dr. Philip Savage, the Bio-Matrix
Hacker, is able to "hack" into the Psycho-Continuum (Bio-Field Matrix), write  
a new "program" and download it to the appropriate burn victims. Any
interested scientist can easily replicate these test results, for free, by calling
in burn cases of their own and monitoring the astonishing and immediate

Training and Broadcast TV:  When the FireBurnDoctor "before" and
"after" results
of DSNB burn treatment have been broadcast globally and
widely accepted by network television and social media, Dr. Savage can then
train emergency DSNB response teams all over the world. Professional
workers and public citizens, without any prior training in burn care, will be
able to produce exactly the same results as Dr. Savage himself, thereby
creating a widespread "wave of healing" capable of eradicating the world's
catastrophic scourge of burns, a travesty that, since 1981, is statistically
more devastating than AIDS. (Globally, many more people suffer and have
died from burns than from AIDS.) With his Burn Eradication Project,
FireBurnDoctor Philip Savage is proving, scientifically, for the first time in
world history, the existence of a higher power accessible to us right here,
right now. This is something each one of us needs to see with our own eyes -
proofs, not new messages - Expericism (based on proof of the truth), no
longer the mere belief of empiricism (based on theory).

Subliminal Influence technology works.  There is no doubt that Dr. Philip
Savage can (and does) prove his science... and teaches it, every day. This
website only scratches the surface of all he has accomplished and how many
people (and animals) he has helped in the last 30 years. Everyone needs
and is praying for relief, enhancement, improvement, a "reset," more of
something  - another chance and more time for health, happiness, purpose,
meaning, success. If nothing else, to access and use more than 10% of their
brain, more than a few of their senses, abilities and powers! As he says,
"Whether you are eighty years old or whether you are seven years old, you
just need a complete transformation; you just need to break free from your
own cultural prison. Well, I can do that upon people. But better, I can teach
people to do that upon others." All that he requires is, 1) permission (from
someone), and 2) substantial concrete material contribution (according to the
highest laws of Reciprocity - Justice) to bring the concrete desired results on
any contracted assignment.  
Contact Dr. Philip Savage.

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June 2016

All diseases come from a global
disruption of our inner and outer Divine
natural homeostasis. All livings things on
Earth are inter-connected and interactive.
The physiological balance of our collective
organism, the Earth, directly impacts on
our own individual health condition. As
parts of the whole, we just echo our living
planet who is sick from our suicidal

Philip Savage has termed such a
pathological loop Geosomatic. In the so-
called psychosomatic processes, a
subject suffers from some pathological
disconnection between his mind
(“psyche”) and body (“soma”). Usually
psychosomatic domains relate to
relatively benign illnesses (skin diseases,
allergies etc.). In the Geosomatic
scenario, on the other hand, where one
suffers from a major separation from the
Earth, one’s “Geoself” (this most
essential higher self), the imbalance is of
a much higher magnitude since it rightly
reflects the extreme vital depletion of our
dying planet....

The common denominator of all our
suffering is Entropy: The morbid and
increased shutdown of all our signals of
recognition and communication with one
another. Our entropy brings us to total lack
of empathy and compassion for all living
things, for the other members of our
species and ultimately for ourselves.
When people are no longer capable of
loving or respecting themselves, how
could they have a chance to love and
respect others? They cannot love their
family, the human race, or the
environment or, ultimately, their own
Maker. The goal is to bring them back to
basic self-unconditional love; for the
subjects to get rid of their self-hatred, self-
mutilation, guilt, inhibitions and fears.

All those toxic behaviors must be replaced
by healthy feelings of freedom, harmony,
and self-empowerment. In also getting
back their most essential signals of self-
identification, people are no longer
“tourists” or “victims” in their own life. They
now take the driver’s seat and start to
learn how to access the power, the beauty
and the sacred within. Then, and only
then, can they overcome Entropy and
break free from their pathological

Dr. Philip Savage: Interview w/Avallac'h