FACT 1: In 1991, French president Mitterand organized a vicious government persecution against Philip Savage (and the famous
    TF1 TV host Patrick Sabatier who invited the Breton healer onto his popular show) as retaliation when Mr. Savage refused to take
    care of the President in his 10-year battle with cancer, after Mitterand refused to pay for it with the money he stole from France's
    involvement in the Gulf War. (See "Shadows.") In 1993, US Judge Barry Ted Moscowitz eventually cleared Mr. Sauvage of all false
    French charges that Mitterand instigated against him. (See "Moskowitz.")

  • FACT 1:  Most importantly, Dr. Philip Savage, who was innocent of all false French government charges and allegations, is not and
    NEVER was a "fugitive from justice" in any country. (He is the champion of Justice and all persecuted peoples.) In 1991, he was a
    "persecuted Holy Man" (a refugee in exile like the Dalai Lama), who had to seek political asylum in the U.S. to protect his life. In
    September 1991, while Dr. Savage was in Greenland setting up a therapeutic center there, the Marxist French government of Francois
    Mitterand FALSELY charged Philip Sauvage with "practicing medicine without a license" and "persuading credulous people of the
    existence of the imaginary", which is cleverly called "fraud" in France. "Fraud" in the U.S., as in most countries, has a different meaning,
    and implies monetary fraud. The French knew this twist of the word and used it intentionally in their schemes against Philip Sauvage. Of
    course, as everyone knew then (and now), Mr. Sauvage never "practiced medicine" anywhere. Moreover, he can prove that the
    "existence of a higher power" is not imaginary! As the revenge of Francois Mitterand (from the "near-fatal clash" with Sauvage
    mentioned above, whereby Mr. Sauvage refused to take care of Mitterand who was dying of cancer), the French government got
    Interpol to issue a warrant for his arrest on those ludicrous false charges. Instead of returning to France where his life was now at risk,
    Mr. Sauvage left Greenland and sought political asylum in Canada and then in the U.S., where the FALSE CHARGES and the French
    conspiracy against him was brought to light in 1993 by U.S. Federal Judge Moskowitz, who clearly saw it for what it was and ruled that:
    Sauvage was the victim of French religious, cultural and political persecution, the French had provided no evidence of a crime and
    furthermore, the charges against him did not constitute a crime in the U.S. Philip Savage was exonerated by Judge Moskowitz as the
    Holy Man of the ancient Celtic Druidic tradition that he is.

    FACT 2:  In 2001, defying Federal Judge Moskowitz's exoneration, corrupt Immigration agents UNLAWFULLY deported Philip
    Sauvage, broke US and International law to do it, and then falsified their removal documents which they sent to the Federal courts
    that were protecting Mr. Sauvage from wrongful deportation. (ALL original falsified documents available for inspection.)

  • FACT: While Philip Sauvage's legitimate and documented political asylum claims based on the Federal Judge 1993 decision were still
    pending in three US courts, the INS immigration agents in 2001 broke federal and international law, violated local regulations and
    falsified documents to remove him as part of their general over-zealous post-9/11 sweep in November 2001. The Washington Post
    reports intense bi-partisan SUPPORT from Congress to stop the illegal deportation, but it came too late. The bureaucratic blunder had
    already happened, Philip had already been swept away on the next plane to Paris, thus creating another 10-year nightmare for Philip
    Sauvage and his four young American children, all innocent victims of the brutal incompetence of the U.S. INS immigration.
  • FACT: Philip's life-threatening removal to France brought years of severe hardship and extreme trauma to everyone involved. The U.S.
    State Department, who vigorously opposed his deportation, monitored Philip's situation to make sure no physical harm came to him or
    his family. As a result, the French officials guaranteed his safety, and in fact met him in Paris with welcoming open arms and courtesy
    due to his renowned stature and law enforcement background.
  • FACT: In March 2001, the French government had issued Mr Sauvage a new current French passport, removing ALL traces of their
    previous false charges against him, making it perfectly legal to return to France or travel anywhere else in the world, except America.
    The 10-year US bar from the INS forced his unbearable and continued separation from his young American children, until that bar
    finally ended in September 2011.
  • FACT: In March 2004, Catharsis opened an office in Switzerland where Dr. Savage continues to meet regularly with supporters,
    students and clients from all over the world.

    FACT 3: In 2006, the incompetent and vicious BBC reporters were caught LYING (again) when their criminal slander was proven
    wrong by the simple documented FACTS.

  • FACT: In 2006, the criminal British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) was warned by Catharsis lawyers to NOT broadcast the
    "inaccuracies and misrepresentations" about Philip Sauvage that they had produced. Instead, the BBC reporters turned what was to be
    a 10-minute news segment on a "remarkable healer" into an hour-long slanderous television "witch-hunt". Then, in 2009, Catharsis
    complained that their online summary of the slander show was outdated and illegal defamation that they should remove from their
    website. BBC lawyers refused to remove the online article, and instead intentionally highlighted what they knew was false reporting,
    slander and defamation.
  • FACT: The two people interviewed in the BBC slander show who complained either never met Dr. Savage (Pier, see below) or didn't
    contribute anything to Catharsis (Grant, see below). None of those interviewed, who had actually met Dr. Savage, ever complained that
    his "processing" didn't work. In the case of the libelous couple, the wife didn't contribute anything and the husband got what he wanted -
    a divorce (to the serious disgruntlement of the wife). In the case of the elderly woman the BBC portrayed as some "poor old lady," what
    a joke. Rhoda was a very dear friend of Alison for years - as a real adopted granny to her young children. This woman never met Dr.
    Savage and, although wanting his help, didn't want to pay for it. When Rhoda said that to the unscrupulous BBC reporters, they twisted
    her statements into a complaint and an attack on her friend, which it was never meant to be, and which Rhoda never knew anything
    about. In the case of the drug dealer from West Devon, Jenny went to Dr. Savage to "help the Earth", which had nothing to do with an
    ear infection. And Grant, who lied about paying anything to Catharsis (which he didn't), was told that his friend would have to call to get
    help for his son, whether in person or from a distance. All of these cases are documented on videotape by Catharsis. Had the BBC
    reporters actually wanted to know what people had to say about Dr. Savage's abilities to "heal", they could have easily researched and
    interviewed the many satisfied people in Southwest England who did meet Dr. Savage and had been dramatically helped by him. The
    BBC didn't do that. The few people they did interview who had glowing and positive things to say, the BBC did not feature on their show.
    Nor did they ask Catharsis officers for data or information. Instead, they broadcast and published a story with their completely wrong
    opinion as a title, and then passed it off to their unsuspecting public as "news."
  • FACT: The real story behind the 2006 BBC slander show is that it was false, biased and illegal journalism from the very beginning. And
    there was a reason for this, which no one knew until after the show had been broadcast. Christian Forlani's very wealthy father (also
    father of Hollywood actress Claire Forlani) and former scandalous business partner of Christian's godfather, Pete Townshend,
    successfully persuaded (paid) his old cronies at the BBC management to hire actors and trick the British supporters of Philip Sauvage
    (including 75-year-old philanthropist Mr. Layton)! The personal agenda of the BBC reporters who actually produced the show was to
    make a sensational "witch-hunt" documentary that they could then sell to other networks as "news" - which they actually did, to the
    shock of one TV station when they found out the show was not true and subject to a defamation lawsuit. To do this, the BBC had the
    lies of Christian's father to base their false story on. Pier Forlani did not travel 7000 miles to "fetch his son". Christian was a 36 years
    old drug addict who lived in England his entire life. His father moved to the U.S. when Christian was a teenager, leaving him in England.
    Christian had gone to Dr. Savage for help in 2005 and was completely recovered from drugs and alcohol addiction in one weekend,
    what he calls "rehab without rehab." Read Christian's story here and see his 2014 video update here. Christian was not suicidal as the
    BBC reported, nor did he agree to meet his father's so-called "counselor". He was forced by his father and soon escaped to safety,
    leaving his father furious.  
  • NOTE: Defamation, slander and libel are crimes. It should be obvious that anyone who reads and believes the VICIOUS FALSE BBC
    online article should refrain from wasting their (and our) time calling us for help. Such people's level of intelligence is clearly too low to
    qualify for any consideration from Dr. Savage or his team. We have provided some of these historical facts for the people who support
    Dr. Savage and his work, so they have a basic understanding of just how vile the BBC article is and why Catharsis is pursuing
    defamation lawsuits against the BBC and other perpetrators of these lies, including anyone (in person or online) who repeats the
    slander and libel, who are also guilty of defamation.

            READ MORE

    FACT 4: In 2006, Dr. Philip Savage began the Global Free Fire Burn tests, a new media campaign to prove the Truth: Expose the
    Un-Truth, by scientific means, once and for all.

  • Philip Savage's immediate response to the BBC's slimy slander in 2006 was scientific (and brilliant): Dr. Savage offered to prove it
    to them and the world -- for FREE. Test him on fire burn victims anywhere in the world. Watch what happens to people severely burned
    by fire after they are processed from a distance with his Subliminal Distant Influentiality (SDI) treatment, for free. Film the absolutely
    impossible dramatic elimination of pain, accelerated restoration of skin, no grafting, no scarring and no trauma. Cover the stories and
    document the people who go back to work and normal life in record time. Broadcast these results, hundreds a day, for week after week,
    until everyone is satisfied something extremely extraordinary has happened. Then reap the unprecedented ratings reward for the media
    outlet with the exclusive story. The short-sighted tabloid BBC not only missed the truth, they missed their chance at the real news, which
    the FireBurnDoctor has since provided as an "answer for the world" since 2009: More than 1600 "Instantly Recovered" burn victims
    from 58 countries worldwide, whose pain was gone in minutes and burn erased in hours (!) after Distant Subliminal Neuro-Bypass
    (DSNB) processing by Dr. Savage and his team.
  • The point of all Dr. Savage's tests, experiments and health cases is to PROVE, by scientific means, the existence of a higher power,
    accessible to us in crises. Tests on fire burn victims are particularly valuable because the results are immediate, always 100%
    successful, and very visible -- the audience can SEE the seemingly miraculous recovery on camera right in front of their eyes.
  • Amazing 2009 video, FREE Fire Burn Tests PSA, shows the world exactly what to do when someone is burned by fire: Just call or
    text the FireBurnDoctor (Philip Savage) at 1-818-332-6445, IMMEDIATELY, within 30 minutes of exposure to fire. Spell BIRTH NAME,
    PLACE of birth and DATE of birth of burned victim. Text a photograph if possible. Watch or videotape the immediate DRAMATIC results  
    Nothing to lose, everything to gain.
  • Recent 2015 documentation in the award-winning film RUSH, tells the story of the dramatic Instant Burn Recoveries with a number
    of eyewitnesses telling their remarkable stories. Not only do these astonishing accounts reveal without any further question, the
    disgusting FALSEHOODS and blatant, intentional LIES of the BBC, against this beloved "Scientific Miracle Maker" and the thousands of
    burn victims and people he has so humbly helped, RUSH also documents the most dramatic cases of impossible immediate recoveries
    of people and animals suffering from near-death car accidents, life-long drug abuse, crippling arthritis, and unfair divorce settlements.

    FACT 5: In 2010, Dr. Philip Savage, the Bio-Matrix Hacker, explains how he is Breaking into the Bio-Continuum to Upload
    Compatible "Bio-Reparative" Softwares. (Read more than 1600 "Instantly Recovered" Burn Cases documenting his 100% results on

  • In 2010, using the now commonly understood analogy of computers, software and worldwide Internet, Dr. Philip Savage is finally able to
    describe how he manages to generate the kind of bewildering results he's succeeded to produce for over 25 years, on fire burns, and
    also on all kinds of health cases, addiction, accidents, etc on thousands and thousands of human and animal subjects.
  • Describing himself as the "Bio-Matrix Hacker" and his technology as the way to break into the "Bio-Fields continuum" (the "Matrix")
    that interconnects us all with one another (and with all living organisms) like a global "bio-internet," he explains how he "writes a new
    specific bio-program with appropriate bio-algorithms that resolves and corrects a specific person's problem (a burn injury, for instance)"
    just as a computer expert can write a program to fix and resolve the specific software problem of a crashed computer.
  • Dr Savage then "hacks" the bio-matrix so he can upload the program, where it will be automatically downloaded immediately to
    the individual "computer" (the person) that has experienced the crisis. He explains: "Just as in the internet analogy where the
    information itself is stored everywhere and nowhere in the same time, but nevertheless can be accessed by each and every individual
    computer in the world, all living creatures on earth are interconnected to one another in some sort of a bio-web. Similarly, all the
    people's individual consciousness also works in a higher and collective networking pattern in a form of psycho-web (the "Psycho-Fields"
    theory and the "Jungian Collective Unconscious" theory in modern science.)
  • For example, in a fireburn injury scenario, Dr Savage's new program will, in 100% of cases, immediately provoke a neuro-bypass that
    successfully keeps our brain from sending the wrong message to our defense and immune systems. In a severe pathology situation,
    even in cases of so-called "incurable disease," the whole protocol is very similar (although infinitely more complex and time consuming),
    yet works in reverse: Rather than to inhibit deleterious self-destructive physiological processes as in burn injuries, he must instead write
    a specific new program to release and to engage extremely potent defense and immune processes and mechanisms which were either
    lethally blocked or not accurately programmed and calibrated.
  • Prior to writing and "installing" this new program on the person's behalf, there was very little chance that he or she could successfully
    fight and win against toxemic, infectious, autoimmune or oncogenic agents. When the software is inadequate or corrupted the computer
    cannot work or it crashes. When he installs new compatible and totally "bug free" softwares, as well as a new potent "antivirus" after
    doing a  "hard reset" or "reformatting," Dr Savage's clients then experience those astonishing, unprecedented, successful results, even
    in the most "incurable" cases, for which he is renowned for more than 25 years in Europe and America.
English translation of original French letter: 1993
His Royal Highness Henri VI de Bourbon Parme
(Legitimate Heir to the "Crown of France")

I know very well Philippe Sauvage, whom I have met several times. I have shared
with him extremely high levels of conversations in the realms of philosophy,
religion and science.
I have been particularly fascinated by Philip
Sauvage's knowledge in the fields of Medicine and Health which
deserves the greatest attention.

In France, the Medical Board is extremely conservative and customarily denies
any credit to non-conventional treatments. Doctors of Osteopathy, although
perfectly recognized and appreciated in the United States, are still outlawed in
France. Among those unconventional methods one should not ignore those
proven to have an
"ancestral healing gift" capable of relieving so many
people from sickness, throughout the centuries, a domain being particularly
well-documented in the Breton culture.

To me, Philip Sauvage is undoubtedly one of those. His Gift and his
Wisdom come from his ancestral heritage. I personally vouch for his
moral qualities.

I make these statements with the strongest emphasis, knowing personally that
Philip Sauvage always displayed the highest standards of ethics when dealing
with his clients and with their medical cares.
I feel incumbent upon myself to
reestablish the truth on Philip Sauvage in the name of Justice.

Prince Henri VI de Bourbon-Parme

    The following simple FACTS expose the OLD (failed) attempts to silence Philip Savage:

       1) the vicious BBC slander in 2006,
       2) the brutal political persecution by the French government in 1991,
       3) the unlawful deportation by the U.S. Immigration Department, INS, in 2001.

    Read ALL these FACTS BEFORE you speak about THE Most Controversial Figure of THIS Century

    Dr. Philip Savage, the only "FireBurnDoctor"

    who has been living, traveling, & meeting with clients, continuously, in France (1961-1991),
    in Greenland and Canada (1991-1992), in the USA (1992-2001), and in Europe (2001-present).
Philip Savage's practice of this world's most advanced scientific-spiritual tradition comes directly from his original Hyperborean ancestors of the
North Pole (Greenland) who, after the last European Ice Age, re-peopled Asia, Europe and the Americas with diaspora descendants and brought
the highest teachings that today we revere in the Vedas (in Asia), the Wisdom Traditions (in Americas), and the Carnac sites (in Celtic Brittany and
the Pharoah's Egypt).

Dr. Savage is the last living direct representative in that line of ancient Holy People, whom history calls (in Celtic Europe) the Druids, (in Asia) the
Rishis, and (in the Americas) the Shamans, "scientist-saints" who, in fact, called themselves Keldanes (servants of the Divine), and who have the
power to help us in the most extreme crises.

Those highest holy, fully-developed, ancient beings were renowned for many things (e.g. math, science, justice, law, architecture), but probably
most appreciated by the people for their healing powers, in particular those sacred powers passed down personally and achroamatically (word from
the mouth of one to the ear of the other) through the generations by the female order of the lineage.

Born Philippe Sauvage to that female lineage in 1953 in Brittany (France), the only male child in that last surviving female order, Philip signaled the
end of that ancient tradition (as well as all divisive world traditions), the beginning of the long-anticipated great shift this Earth and its inhabitants
shall go through in its next huge period of bio-cleansing (Bio-Catharsis), and the prophesied hope of Enlightened Unity for all our future.
Recognized by his great-grandmother as this special “Shiftmaster” (
Strobinneller), Philip was initiated into both the female and male orders,
receiving a level of powers and wisdom never before attained in this world, coming as they are from a significantly higher dimension.

It is these extraordinary powers and abilities that scientist Dr. Philip Savage is able to offer to qualified clients and students, especially those
suffering or dying from their own particular health crisis… those people who are right now praying for a "miracle" for themselves, their family, their
Earth.  The non-profit corporation, Catharsis: Biognostic Unit of Geonoetics, was organized in 1999 in California by a group of doctors and
professionals inspired by that extraordinary life and unprecedented work of Dr. Philip Savage. Below is a letter of appreciation (one of hundreds)
from a member of the French elite who also knew well of Dr. Savage's special stature.


Dr. Philip Savage original

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BBC article (2006)  
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Letters of Reference

In addition to the more than 2000 testimonies
and reports from clients, associates, friends
and "Instantly Recovered" burn victims, here
are a few of the many public figures who have
written letters to and about Dr. Savage.

Federal Judge Barry Ted Moskowitz, Esq.

Senator James Inhofe
Congressman Chris Smith
Congressman Ben Gilman
Congresswoman Barbara Lee
Congresswoman Maxine Waters
Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi
Congressman Brad Sherman
Congressman Tom Lantos
Congressman John Porter
Congressman Bob Filner

HRA president Kathryn Porter

Dr. Jane Dillon, PhD

Dr. Thomas Farr, U.S. State Department

French Support

Dr. George Ladevese, M.D.

French Prince Henri VI Bourbon-Parme

Count Hubert De Mirleau & Francoise Dior

Mr. Serge de Becketch (Leader of French
Catholic Traditionalists)

Georges Pinault, Legion of Honor Marine
Corps Captain

Bedoc Claudine, France Telecom

Mr. Philip Duquesne, author, a.k.a. Philip
Randa, leading cultural figure

Mr. Thierry Gwigourel, Breton leader

Mr. Yann-Ber Tillenon, Breton leader

Mr. Jean Maxime Charrier, Historian

CLIENTS, 1992:
Mrs. J. Jolivet, client
Mrs. S. Pellan, client
Mr. J. Tourault, client
Mrs. B. Lesaquet
Mrs. P. Moreau
Mrs. A. Sillou
Mrs. J. Chene
Mrs. C. Lepretre
Mrs. N. Marechal
Mr. R. Mandart
Mrs. D. Collas
Mr. M. Kennis
Mrs. G. Philip
Mr. C. Julian
Mrs. Marina
Mrs. Catherine Cart
Mrs. Dane Belany
Mr. & Mrs. G. Carpentier

PRESS 1991
Conspiracy Against
Sauvage, Sabatier  & TF1

Police vs. Justice

Bernard Dubont, Author
"Philip Gwezh (Savage): Only
Super-Healer or True Miracle Worker"

More News Articles

Norway Magazine Article (trans.)

American Support

Navy SEAL Commander Frank Thornton

Chief Andrew Tioteroken Delisle,
Mohawk Nation

Dr. William Saccoman, M.D.
Dr. Gaetan Chevalier, Ph.D.
Dr. Dee Jacobsen, Ph.D.
Dr. David Simon, M.D.
Dr. Deepak Chopra, M.D.
Dr. Elizabeth Targ, M.D.
Dr. Bruce Lipton, Ph.D.
Dr. Irving Katz, Ph.D.
Dr. Carolyn Mein, D.C.
Dr. Masilungan, M.D.
Dr. Jane Dillon, Ph.D.
Dr. Peter Fenwick, M.D.
Fire Chief Joe Lowe
Mr. Bruce Wolfarth
Mr. Robert Papera, Business Owner
Mr. Rodger, Documentary Filmmaker
Mr. Michael Mendizza, Filmmaker
"To win a war according to my highest principles
of Absolute Justice, one must learn not to fight
against but, instead, to fight for. To fight for a
"super-ideal" that no other fragmented ideals
can match. To fight for a cause so supreme, so
complete and so pure that risks of ethno-
cultural disintegration no longer exist.
    Project IMAGO is that cause.

Philip Savage
B'rith Esh

"I am ready, absolutely ready, to share with anyone who would have proven
his or her unconditional bio-atonement and unconditional bio-commitment
never ever to stray from the true Divine Path of Life and Justice, all that I
know and all that I am permitted to give....

You may one day become the true Sacred Servants of the Ultimate Divine; I
on the contrary only aspire to be the Servants' humble servant.... You have
'rights' and 'privileges' the nature of which I can only dream.

You are essential and internal parts of this magnificent Divine universe to
which I do not really belong.... I merely still have a 'key' that you have lost or,
more exactly, that has been stolen from you. My 'powers' although impressive
and unique by any human standard may be nothing compared to yours if
properly re-actuated....."

I have the "key," I can pass it to you....


Quantum Bio-Cybernetic Evolution


Most amazing cosmic project in all
human history.

"Come to my machine and get transformed."

Unique transmutational pyramids where the
bio-cognitive evolutionary leap to higher
consciousness, long overdue for the human race,
can take place - quickly and completely.

Click HERE to watch now
Born on December 30, 1953 in Paris, France, Dr. Philip Savage has spent his entire life serving Life and Justice on planet Earth.
Initiated in Brittany  for 18 years by his great grandmother and matriarchal clan in the wisdom and powers of their ancient Hyperborean (Celtic Druid)
heritage,  he quickly surpassed all his ancestors with his abilities and achievements and went on to university training in paleontology, law,
architecture, and ethology and to paramilitary and police academy training in counter-terrorism, criminology and undercover intelligence work.

Surviving the political storms in France of the 1970s, Philip Savage raised a family and rose to the height of media fame, fortune and power in 1990  
known as "the unbelievable Breton healer," only to be worshipped by millions and persecuted by one  (very powerful head of state).

Throughout his many accomplishments (and failures), Philip Savage continues to hold firm to his one overriding purpose, that is, to save the Earth and
rescue the children by finding and upgrading those people destined to contribute to the future survival of life on this planet and thereby save their own
lives here and later.

Currently, Dr. Savage lives and works in Europe, fully focused on his three most urgent projects without which humanity and Earth will not survive:

  1. FireBurnDoctor.com which is free for everyone to participate and experience the real "shock and awe" when the pain of their own burn injury
    disappears in minutes and the burn itself is erased in hours, so that they too may someday understand and be trained in the power of SDI
  2. Project IMAGO and the Sapiential Bio-Institute where Philip Savage's transmutational machines and unique pyramid structure will bring the
    long-overdue leap in human evolution required to survive on Earth, resulting in an immediate quantum biocybernetic evolution of human
    consciousness to a much higher level for those people ready and willing to help.
  3. International security for the future human race using the unprecedented power of Subliminal Distant Influentiality, whereby he and his team
    can change, immediately, any outcome in any crisis taking place anywhere in the world.

"When there is no
longer room for
untruth... there is
space for the
TRUTH - not before."

LETTER OF REFERENCE (one of hundreds):  French Prince Henri VI de Bourbon Parme

MUTANT = "In biology and especially genetics, a mutant is an
organism or a new genetic character arising or resulting from an instance of
mutation, which is generally an alteration of the DNA sequence of the
genome or chromosome of an organism. The natural occurrence of genetic
mutations is integral to the process of evolution.

While the world sees Philip Savage and his special powers to help people
and all life on the planet as a GIFT, Philip Savage doesn't see it that way at
all. He writes about growing up feeling like
"a freak among freaks." He was
born androgynous and as a child he looked like a girt. When his friends
wondered why he didn't "fight back" when other kids teased him, Philip
Savage brushed it off saying it didn't matter. As an adult, after 18 years of
grueling (understatement) initiations and then 3 years of torturous (egolytic)
final assignment to prove himself egoless, Philip took to calling his special
abilities and role as Strobineller, a "curse”- great for his Clan to "save the
Earth," but a nightmare for him.

The history of Philip Savage accomplishments (and failures) testifies to the
horrors he has endured (and survived) as someone very different from
most: From the French political bloodshed to personal persecution by the
French monster president Mitterand; from the adulation and support of the
French and American public, including professionals, Congress persons
and a U.S.Federal Judge to the misunderstanding and illegal harassment,
then deportation, by the US INS immigration agents; from the love and care
of his Clan, his family and his many children to the unbearable pain of
separation from all those children (including being kept from attending the
birth of his youngest American child)

There is no doubt Philip Savage is different, to the point of it being
not possible to completely understand what he is or knows or
As he writes, "it's like trying to explain to someone born deaf
or blind, the beauty and majesty of Beethovan or Boticelli.

What we can understand, for sure, is that there is only one reason Philip
Savage is here... and for so long.
He is looking (and waiting) for us to
"Save the Earth and Rescue the children He cannot do it alone and
cannot interfere with human "free will.” People have to do it.
those who choose to, he can help by giving us the tools (and upgrade) we
need to accomplish that mission. Without his help, the human race cannot
do it; if we could, we would have already done it. (The last 50 years proves
the human race cannot even feed all the children of the world, something
EVERYONE wanted and was determined to do since the 1960s. We didn't
do it because we can't. In fact, there are forces (off-planet) so powerful
against us that stop us whenever we even get close.

The same is now true for "climate change" which threatens us all,
including the continuation of our entire species.
Without the help of
Philip Savage, the "Mutant Strobineller" we cannot do it and will not survive.
With his help, which is the only reason he is here, we can. His "Way Out" is
the IMAGO project, his special design and structure for the transmutational
machine and IMAGO pyramid whereby Philip Savage, using his unique SDI
Bio-Cybernetic technology, can transform many people to a higher
consciousness (as many as choose to) within one hour, thereby providing
the people, the tools and the structures necessary for the Earth and the
future human race to survive. Without it we won't survive; with it we will. It's
as simple as building the first IMAGO pyramid and expanding his Sapiential
Bio-Institute where we can then do the work of "Reconciling Man and Earth."
However, it's up to us to choose it.

Below is one of hundreds of letters of support for Philip Savage,
this one from a U.S. Congressman dedicated to justice for anyone politically
persecuted, as Philip was, for their culture, nationality, race, religion or 1st
Amendment rights, in fact, for being different.
ANYONE who suggests otherwise needs to cease and desist...
and STUDY this page BEFORE they speak.
Excerpt from THE MYTH TO LIVE BY:

    At the end of “Druidism,” there would be born a
    single male child to the only surviving matriarchal
    lineage of ancient Hyperborean spirituality.
    Androgynous, with the sacred powers of both
    female and male combined for the first and only time
    in Druidic history, this male child would be called the
    last Strobineller, assigned with the task of
    reconciling Man and Nature before humankind
    destroyed, forever, planet Earth, or vice versa.
    Born on December 30, 1953 in the Celtic nation now
    called Brittany, Philip Savage is this male child.

Philip Sauvage grew up inside of an immemorial “super
shamanistic” tribe whose “powers” and “wisdom” date back to
the dawn of the Neolithic age and a clan that has been serving
the Earth, the Forests, the Animals and the “people” without
interruption or adulteration since then. His people have been
chased down and ruthlessly exterminated throughout all those
years, surviving (barely) to this day only due to fifty centuries of
deep underground clandestinity. Ultimately, Philip’s mother,
grandmother, great-mother and he were the only survivors of
what he calls a “darn successful genocide.”
Philip was, thus,
raised to become, literally, the very last of his own kind,
bestowed accordingly with more additional “knowledge”
and upgraded “power
" than any individual link of this very
ancient chain.

Although the story of his childhood and “prehistoric initiation
right in the middle of the twentieth century, would make perfect
bestsellers or blockbuster movies,
from the standpoint of a
child, his standpoint, “It was not a dream at all, but a true
psycho-behavioral nightmare.”
Philip writes, “This heavy
feeling of being some sort of a
second generation mutant
surrounded only by other mutants of the first generation is
quite indescribable.
So was the burden of being “something”
that important, with so many duties and so few rights….”

As the ultimate right of passage (or torture) after he had
painfully but successfully surmounted all his educational tests,
he was
ordered by his clan to annihilate the last traces of
“ego” by accepting to live for real what they considered
should be his “ultimate nightmare”
(remember the room 101
in the book 1984 of George Orwell?…). So he did, and became
the youngest Lieutenant of his generation, working as counter-
terrorist field operative in the mid-seventies on behalf of the
French government that, from the Breton point of view,
represented the oppression and colonization of his own
country, Brittany.

Finished with this duty at age 24, Philip resumed his interrupted
scientific studies, contributing then to the advancement of
“human knowledge” through his work in the field of Human-
Paleontology (“Paleo-Anthropology”) and in the domain of
Behavioral Sciences (“Ethology”).
In his thesis on human
evolution, he endeavoured to reconsider entirely the very
principles of phylogenesis
(in a Herculean thousand-page
work). As Dr. Savage explains, “Definitely non-Darwinian,
verging dangerously on neo-Lamarkism, I described the whole
phylogenetic movement as a globally regressive yet selectively
anagenetic (progressive) for a minority of taxa, all of which
being deeply embedded into a higher teleologic blueprint.”

Philip Savage then spent 25 more years setting up, proving,
and implementing his own scientific fields. Geosomatics and
Ethiatrics (tuning in with one’s higher behavioral self) were
dealing with life interactions and health (in its higher so-called
“Gaia” perspective). Subliminal Influentiality (as a science) and
Subliminal Distant Influence (as a technology) relate to so-
called “Influence Technologies,” which form a domain classified
as “extremely sensitive” by all western governments. Shifting
sometimes quite handsomely from one field to another, he was
many opportunities to test his theories and his skills
on more than 75,000 human and animal subjects with an
unprecedented rate of success.

Due to his unheard-of results (sometimes within the best
government Laboratories and Universities in Europe), he soon
became an
overnight “media star”, the subject of several
hundred press articles on him or his work, every year, and
breaking all prior (and future) ratings on European TV.
example, Philip’s 12 minute appearance on TF1 in December
1990 on one most popular talk show, drew an audience of 12
million viewers, 25% of the entire country of France, the
equivalent of 70 million viewers by American standards. On
another show, he won a landslide debate with a well-respected
medical professor, with Philip Savage receiving 82% audience
vote over his opponent’s 18%.

Philip Savage's astonishing fame and reception by the people
requesting his help had an overwhelming reaction on the entire
country, including the Maxist-Socialist French President
Mitterand, who in person asked Philip to treat his cancer, which
the President was keeping secret from the French public.
When the outspoken
Breton “Holy Healer“ refused to take care
of him, Mitterand's highest respect turned to fur
y and then
vengeance, creating the 10-
year political persecution
nightmare for Philip Savage and his entire famil

Shortly after the most historic TF1 TV appearance in 1990,
Philip Savage went to the North Pole (Greenland) to set up his
utopian Archeo-Futuristic, eco-scientific institute, a place...

Philip Savage says we need an Ark... a real one, and soon! Yes,
our wisest leaders are right – the Earth will survive and regenerate
itself; it’s the humans who are out of time. But what they don’t know,
even the wisest of them, is that the Earth cannot survive long without
its “praetorian guard,” its divinely ordained protectors, its global
immune system—the original human “Bio-Cybernetic Regulators.”
The unfortunate fact: in the Earth’s last battle for its own survival,
the elimination of the human species, without a more-evolved,
higher replacement would eventually mean the death of the Planet
itself (as was the fate of Mars)... But later.

Such is humanity’s ultimate crisis... for which Philip Savage has
been “assigned” to bring the solution—
the “key.” Strategaia, his
“Earth’s Battle Plan.” The Ark of the Imagos, his
ultimate rescue capsule. And the
Sapiential Bio-Institute, his
unparalleled Archeo-futuristic Center, from where his most essential
Life (and Earth) saving science, research, and practice will usher in
the new
paradigmatic shift that shall change the world... finally...
for Good (without Evil).

Philip Savage is the originator of the Science of Subliminal Influentiality, Eco-humanitarian champion of all persecuted and oppressed groups,
last living representative of the
ancient matriarchal lineage of Hyperborean (Celtic Druid) origin, and the only Bio-Cybernetician in the world.
Using Dr. Savage's advanced technology of
Subliminal Distant Influentiality (SDI), almost anything is possible.  SDI may be applied in any kind of
crisis: personal, business, political, economic, health, security and existential. Every person, organization and government has a need for SDI,
including for:

  • HEALTH   
    Bio-restorations of patients, including animals, suffering or dying from any kind of disease, including so-called incurable ones. Recovery of
    individuals, families, groups, from any trauma, crisis or threat, including rape, genetic defects, children traumas/problems/retardation, cult
    abductions, drug dependency or addictions.

    Brain reset - partial or complete depending on the need - of healthy people, athletes, CEO's, racehorses, anyone in competition to win.
    Optimization - "Be all that you can be," like a new existential "blank slate."

    Blending together the genetic (DNA) data and morphic (physical) images of different persons in order to bring about dramatic results predefined
    by the client, with unlimited applications for individuals, businesses, private and international security.

    Reversing the degenerative aging process. Results look like "plastic surgery" without surgery and feel like a real-time "fountain of youth." Clients
    "break-free from their biological clock" and add healthy, youthful, productive years to their lives.

Results of Philip Savage's unique non-physical, non-medical, non-pharmaceutical intervention (processing) are unparalleled, unprecedented and
extraordinary.  What he does is shift the realities of his recipients, taking care of the cause of the suffering, not the symptoms. After his processing,
catharsis takes place with all the beneficial outcomes one can only dream of, and the effects show - emotionally, psychologically, spiritually and
physically. Dr. Savage uses his unique powers in exchange for substantial concrete reciprocity to fund his eco-humanitarian and scientific work. When
the reciprocity is acceptable - value for value -  the results are astounding.

Dr. Savage is currently living and working in Europe. He has agreed to delegate some of his powers to a few special students who qualify to
learn something so extraordinary that even though they may have no prior skill in the art of healing, after proper training in his unique bio-restorative
processing, they will become outstanding etho-therapists - as he says,
"head and shoulders above any known 'healer' on the face of this earth."  
Results of Dr. Savage's advanced technologies are documented on the websites:
PSproof.com, FireBurnDoctor.com and Thulea.org, as well as on
video, including the documentary films
Catharsis, Interception and, most recently, the award-winning feature film, RUSH.

In 2001, Philip Savage's "Bio", The Most Controversial Figure of the Century, was the basis for the famous Washington Post article, a corrected
version of which (with accurate dates) is below.