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More than 2000 burn cases from 50 states and 58 countries,
ALL with the same astonishing results:  Pain gone in minutes. Burn erased within hours.

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Every year, there are hundreds of millions of people who are burned. Since 95% of these accidents occur in low-income countries, no one
knows for certain how many people actually die, are maimed or disfigured for the rest of their lives.  UNICEF officially reports 750,000
deaths due to burns annually, but the actual number is much worse. About half of the people killed or dramatically injured from burns are
young children. Thus, this is not a form of disaster that happens far away from home (on the road or in the air) since half of those burn
injuries occur at home. The societal and financial costs are simply appalling: Just for the U.S. alone, the lower estimate is $10 billion (and this
the most costly of all forms of accidents: $200,000 is average for the initial severe burn injury, which easily exceeds $1 million when all the
surgical procedures and tissue transplants that often follow are taken into consideration…. In the U.S., there are 2.4 million burn injuries
reported each year. Out of this amount, 650,000 burn victims are actually treated by medical professionals. (4,500 people die directly from
burn injuries and another 10,000 die of burn-related infections shortly thereafter.) According to the National Fire Protection Association
(NFPA), fire kills more Americans than ALL natural disasters combined.

This is a human catastrophe of the first magnitude, comparable to the AIDS catastrophe in terms of global emergency. (Actually, since 1981
about 25 million people throughout the world have died from AIDS, whereas burn-related casualties approach twice this figure). More than
$25 billion will be invested in 2010 just for HIV/AIDS research. Yet our societies are doing absolutely nothing to find a solution to the
scourge  of fire burns and very little to help the millions who will die or be disastrously and permanently disabled for the rest of their lives
due   to burn injuries.

We DO have a solution. What it requires is some unprejudiced open-mindedness, as our methodology might seem at first highly unorthodox,
and a sincere willingness to find a solution to this unacceptable human disaster. But before we explain the methodology that we propose to put
to the test on the widest possible scale, we must first take a deep look at the true nature of a burn injury.

When you seriously look into it, there is a surprising and dramatic scarcity of information in scientific literature on the actual processes at play
with a burn injury. There is plenty of medical jargon that explains how tissue damage, especially in the perfused subsurface burn, is caused by
toxic mediators of inflammation (mostly oxidants and proteases), then how things get worse when bacterial infection takes place alongside
this ongoing pattern of self-destructive processes. But there is no explanation, whatsoever, on what exactly triggers these self-destructive
processes, which are, most of the time, utterly out of proportion to the actual severity of the initial burn injury.

Aside from psycho-cultural factors related to our collective unconscious and to the very special relationship of the human species with FIRE
since its very incipience, it is essentially the extreme level of pain caused by the burn itself -- nothing in the world hurts more than thermal
accidents -- that puts our brain on the wrong track and forces it into dramatic overreaction. It is this neural shock and the semi-autistic
immune overkill from our brain that causes the devastating damages that we are familiar with, not the accident itself.  

Everyone knows that under proper mental conditioning (self-induced hypnotic trance, for example), people can walk on fire for a relatively
protracted period of time without showing any sign of burn injury. By the same token, people under hypnosis who have been told that they
had burned themselves, even though they were not exposed to any thermal source, yet they have developed ACTUAL burn injuries. All that
brings us to the idea of subjective reality: The entire interpretation of our surrounding reality is based on neuro-electrical and chemical signals,
NOT on objective and actual factors. This subjective perception can be tricked in one direction or its opposite, to overestimate or to
underestimate input about the true nature of any external event, including accidents. Then, according to the SUBJECTIVE interpretation of
the  electrical and chemical signals it has received, our brain responds with a given course of action. In the case of burn, owing to its
unparalleled level of pain, the immune and physiological responses are simply out of proportion and unconsciously provoke tissular and
organic self-destruction of devastating magnitude.

Through techniques of advanced mental refraction too complex to be described and explained in such a short text, and after we have
collapsed into a workable algorithm the symbolic singularity of any human subject (a video, a photograph or even basic spatio-temporal
coordinates), we immediately provoke a subliminal neuro-bypass which redirects and inhibits the toxic signals of self-destruction that his or
her brain has sent in response to the thermal accident. Since the whole operation takes place from a distance, we have called this specific
procedure Distant Subliminal Neuro-Bypass (DSNB).

In the whole operation, time is of the essence since those self-destructive processes occur extremely fast after the brain has wrongly sent its
disproportionate signals. For the sake of optimized results in our course of action, it has been decided that the DSNB procedure should be
applied only if we can receive the necessary information and adequately respond within 30 minutes following the initial thermal accident.
After  that delay, the deleterious self-destructive processes have taken place on such a dramatic scale that our intervention would become less
and less effective. In fact, in cases of so-called third and fourth degree burn, in order to have a chance to produce optimum results, DSNB
must be applied within the first minutes following the accident, before the switch between subjective and objective reality has been turned and
has reached the deeper centers of interpretation of the brain.

After completing a sufficient number of burn cases that have been fully resolved by our DSNB technique (and utilizing wide scale media
involvement to gather as many burn testimonies as possible from all over the world), we will be ready to go to the second phase of the
project: Scientific experimentation in the best universities and laboratories under the strictest scientific scrutiny and according to the highest
standards of epistemological methodology.

The third phase will be the most interesting and exciting for the public, since we will then begin the teaching and training of groups and
individuals in DSNB (ideally in every large city in the world), people capable themselves to take care of burn victims wherever they are. And
then, finally, in order to carry out the global eradication of the scourge of burns from the face of the earth, hundreds of "teaching units" will
be specifically trained so that they can travel throughout the world (particularly to the most remote and isolated rural areas) to train, in their
turn, thousands and thousands of volunteers.

This way, we could rapidly attain full-spectrum coverage of the whole human population and, thus, save millions of people from death, from
unnecessary suffering, from permanent disability and from devastating traumatic disfigurement.

Dr. Philip Savage, Ph.D. is the father of Distant Subliminal Neuro-Bypass. He has been using DSNB on severe burns and on many other
unrelated applications for more than 25 years with a remarkable rate of success. His technique has been tested and validated in Europe and in
America in several research institutes under strict scientific scrutiny. He has also been working for a few years as a private researcher in the
California Institute for Human Science (Encinitas, CA) where DSNB, after having been successfully tested by Western sciences, was finally
tested also according to the Eastern paradigm, using the most sophisticated Japanese scientific methodology (a futuristic computer technology
coupled with biosensors -- called AMI -- that analyzes the level, the distribution and the circulation of the "energy flow," a.k.a. "Ki" or "Chi,"
in any human subject). Applied on hundreds of volunteers, Dr. Savage´s DSNB has succeeded in enhancing their level of "energy flow" on a
totally unprecedented scale, beating even the previous record held by the famous Dr. Motoyama himself (the founder of the AMI's ground-
breaking Japanese technology)… by a factor of 3 !!!
The Bio-Matrix Hacker   Dr. Philip Savage, Ph.D.

"Now, to come back to my proposal to eradicate burn related injuries and deaths..., I do not need further to explain my scientific analysis
and description of the burn process itself (which you will find in a separate document [below]). What I need though is to try to describe, through
a good
analogy with the world of computers, software and Internet, how I can manage to generate the kind of bewildering results that I
have succeeded to produce for more than 25 years (and not only on fire burns…) on thousands and thousands of human and animal subjects.

In that "computer context", I would define myself as "Bio-Matrix Hacker" and my technique as the way to break into the "Bio-Fields
Continuum" (the "Matrix") that interconnect us all with one another
(and with all living organisms ultimately) like a global "bio-internet"
so to speak. Then, when an individual computer (a person…) is experiencing troubles, bugs, crashes or an accident (as for instance with a burn
injury), all that I am doing is "writing" a specific bio-program with appropriate bio-algorithms to resolve and correct the problem, then "hack" the
bio-matrix to be capable to upload it. It will be then automatically downloaded to the individual "computer" (the person) that has experienced a
crisis to fix the specific software conflict or problem.

Just like in the internet analogy, where the information itself is stored everywhere and nowhere in the same time but, nevertheless can be accessed
by each and every individual computer in the world, all living creatures on earth are interconnected to one another in some sort of a bio-web.
Similarly, all the people's individual consciousness also works in a higher and collective networking pattern in a form of psycho-web
(the "Psycho-Fields" theory and the "Jungian Collective Unconscious" theory in modern science)
. That is why, even simplistic personal
coordinates like "name, date & place of birth" or a photograph of the burn victim are sufficient for me to locate the individual computer (the
person…) within the "Bio-Matrix" (the psycho- and bio-continuum) and immediately "download" an adequate existing written program to fix the
problem "locally"... through "non local" methods, so to speak.

In a fireburn injury scenario, my new program will immediately provoke a neuro-bypass that keeps our brain from sending the wrong
message to our defense and immune systems.
In a severe pathology situation, even in case of so-called "incurable disease" the whole protocol
is very similar (although infinitely more complex and time consuming) yet reverse: Rather than to inhibit deleterious self destructive physiological
processes like for burn injuries, I must instead write a specific new program to release and to engage extremely potent defense and immune
processes and mechanisms which, for many reasons much too complex to be explained here, were either lethally blocked or not accurately
programmed and calibrated.

Therefore, prior to my writing the program and downloading it on the person's behalf, there was very little chance that he or she could
successfully fight and win against toxemic, infectious, autoimmune or oncogenic agents just to name a few.
When the software is inadequate
or corrupted, the computer cannot work
. Likewise when there is a major conflict with several incompatible softwares, the computer crashes.
Same situation when the "anti-virus" is disconnected or not properly designed. The worst case scenario (as in some of the most dangerous
diseases which afflict mankind in general...) is when an alleged "anti virus program" turns out to be, in fact, a disguised and lethal virus,
specifically designed to cause damage or downright destroy your own computer.
There is no other solution, then, but to install new
compatible and totally "bug free" software as well as a new potent anti-virus after doing a "hard reset" or "reformatting."
Which is
exactly what I have been doing on my patients for more than 25 years with an unprecedented rate of success, most especially in case of so-called
"incurable disease."

I have never used that "Computer Model" analogy before to adequately describe my actual line of work. I previously had to resort to highly
complex models of
BioCybernetics (Geosomatics, Bio-Continuum, Non-Local Events in physics and Quantum Mechanics, etc.) which very
few people could ever understand. But now, thanks to worldwide computer awareness where people all over the planet are getting familiar with
ideas like world wide web, computer programs and… computer problems, it has finally become possible for me to explain in a clear and
understandable way what are the exact processes at play in my own scientific field." (FBD)
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