IMAGO is the evolutionary leap to humanity's higher consciousness, long overdue... transforming people, reconciling man and nature, raising human
consciousness quickly. IMAGO "Transmutational Pyramids" can be constructed and secured in 6 months and then built all over the planet.

As a scientist and paleontologist, Philip Savage's greatest and most ambitious project is designed to bring Man from our extremely limited capabilities, to perfect completion,
our full potential, with ALL the powers, senses, and abilities we are originally designed to be, that is, IMAGO.

Forty thousand years ago, our immediate ancestors, Cro-Magnon, had a better convoluted and more active brain, of 2.2 litres, not unlike a killer whale, or a dolphin. Today it
is only 1.4 litres, a dramatic deterioration in such a short time. Now try to imagine a humanity of a couple of million years ago, which has, controversially, nothing at all to do
with the Ape. Because we have devolved for millions of years due to our vulnerability to the forces of chaos, those forces of destruction, we are all larvae compared to our
own superhuman potential. Thus, there is an evolutionary leap that's long overdue, which has also been blocked for millions of years by those destructive forces (evil).

The advanced biocybernetic Arks of IMAGO are unique, specifically designed "transmutational pyramids" within which is a sphere made of a rare alloy with a special liquid
inside. Through thermal imagery, Dr. Savage is capable to connect with and process the people that are within the sphere. Upon leaving the sphere, a half hour later, he
guarantees people will be transformed to complete humans, having been "fast-tracked" to where they already should be, fully re-empowered, reset and re-associated to their
true purpose and meaning on the planet.

Currently we are not able to use our brains at more than ten percent. Through the IMAGO project, we can do far better than taking our brains to our logical maximum of one
hundred percent use. We can go back to true humanity, where there is no separation between the mind, the soul, the body, every living being, everything in the universe, the
Earth and God.

We have forgotten our Unity, our Oneness. We have been lobotomised from our senses, from one another. This can be re-established: Philip is able to pass us the key, which
we can then pass to others; he is ready to delegate, because time is now so short for our own and our earth’s survival. First, he needs to give people effective proof,
QUICKLY, hence the global fire burn tests that prove, scientifically, the actual existence of a higher power. Now, we can build the first IMAGO prototype.

Perhaps undeservedly some would think, at the very grim light of his collective full accountability, there is more
than an "ideology", more than a "philosophy", more than a "spirituality" and even more than any hope that has
been bestowed on man,
that comes just at the very moment of his final demise, like a last hand unexpectedly
(some could even mention the word "miraculously") offered when one has already given up: Thulea is a myth.
More indeed than a "myth," as it existed here and there all along the human existential course,
Thulea is in
truth...THE MYTH
. The first and therefore very logically the last.

As any geologist or paleontologist (or "initiate") knows,
it is in Hyperborea that it all began (the oldest rocks,
the evolutionary matrix of all life forms, etc.). Then, when human collective unconscious hazily but persistently
refers to ideas such as
"lost paradise," "Golden Age" and the like, it is also right into the Hyperborean
myth it connects
. That is why, in a world which has lost all systems of reference, in terms of values, origin and
purpose, it still makes sense that this last hand offered at the very threshold of "Judgment Day" comes from the
last of the Hyperboreans," Philip Sauvage, that is.

Yet, if there might be
some very last-chance "Ark” soon to materialize to keep just a few from well-deserved
final extinction, it must be clear though that
this "ultimate rescue capsule" shall never become a survival
system for rare and privileged elect whose sole worth for instance would be their financial capacity to get a first
class and one way ticket to the "promised land".

Even though it certainly will be the most expensive fare of any trip which mankind has ever conceived,
money or power alone shall not be enough to have the right to "get on board".
There are FORCES greater
than anyone could possibly imagine which have made the decision to put "human experiment" here on Earth to a
final end, whether the planet manages to survive or not.

only those, if they do exist, who DO have the proven capacity to evolve into IMAGOS need
For the rest... they are already extinct, although they don't know it yet.
The Earth is a living and spiritual entity, the most obvious reflection of the
original Divine process of Bio-Creation
. Unfortunately, because of human
civilizational bio-depredations, God's primordial plan has been critically
compromised. If dramatic changes within human consciousness do not occur
soon, the continuation of life on our planet looks quite improbable. Our main
purpose is
to assist Geo-Immune reactions to come, in the Earth's struggle
for her own most immediate survival.

Summarized Founding Principles
Life is Divine in origin. Natural laws are the most obvious reflection of God's
infinite wisdom and therefore,
Natural Laws are the LAW which we intend
to abide and enforce by all means necessary
. From time immemorial, man
has seceded from his original assignment of Bio-Guardianship. By electing
themselves, sinfully, to the rank of "gods," men have betrayed the prelapsarian
Divine Covenant which entrusted them
to protect and serve all living things.
In doing so men have purposefully renounced their
original status of
bio-midwives in the processes of Divine Dynamic Creation
. They rejected
God's sublime gift of bio-delegation by which the primordial people shared the
sacred privilege to be electively associated to the Divine Work of co-creation
here on Earth. The damning principles of
bio-separation chosen by man are
not atheistic in origin but clearly anti-theistic. Renegade humans do not deny
God, worse indeed, they radically oppose God by their own anthropomorphic
self-deification and by
waging an all-out war against Life itself. Besides his
self-idolatry, man's main causes of bio-indictment are his fanatical
secession from Bio-Oneness, his morbid denial of Bio-Spirituality at every level
of Life and his
systematic defiance of all Divine Natural Laws.

Our philosophy is a philosophy of bio-reintegration.
Unless we, ourselves, could initiate our own bio-redemption after enlargement
of our bio-consciousness and proactive atonement for
man's past
, we should not expect Divine external redemption. For a new
Bio-Covenant between us and God to stand a chance to occur, we must first
demonstrate our bio-worthines and prove our new bio-awarenness.
man-made, sick ego must give way to our God-made true self
, a self so
pan-inclusive that it is no longer confined to our misearable geo-cellular level,
but a never ending
expansive self which unifies the so-called micro-biological
domain and the cosmo-biological dimension into one sacred whole. In return
for abandoning their sick corporeal and materialistic attachments, the new
people will attain
bio-oneness and therefore bio-immortality and
, not in the context of some highly speculative afterlife, but right
now and right here on our living Earth.

We call Biognosticism such a system of beliefs and Geonoetics the semantic
tool with which we intend to confront the human paradigm of bio-separation
and theo-opposition. The name
Catharsis exemplifies the spiritual purification
and bio-atonement
through which we must go if we want to stand a chance to
petition with some measure of success for a new Bio-Covenant

Summarized Bio-Spiritual Agenda
Geonoetics is a spiritual science whose purposed is to prove the presence of
the Divine Spirit dwelling at every level of vital processes.
We intend to
implement our global bio-strategy on three bio-tactical domains.

1) Experimental Scientific Researches
By use of specific spiritual [subliminal] techniques which mentally channel
bio-forces with unprecedented resultant potency, we want to establish the
inherent spirituality of Life within the cellular domain. If, through
Mind-Force only, we are able to affect significantly the functioning of
individual or collective cells under the strictest scientific methodological
supervision, we will have
proven that cells have a mind of their own and
that such a mind can blend with another mind of a higher level with observable
results. If we are so able to repair the functioning of those cells back to healthy
criteria of
bio-normalcy, it will also bring some hope on how to reintegrate
(deviant cell of the living planetary organism) back to his original
homoeostatic niche within the Earth's most essential vital equilibrium.

2) Bio-Servancy within Human Spiritual Health
Experimental geonoetics within scientific universities and laboratories will only
touch a limited number of people among the intellectual intelligentsia itself
without necessarily impacting much the common people's systems of beliefs. If
we hope to be successful at creating a "crack" within human psyche and
bringing people to reconsider their deleterious existential priorities, we need to
preach our "green-gospel" in a way so immediately and dramatically
beneficial to themselves that we should capture their interest, owing to their
absolute self-centeredness.
When people's health or survival is directly on
the front line
and when you can offer them a much better solution than any
other option that they have previously tried, there is a good chance that they
will eventually listen. This is the branch which we call
geonoiatrics (the
geo-spiritual treatment of the mind)
. For simplicity, we should indeed call it
only Noiatrics, since the Mind is not only limited to the Earth, but is pervading
every echelon of the Divine Vital phenomenon.

The basic idea is to renormalize human consultants bio-spiritually through
a procedure of bio-channeling with the end result of bringing their most
essential spiritual homoeostatic functions back to a
health condition of
psycho-behavioral normalcy
. In such a procedure, after they have achieved
to merge their mind with the consultant's mind, the noiatric ministers will
channel the
Earth Mind-Forces for the former deviant cells, the consultants
exemplify, to have a chance of being delivered from their spiritual bio-alienation
and reintegrated into
Divine Bio-Harmony, to obtain their consultant's

Needless to say that to have any hope of some bio-spiritual [catharctic] results
in their own existential health crises,
the consultants must abandon their
former deleterious patterns of greed, mistrust and egomania
. Before they
are accepted into the "club" of those who just know how to give, they will have
to prove beyond doubt that they have understood themselves
the miraculous
impact of the act of giving
. Without highly sacrificial bio-oblation from them,
there shall never be any bio-redemptive attempt. Should a noiatric minister
undertake to channel Divine Life for people who refuse to
give back to Divine
Life the most concrete and substantial token of their anticipated
, this minister would, then, betray totally the most fundamental
Biognostic principle of Bio-Atonement, t
he Divine Law of Reciprocity. So, if
any consultant really wants to see his/her own bio-spiritual health show any
measure of realignment, he/she must be ready to donate to the
cause of Life,
Justice and Bio-Divinity
as much as he/she could afford without directly
compromising the most basic elements of his/her own social survival.
For our most advanced and committed team, there is one specific bio-assignment
that transcends every other known project. Owing to the current situation of
bio-spiritual crisis on Earth
, we are completely running out of time for us to work
on a progressive agenda of slow bio-awakening to raise human consciousness up to
the level that the Earth's terminal health condition requires. Even people with better
already reaching the very point of no-return of life recovery on this planet. It is
not because the Earth could not very well survive a few human generations without
going to lethal vital annihilation that our planet is not already mortally wounded. The
effects of human pollution by C.F.C., for instance, because of their devastating long-
term catalytic effects on our atmosphere,
will only reach their peak of ozone
destruction in more than half a century
. The horrendous climatic results of
industrial deforestation, also, may take place long after the crime has been
perpetrated. Similarly, genetic alterations occur way before the global disastrous
teratological consequences eventually materialize.
We do not have, anymore, the
option of patience.

We need to put, right away, all our resources and energy on a project that can
counter efficiently and most concretely wide-scale bio-depredation here on Earth.
I am ready to delegate part of my "powers" in the field of
subliminal influence
..., in order to force large segments of people and their socio-
political leaders into dramatic changes, for them
to align their eco-behavioral and
bio-spiritual patterns toward proactive Bio-Consciousness
. The entire ancient
Egyptian spirituality and all medieval alchemists, to name a few, were oriented
toward the emergence of some,
highly subliminal, "collective psyche" which
they called
"Ka" or "Egregore," respectively. Actually in light of the studies of
Jung or Sheldrake, they may have indeed succeeded and their "collective psyche"
still taps right into human unconscious with uncanny intensity and persistence. We
have to start creating, right now, our own
subliminal super "collective bio-
" if we really want to impact human consciousness according to our
agenda of Earth recovery. The bio-spiritual techniques which I am
ready to share with some are actually a few steps ahead when compared to their
Egyptian or Alchemist counterparts in this sense that they offer a much higher
tactical flexibility and must greater strategic efficiency owing to their employment
on preselected pivotal individuals. If one can make
a few good "strategic hits,"
tapping directly into the deeper unconscious of those in charge of the decision-
making processes, one can hope to make
real and quick differences in the whole
human socio-political system.

What I am talking about is for real, really real, just trust me on that one. I have
basically spent the last quarter century
proving with strongest scientific evidence
its very reality... To the question, should I decide by myself
to change the course
of events
which may soon end up in the demise of the human race and the
extinction of life on Earth, the answer is immediately, obviously and definitely, no!
But, if the question is, should you, good-willing people, highly-evolved beings and
bio-enlightened members of the human race resort to such
subliminal bio-
techniques in order to preserve your own survival and that of your own
Living Planet
, the answer is yours. No matter what direction you decide to go, I
will try to support you and to help you as much as I can. If you elect to use me as
the instrument of such bio-strategy, I shall immediately obey you and put on my
armor of
Strategaiarch.  Remember, I am your servant. You are still endowed with
something which you call freewill. I am not.

Practical Articulation and Projects
Although the acquisition of our first territorial basis right in the middle of what could
be left of
wilderness is our first real immediate priority, we may need to open
an office... to start soon as possible. A place also where I can begin to
unfreeze people's mind-forces on a one-on-one protocol. However, it must be
clearly understood that my work in the field of subliminal influence upon human bio-
consciousness requires the establishment of the aforementioned territorial basis.
There is no way I could successfully attempt to undertake such a solstitial project
outside of
a natural and adequate bio-environment still pristinely connected to
the Divine Breath of Primordial Creation...

Naturally, my
initial agenda dating back from my earliest memories, still remains
my best existential incentive: For us to make as much money as possible to
back as much as we could all what is left of wilderness
throughout the world in
order to give it back to is legitimate owners: God and Nature.
My second priority is
about children.
All my life I did all I could to rescue and give a second chance to
as many children as possible. Especially "underdog-children," those who only know
of life in its darkest side: Abused children, starving children, sick and dying children,
deserted children and other unfortunate young victims of man's criminal
your pariahs, your "worthless rejects" and all those "hopeless
cases" of yours... that were actually the real hope,
the real worth and the real
elects.... Since I have come in this country, I always dreamt to open many centers
which I had then called
"windows of hope," within your worst urban cesspools...
to set up in South Central Los Angeles, in the South Bronx (NYC) and in every
other hopeless urban environment, those structures of
"Nature Enlightenment,"
exactly where it is the most needed and where Nature has become such an abstract
and alien concept that those children have no idea of its beauty and of their own
magnificent worth....

I would like to open those
"Montsalvages" (crystal castles of the "green grail")
all over the world, precisely where the children are suffering the most... where
those young souls would be allowed to
experience the Divineness of Life within
the wilderness
which we could have managed to reacquire. Then, awakened to
their unsuspected full vital potential and supplied with "powers" and "wisdom" you
can only dream of, they would return as
"little Earth-Angels" within the sewers
of their own urban cesspools and bring... the good-news of
and bio-reempowerment
to all other hopeless children.

For the less destitute, I would like to open urban
"Biognostic Green Schools" all
over America and Europe, to give a chance to all those kids to become something
else.... I had also the project of
bringing back to life "extinct species" such as
the mammoth, for example. Actually with a few million and the proper cloning
technology, this is no utopia at all but, indeed, a pretty "easy" job, all things
considered. This mythical project was...
the way for man to signify to the very
Maker of Life that he had, eventually, started to awaken and atone for all his
criminal ecological depredations
. If beyond, indeed, mere bio-conservationism,
we could bring forth
the proof that we are now part of the solution and no
longer the problem
, maybe we could have a chance to get God's attention and
God's mercy. Any maybe, then, could we expect a direct sign of Divine
Intervention, the Real Coming of the "bio-Messiah" who could help us
redesign a
new Covenant of Life

    May Life, Death and Justice, all Divine in nature, bless us all in our        
    coming sacred mission.
California non-profit corporation since 1999 - Organization Precursor to SBI
Purpose and Founding Principles for Philip Savage's Team

Purpose of the SBI:
    “To use the current scientific paradigm’s own methodology and most advanced tools to expose its fundamental inadequacy until final meltdown…. To help people
    unite in a new “hyper-paradigm”, which I have already termed “Peiradigm” (from Greek “peira” = proof, an entirely new “body of knowledge” established on “proven
    truths”, no longer on axiomatic conjectures...)…."    

    "To unite the best scientific pioneers of biology, physics and medicine with the last Native “Shamans” who have managed somehow to survive the
    civilizational holocaust after “processing” with my multi-millenarian wisdom and my own scientific acquisitions…. To use those most advanced technological
    breakthroughs, added to my own “inter-dimensional” Alchemy, eventually, to make technology ultimately obsolete.”

    "To ‘delegate’ vast segments of my Powers on specially selected candidates that could, very soon at their turn, 'sub-delegate' upon others until there is an
    unstoppable 'Health epidemic' that begins to spread out all over the world.”

    "To select a “discrete elite” which I would teach secret “Subliminal Warfare”, namely how to provoke some extremely dramatic effects of advanced “hypno-
    programming” on distant subjects unaware of the “Subliminal Exposure” for them no longer to do what they previously did or for them to do what they previously did
    not, according to our specific Biarchic agenda... Something not unlike what the “external forces” are using [to control humans] on a much more potent and
    sophisticated level!"

    “To set up a wide array of different organizations and laboratories [not unrelated to our Subliminal Influence work]:                                        
    (1) GAEL:  Geo-National Anti-Ethocide League meant to fight against hegemonic globalization and protect people’s most essential dignity without which so much
    unnecessary ethnic violence arises.
    (2) Genomics: a form of advanced biology and genetics in order for us to bring back to life animal and vegetal species that man has already driven to extinction, if
    only to demonstrate to the 'Higher Intelligence' in charge of the great evolutionary processes that we are willing ourselves to repair what others have criminally
    destroyed, thus getting a better chance not to go through excessively bio-retaliatory measures when the times of global 'Bio-Catharsis' eventually arrives.'"

Power: "I have spent most of my "paradigmatic warfare" breaking down, again and again, all possible laws of physics and each medical dogma with my "inter-dimensional"
powers, in their best universities and research facilities. Still, when medicine knows how to remain in its own legitimate preserves like surgery and traumatology, for
instance, I am honestly one of its greatest admirers."

Value:  “My 'health accomplishments'… and unique powers in this domain may be the ultimate key to my ultimate role within the 'Doomsday scenario' soon to befall.... My
“health powers” also represent the most remarkable 'secret weapon' within my own entire arsenal when the time has come for the Earth’s great Bio-Catharsis…. I am not
absolutely sure which of all the many horrendous systems of “immune response” your living planet will eventually resort to in order to make man pay for so many millennia
and millennia of rape, desecration and depredation…, but I know for a fact that
I shall have the capacity, whatever hits them, to rescue those who would have sworn
allegiance, through unconditional bio-atonement, to Life and Justice here on Earth, BEFORE the great Bio-Catharsis had begun….
The sole exception to this … being of
course the children who, by definition, are innocent of the bio-crimes of their parents

Urgency: “If this can in any way assuage your fears, I can still give you a precious clue as to which kind of “Geo-Immune microbial agents” shall soon, very soon, teach
man the ultimate lesson of his malignant history: Since it is through the wrong criminal covenant with “Fire” (“Berit Esh”) that the whole story began and that the worst
torments to the Earth have been, [and] still are, perpetrated...
it shall be through “Fire” (or the highly burning sensation thereof) that it will all end!”

Financing: “Whether through sub-contracting for some “newly enlightened” World’s government or through “private venture," I would immediately set up the most
extraordinary “Sapiential Bio-Institute” (not “scientific”, something indeed much more elevated and ambitious) that this Earth has ever known.... In light of what our
“mothership institute” should be capable to achieve in the field of human health, financing would be the very last of all our problems. Remember that, basically,
one human
being out of three is going through or will experience a dramatic health crisis
in his or her own life, from which there is usually no known cure. It is just extraordinary
how “generous” rich people suddenly become when they are unexpectedly diagnosed with cancer, AIDS or incurable infectious diseases.”

Service: “Just remember that I am not a self-appointed “savior” nor desire ever to become your “leader”. If I had aspired to the vanity of “leadership," I would have already
done so in Europe years ago, and most spectacularly so! You are the true Leaders, indeed, according to your intra-dimensional situation and my “inter-dimensional” nature,
you may very well be my own Leader on this specific piece of space/time which you call Earth.
You are the Leaders; I am only the Servant, in truth.  
Greenland, 2004
MM: Can you say more about this awakening and having other people learn….

PS:    Oh, yes, it’s very simple. It’s a simple catalytic effect. I need to have groups of people whom I can teach, and who can teach others, and so forth. It can go
very fast. In a year, eight million people can be healers.
And then, ah, I'm going to have a lot of enemies; a lot of people are going to be looking for jobs, including
governments. That’s the problem. When people are happy, when people are free, they don’t need doctors, they don’t need priests, they don’t need judges because there is
no crime. They don't need governments -- worst nightmare… or best dream. And it takes just starting the whole process, priming the pump.

Having a team of a few dozen people whom I have taught directly, who are going to teach others, and so forth. One person can teach ten, ten persons can teach one
hundred, and it goes exponentially, and very, very fast.
Once again from proofs. That’s why also… we need to have our own laboratories, because when the scientific
corpus is going to understand the danger, the threat to their own paradigm that’s going to be washed away, we better have our own laboratories to establish our own proofs.
Okay. That’s what people need, once again, proofs, proofs, proofs.  
Expericism, not new messages....
Therefore, we don’t have to carry anger, don’t have to carry guilt or bitterness. It couldn't have happened ten years ago. It couldn't have happened one hundred
years ago. It had, no matter how sad it is, to be that cataclysmic, that disastrous a situation,
to the point where everybody’s walking with their fingers crossed now,
even governments. They know that time is running out. And it’s exactly when things look completely desperate and hopeless,
that’s the positive part, that’s the HOPE. I
wasn’t ready. You weren’t ready. We all are ready now. And we have to do it. Why, because it’s possible. Before it wasn’t.

So I’ll delegate people, who will delegate themselves, and so forth. And we can change things and keep horrible things to happen. They will happen, either horribly or
Let’s make them happen beautifully, peacefully, and painlessly. It’s like a birth. It can be convulsive; it can be otherwise. It can be also beautiful. And the
real name, the real concept... my family, my clan, they call themselves the midwives of God. And that’s exactly how it fits today.
We need midwives. We need to teach
midwives for a new birth.
Dr. Savage writes that he has the duty to help us "go relatively unscathed through time of dramatic Geo-Catharsis," adding that, "Any late atonement is better than none....":
"I wanted to make amazing experiments, just enough to rock the boat of the scientific establishment.... I would pick randomly 12 children and teach them to do what I do....
I would create a wave of healing.

The first part of the amazing FireBurnDoctor experiments is already done. Since 2006, Dr. Savage has personally trained a number of students to organize and operate the FREE worldwide remote burn service, with the purpose of proving on network TV the existence of a Higher Power accessible to us all. More than
1500 burn victims from 50 US states and 58 Countries have received Instant Burn Recovery, experiencing their pain gone in minutes and burn erased in hours.

The second stage of experiments will now be done in scientific laboratories, first on burning cells (and subsequently on diseased cells), in order to document the immediate
restoration of health in those cells processed by Dr. Savage or one of his students. When global TV broadcasts live "Before" and "After" video coverage of burning cells
recovering "instantly" in front of the cameras, there will be no longer any doubt of these "abilities we have now." The public "wave of healing" will then begin with training
teams all over the planet to take care of burns, just like he does, using his advanced science and technology of Subliminal Distant Influentiality (SDI).

The third stage of experiments will take place in the Sapiential Bio-Institute established by Dr. Savage and his team, with the purpose to
Save the Earth and Rescue the
, which he describes below. Dr. Savage explains the higher purpose and return of SBI: "To protect and serve our own planetary life support, its biodiversity, the
sacred synergy of all ecosystems and, ultimately, for the Super-Ethos of Divine unfolding creation here on Earth, represents the most concrete, immediate and
self-fulfilling return that any potential crusader could dream of."
The Sapiential Bio-Institute, SBI
IMAGO: Quantum Biocybernetic Evolution
The Most Amazing Cosmic Project in All Human History

Many people are waking up to the fact that what we are doing on this planet is
realizing that we are all suffering the fatal consequences of our individual and
collective damage to the Earth: climate change, loss of bio-diversity, geo-political chaos,
global health crises, imminent nuclear war.

Human civilizational sickness and destruction are killing our planet and all Life on
Earth, including ourselves and our own children. Technologically we have reached the
capability of total annihilation of the human race and the Earth. The surprise is that Earth
is fighting back and has the power to win the battle by getting rid of her destroyers.

As Philip Savage says, "Everyone is walking around with their fingers crossed -- even
governments," hoping that "IT" won't happen to them:

    "If man is to avoid the worst of the coming cataclysms, which are agents of
    Earth's own auto-immune response to our crimes against Nature, Life and
    Justice, man must clean up his act quickly. Man must voluntarily purify himself
    by atoning for past crimes against Life and Justice or be eliminated by Earth's
    own cleansing mechanisms. Man must recognize that Life is absolutely 'divine,'
    Natural Laws are absolutely 'sacred', anything that abides to the 'Divine Natural
    Order' is righteous, anything that deviates or opposes it, is not, period."

Only ONE Solution left for us now: Raise Human Consciousness Fast
    IMAGO - Fully mature human species capable of functioning properly on Earth
    SBI - Sapiential Bio-Institute (SDI think tank, laboratories, clinics)
    MCC - Morphogenic Compositie-Ideogram Cybernetics (Reduce Crime)
    SDI - Subliminal Distant (Mind Control) Influence Technology

("Now, it's up to us to use him.")

Dr. Philip Savage, excerpts from Strategaia: Earth's Battle Plan

In my Gaitric perspective, modern man represents some planetary epithelial cancer which I have termed, anthroposarcoma:   An
especially aggressive form of geo-cellular imbalance that drives formerly healthy cells of highly geo-strategic importance (cf. the
oncogenes within the human body) to proliferate suddenly out of control at a horrendous rate of replication and eventually bring
their   own life support down to vital annihilation.  Compounding the semantic cancerous similarity, the auto-immune scenario is
equally frightening: Just like "original Humans," who were the elite praetorian guard of the geo-immune empire before going in the
other     direction and creating the worst geo-immunological breakdown in evolutionary history, the Lymphocytes T-4 and other
immuno-agents that are normally the guardians of our own immunity, go berserk and turn suicidal all of a sudden in the AIDS
context. The outcome is the same for the organic whole who soon succumbs under the very onslaught of those who originally
pledged to protect it.

Geosomatics had for vocation to pose such diagnosis and study the etiology of such fatal diseases, highlighting on purpose the
"coincidences" between what is happening to our living planet and what is befalling man. Gaiatrics goes further by proposing a global
treatment for the very cause of the problem. Rather than explain to people how they could go from geo-malignancy to Gaiatrics
(healing their global body, the Earth), I show them how to turn their worst metastatic cells from bio-alienation into bio-medication.
The limited purpose of Geosomatics was to transform some malignant cells into benignant cells (both in a human health perspective
and in an enlarged geo-immunologic scope). The goal of Gaiatrics is to originate some unheard-of bio-alchemical transmutation in
which malignancy should give way to self-biological redemption."

I may not be able to turn absolutely everybody into "Bio-Justiciary Warrior-Monks," whose Mastery and Servancy far exceed any
documented knighthood and priesthood, yet I could transmute nearly all decent good-willing persons into remarkable Gaiatricians
(Earth healers) whose mind-force powers (in the field of eco-health, especially) would surpass anything as yet known to man.   

Exclusive Video Interview with Dr Philip Savage (excerpts) - filmmaker Michael Mendizza
A Public Wave of Healing:
Thulea: Ark of the IMAGO (2004)