for the first time, scientifically, once and for all


Dr. Savage gives humanity the proof, using scientific methodology, of the actual real existence of a higher power. Raised with
"paranormal" events happening every day, he became a scientist to prove to others what he sees and knows is actually normal.

Results of Dr. Savage's Experiments:
EXPERICAL facts from observable proof (not theory), the incontrovertible evidence that modern science
needs to know, investigate and utilize to help themselves, life on the planet and the Earth itself.

For more than 40 years, Dr. Philip Savage has done scientific experiments for individual and corporate clients, and government, private and public
institutions. Using his advanced science and technology of Subliminal Influentiality, Dr. Savage has proven, over and over again, the existence of a
higher power, multiple realities, transcendental forces and a unified field that reductionist science does not acknowledge and cannot account for.

The unprecedented results of his experiments, which look like "miracles" to most people, are actually facts that can be objectively verified, replicated,
explained and scientifically tested. This is the distinct advantage of science over religion, where verifiable evidence,
not belief or faith, is the pathway to knowledge.

More than 90% of the world population, many scientists included, believe in the existence of a so-called "higher power" in one form or another.
    Relegated to "mere belief" in a domain dominated by religions, however, the problem for humanity is that religions can offer no proof,
    no scientific evidence, nothing that can be controllably experienced, objectively reproduced or scientifically verified or falsified.

    Hence, the importance of scientific research, using the scientific method when establishing the proof of any kind, particularly to investigate
    answers to the meaning of life and our own existence.

    Dr. Savage calls his science and technology Subliminal Distant Influentiality (SDI), his methodology EXPERICISM (from the
    experimental proof, the example, facts built upon objective verifiable cases), and explains the mechanisms and history of this
    advanced science of mind control and consciousness in his many writings and interviews.


In the 12 experiments described in the following FIVE Sections,
you will find incontrovertible evidence of things going on that science cannot yet explain:

With three exceptions, all twelve experiments were conducted in the U.S. by teams of scientists who are available today to vouch for these results,
as well as Dr. Philip Savage, himself, who is available to produce the same results again for anyone authorized to work with him

All twelve experiments use some form of Dr. Savage's science of Subliminal Influentiality described in many documents he has
written over the past forty years.

In 2009, preparing to launch his Global Burn Eradication Project,
Dr. Savage wrote a new simplified explanation of SDI called the "Bio-Matrix Hacker."

Using computer language and internet knowledge that most of the world had finally become acquainted with, Dr. Savage applauded the fact that
now he can communicate his work in a much more understandable way to any person, scientist or non-scientist alike. In his words, he
"writes a new program and downloads it" to the person, animal or group that has asked for his help.

Dr. Savage says that in ALL his work, he is intervening, "hacking," into the "Bio-Matrix" (Life Internet, Bio-Continuum, Psycho-continuum of Life),
where he has access to the "Transcendental Forces" that enable him to bring about ANY changes in any of the already existing "Multiple Realities"
that he chooses, including this one. That is the mechanism used to access the "Higher Power Source" from which everything manifests.

For the first time in human history, science now has the opportunity to shift the current knowledge-limiting
reductionist paradigm, by using the ground-breaking results of the following twelve experiments that
prove, scientifically, with certainty and without placebo, the very existence of a "higher power" that can be
successfully accessed, processed and manifested through very specific "transcendental forces," thereby
satisfying mankind's deepest need for meaning and purpose, as well as giving the human race one last
chance to redeem itself before becoming extinct and destroying the planet in the process.

The following FIVE SECTIONS of 12 EXPERIMENTS are absolutely UNIQUE.

No one else has ever done experiments like these, because they can't, which is why
these experiments, and only these, are able to "crack" the current reductionist
stranglehold and finally usher in the long-awaited NEW scientific paradigm.

Higher Power - Experiments 1, 2, 3

Beyond Electromagnetism - Experiments 4, 5, 6

Genuine Healing - Experiments 7, 8, 9

Mind Control - Experiments 10, 11, 12

Paradigm Shift - Actions 1, 2, 3

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"Once again, the only semantic tool, the only link I can have with you for you to understand, is the experiment,
experiment, experiment - the proof. People are tired of anything else right now. And we are running out of time.
We need proofs. We need tools. And that's what I'm here to bring - tools. To re-empower people. That's what
they need the most - to see with their own eyes, to experience with their own senses. Not freedom. Not new
messages. Not a new enlightenment. Just tools, very down to earth, literally, and matter of fact."
 (Dr. Savage)
Dr. Savage explains:

"I have been brought up to master the idea of variable levels of reality in which one can access higher continuums of
consciousness and thus, provoke unorthodox events that would be deemed supernatural by most people. Among those "skills"
are ultra-specific mind-techniques which afford me full access to the most intimate centers of command of the "mammalian" and
"reptilian" brain of about any predesignated human target, regardless of the geographical location or personal psychological
makeup of the aforesaid individual....

Taking over by force the deepest layers of the human brain to coerce dying people not to die, sick subjects to heal themselves
or immunologically depressed individuals to regain full homoeostatic equilibrium is much more culturally palatable than breaking
into a terrorist's psycho-behavioral programming to implant some subliminal program that will eventually provoke his existential
collapse. Yet, it is the same. The same skills, the same techniques and the very same processes...
just a different calibration for a different outcome....

After much scientific acquisition and successful practice on the subject,
I have come to call those skills and techniques Subliminal Distant Influentiality (SDI).

The science of Subliminal Influentiality relates to the post-Jungian theory of the "psychofields," as well as to the theory of the
"bio-fields" pioneered in the 1980s by the Russian professor Kaznacheiev. In such a science, which also strongly relates to
quantum physics (and the non-separability of all things and of all processes), human mind belongs to a higher superconscious
that we have termed "psycho-continuum."

Somehow, this psycho-continuum keeps track of every human thought and action, treating past, present and future as all the
same. It is like a web that interconnects and interacts with all the people according to processes of bio-cybernetic loops and of

If one would have the expertise to connect (with accuracy), and effectively process this psycho-continuum, one could
theoretically provoke an unconscious alteration of anybody (as long as the basic coordinates of the person or group to
recalibrate were already known).

Such a recalibration is most potent because it touches the deepest layers of the human unconscious, which represents at least
90% of the brain's activity. We do not fully realize the importance of our "mammalian brain" and "reptilian brain" in human
decision-making processes. These most fundamental centers of emotions are functionally collective. They are also
extraordinarily receptive to subliminal stimuli.

It is because it works on a deep unconscious level (underneath the threshold of human consciousness), that SDI induces such
major readjustments within people's psycho-behavioral centers. Because SDI bridges so completely the higher-self and the
lower-self on a purely unconscious level, its ultimate outcome reaches unprecedented practical heights."

Multiple levels of reality

Abilities that go beyond the limits of electro-magnetism

The existence of transcendental forces and a higher power

Hacking the Bio-Psychocontinuum and unified field of consciousness

Realities where all living cells are part of one mind that can be "influenced" with SDI
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