I. Project IMAGO is a Building Project – The Most Amazing Cosmic Project in All Human History

    IMAGO is the ultimate step in Quantum Biocybernetic Evolution. It is the necessary Leap to humanity’s higher consciousness and full
    powers that is long overdue.

    Scientist Dr. Philip Savage, is ready to build the First IMAGO Transmutational Pyramid. This can be constructed, secured, and activated
    within six months of receiving the required funding.

    The IMAGO project will utilize an even more advanced application of Dr. Savage’s Subliminal Mind Control technology that requires
    physical materials and cybernetic substances for Dr. Savage to process the people who enter the pyramid to their fullest evolutionary

    II. IMAGO Transmutational Pyramids are very special Biocybernetic Metamorphosis MACHINES

    The IMAGO structures are unique, specifically designed pyramids with nine angles and a SPHERE in a rare alloy with a special bio-liquid
    inside. Dr. Savage has the precise blueprint.

    Using thermal imagery, Dr. Savage will connect to and process the people that are within the Sphere.

    On leaving the Sphere one hour later, those same people will be Complete Humans, transformed from their former larval state to a new
    level of human evolution with the highest consciousness, abilities, powers and skills. The people that come out of the Sphere will be
    totally different, capable of doing more than any human has ever before been known to do.

    The global effect created by witnessing the metamorphosis of the first IMAGO Being will dramatically change the world, raise
    consciousness, and catalyze major and immediate positive societal and environmental change. Most importantly, IMAGOS will be fully
    equipped to do whatever is necessary to save the Earth and ensure the survival of the future human race.

    III. Cultural Context to Understand the IMAGO Project

    “Superhuman” powers and abilities have been witnessed and recorded throughout human history, particularly in religious or spiritual
    texts and anthropological descriptions. Such accounts live in our collective memory and modern human experience, where many people
    feel and believe they are capable of much more than they are currently able to do, and dream of a higher purpose in the world than
    they are currently able to manifest.

    When IMAGOS emerge from the Pyramid, they will be able to fulfill those dreams. They will have access to their full 100% brain capacity,
    and much more. With their focus, attention and senses fully magnified, they will see opportunities for acting they did not see before, and
    their internal powers and physical abilities will be exceedingly enhanced to produce extraordinary results in whatever they do.

    Such advanced abilities are indications of the “original human blueprint” that has been “interrupted” and set back, instead of evolving to
    completion as originally designed. The IMAGO project is the evolutionary metamorphosis that completes the original human blueprint
    and at this point in history is the only option left. This is the reason Dr. Savage is here at this time, with the extraordinary powers and
    abilities that he has demonstrated throughout his life.

    IV. Credentials - Dr. Philip Savage

    Born:  Philippe Sauvage, December 30, 1953 – Paris, France.

  • 1974-1976.  Police Academy of Cannes-Ecluse, Paris – Law Enforcement, Criminology - Rank: Inspecteur (Lieutenant), with
  • 2003-2004.  PhD degree (Doctor of Philosophy) – International University of Professional Studies, Hawaii, USA – Consciousness
    Studies, Psychology

  • 1953-1974.  Training and initiation in ancient Hyperborean science and wisdom, utilizing his lineage’s highest indigenous
    “healing” powers and practices, both female and male.
  • 1975-1981.  French Police Lieutenant (2nd Territorial Brigade, Paris-75018), Criminologist (Bureau of Scientific Police, Paris),
    Criminal Intelligence (research and analysis of crime data for French government), Laboratory experiments (for French
  • 1981-1991.  Private practice in Alternative Health Sciences in Brittany and Paris, including TV, radio and press
    acknowledgements for unprecedented “healing” results. Research and practice in Greenland, including establishing the first
    Archeo-Futuristic Bio-Institute.
  • 1991-2001.  Private practice, teaching, and training in Canada and the USA, with thousands of consultants, students and
    patients, including with indigenous Mohawk Nation and medical, holistic and alternative doctors.
  • 2001-present. Private practice, teaching, training in the EU, with hundreds of consultants, students and patients from around the
    world, including medical doctors and health professionals.
  • 1983-present. Author of six books, dozens of professional articles, videos and reports, and subject of hundreds of news, radio
    and press articles.

    Career Highlights:
  • Dr. Savage is the originator of the science of Subliminal Influentiality. He has brought unprecedented results throughout his life,
    using his advanced non-physical, non-therapeutic, non-pharmaceutical, remote Mind Control technology, SDI.
                  Results include:
  • Thousands of Bio-Restorations (“healing”) of humans and animals suffering or dying from painful, debilitating or lethal
    injuries or diseases.
  • More than 2000 recorded cases of “Instant Burn Recovery” (pain and burn marks gone within hours) for burn victims (and
    Shingles patients) from 58 countries worldwide who participated, from a distance, in his global, remote Burn Eradication
  • Immediate recovery from trauma, crisis or threat, including rape, genetic defects, childhood disorders, abduction, and
    addiction (including to drugs, alcohol and sex).
  • Complete morphogenic transformation, blending the DNA and morphic images of different persons to bring about
    predefined results – Genetic engineering.
  • Reversing the status of species threatened with extinction - Genomics
  • Rapid SDI removal (from a distance) of threats and threatening persons for business, government and security.

  • Dr. Savage's sole priority now is survival, for the Earth and a future human race. He is ready to accept ONE partner to build the
    first Ark of IMAGO Transmutational Pyramid and establish the expanded Sapiential Bio-Institute (SBI).

    III. Funding the IMAGO Project

    The IMAGO Project will be funded in three stages, by ONE person who will then be considered by Dr. Savage as a full business Partner,
    with all the privileges that relationship entails.

    Upon receipt of the required initial funding, Dr. Savage will build, secure and “activate” the first IMAGO Pyramid in a private facility, after
    which it will be moved to a permanent location.

    Stage 1 funds – Build the structure and machine (construction)
    Stage 2 funds – Secure the IMAGO project and Sapiential Bio-Institute facilities (protection – legal, physical, informational, etc.)
    Stage 3 funds – Activate the IMAGO machine and launch the Sapiential Bio-Institute (management, laboratories, personnel, etc.)

    Upon completion, observers, including global media, will be invited to witness the emergence of the first IMAGO Beings when they leave
    the Pyramid after ONE hour of Dr. Savage’s biocybernetic processing.

    At that point, people worldwide will be able to see COMPLETE Human Beings they have never seen before, doing things that human
    beings have never done before (yet were originally designed to evolve to do).

    Dr. Savage will continue to build IMAGO Pyramids – “Transmutational Athanors” as needed.

    Within TWO years from the date of receiving the final IMAGO funding, Dr. Savage will gift his Project Partner with a
    substantial TWENTY-fold (2000%) reciprocal return on his or her initial IMAGO investment.

    IV. Discussion

    “Come to my machine and get transformed.”         

    As a scientist, Dr. Philip Savage describes his greatest and most ambitious project as "IMAGO", designed to bring humanity from our
    extremely limited capabilities, to perfect completion, our full potential. Forty thousand years ago, our immediate ancestors, Cro-Magnon,
    had a better convoluted and more active brain of 2.2 liters, not unlike a killer whale, or a dolphin. Today it is only 1.4 liters, a dramatic
    deterioration in such a short time.

    Dr. Savage says we have devolved for millions of years because of our vulnerability to the forces of chaos, those forces of destruction.
    Thus, we are all larvae compared to our own potential. Consequently, there is an evolutionary leap that's long overdue, which has also
    been blocked by the destructive forces -- for millions of years.

    Philip Savage has the capabilities to bring this Project IMAGO into action, the project that will reconcile Man and Earth, using the
    scientific instruments that he has developed: Unique, specifically designed pyramids and a sphere of a rare alloy with a special liquid
    inside. Through thermal imagery he will connect to and process the people that are within the sphere. Dr. Savage guarantees that on
    leaving the sphere, the people will be complete humans, having been "fast-tracked" to where we, as humans, should be – the long-
    awaited “leap” of human evolution.

    Dr. Savage says we have forgotten our Unity, our Oneness. We have been lobotomized from our senses, from one another. This can be
    re-established; he has the key and is able to pass it to us, which we can then pass to others. He is ready to delegate, because time is
    now so short for our own and our Earth's survival.

    V.  Historical Context

    "THE Evolutionary Leap"

    Humanity devolved from higher realms of knowledge and consciousness espoused by Egyptian, Mayan, Vedic, Celtic and other ancient
    civilizations. These cultures recognized the divinity and interconnectedness of all things and were highly advanced in the areas of
    cosmic science, mathematics and spiritual development.

    The world is now suffering, largely because individuals and nations view themselves as separate from each other, from nature, and from
    the Divine. This has brought People and the Planet to the brink of disaster.

    In order to survive, we must re-discover who we are, and return to a higher “unity consciousness.” This cannot happen quickly enough
    with current tools and teachings. Mother Earth is rapidly being depleted and destroyed, and a quantum evolutionary leap is needed to
    heal the damage we have caused. We must find a way to quickly advance to higher levels of consciousness and realize our fullest
    potential, so we as a people and a planet can survive.

    Project IMAGO is the only scientifically credible and provable strategy to make this rapid ascension and acceleration of human evolution
    possible. Just as the chrysalis serves as the caterpillar’s vehicle of transformation to a butterfly, so, too will the Ark of IMAGO serve as a
    vehicle of metamorphosis for humans.

    After less than an hour inside these specially designed pyramids, humans will emerge as complete, perfected beings, evolved according
    to their original status and blueprint of fully human. These IMAGO beings, will have all the knowledge necessary to bring our planet back
    to divine order where future humanity may survive and flourish.

    The principles of IMAGO are strongly rooted in science, mathematics and history. Evidence has shown that ancient Egyptian and Mayan
    pyramids, built to exact specifications, created powerful energy vortexes. In that realm of connection to a “higher power,” initiates were
    able to access higher states of consciousness and awareness. The pyramids served as initiation or ascension chambers,
    complementing the teachings of the ancient Mystery Schools.

    Today, Dr. Philip Savage holds the scientific blueprint for a much more advanced form of evolutionary chamber, the IMAGO Pyramid.

    IMAGO is the only solution that exists for evolving human consciousness and performance, literally overnight. It must be implemented

    VI. Biography - Dr. Philip Savage, PhD

  • Philip Savage is a scientist with a PhD in Consciousness Studies and a 40-year track record in practice that is unsurpassed. He has
    made significant contributions in Paleontology and Criminology and produced outstanding concrete results in the field of Subliminal
    Influentiality that no scientist has ever done before. Many of these remarkable cases are publicly documented and can be seen on

  • Dr. Savage is known worldwide as the originator of the science of Subliminal Distant Influentiality (SDI), the advanced technologies of
    distant subliminal mind control (non-physical, non-therapeutic, and non-pharmaceutical), that has produced unprecedented results
    throughout his life. He is the author of six books, dozens of professional articles, videos and reports, and the subject of hundreds of
    news, radio and press articles, as well as a 1000-page revolutionary thesis on Phylogenetics and the Involution of the Human Species.
    As Chairman of the scientific “skeptics” association in France, Dr. Savage also organized the Ethical Committee for Alternative Sciences,
    recognized by the French Medical Board, that distinguished the few alternative science practitioners who could prove their work from  
    the many who could not.

  • Graduating the French Police Academy of Cannes-Ecluse in Paris as the youngest police Inspecteur (Lieutenant) of his generation, Dr.
    Savage worked in criminal intelligence as a criminologist engaged in research and analysis of crime data as well as doing private
    laboratory experiments for French government scientists. In the mid-1970s, Dr. Savage was assigned to lead an elite SWAT team
    credited with eliminating the threat of the worst Arab terrorism in Paris. He was also an instrumental figure in the violent political battles
    of that era, eventually surviving (where many did not) the government regime changes and a near fatal clash with the succeeding
    French president Mitterand.

  • Philip Savage was born in 1953, a unique historical figure from the matriarchal lineage of the ancient Hyperborean tradition that
    survived hundreds of years of persecution in Brittany (France). His female Breton clan has been the guardian of the biggest and oldest
    megalithic monument on Earth, Carnac, which is 3000 years older than Stonehenge. Dr. Savage was trained and initiated for his first 24
    years in the science and wisdom of three generations of matriarchs as the last Strobineller (Shiftmaster), commissioned to utilize his
    lineage's highest "healing" (shamanic) powers and practices, both female and male, and obliged to assist humanity in the next
    “millennial” shift.

  • As the famous “Breton healer”, Dr. Savage was an overnight media star in France, where his appearance on Paris TV shows in the
    early 1990s broke all European television ratings due to his unprecedented abilities. Known as the “charismatic miracle worker,” he drew
    an audience of more than 25% of the entire French population and received up to a quarter million dollars a day, which he recycled to
    promote Life, Nature and Eco-humanitarian projects. On one popular show, Dr. Savage announced his worldwide premiere in genetic
    engineering with the first case of cystic fibrosis diagnosed in the womb that no longer existed in the mother or child when the baby was
    born. The mother with the healthy child appeared on that and other shows to discuss the details of their life-saving experience.

  • Since 1990, Dr. Savage is credited with thousands of Bio-Restorations (“healing”) of humans and animals suffering or dying from
    painful, debilitating or lethal injuries or diseases. These include saving from extinction several endangered species (genomics),
    reversing the degenerative effects of aging in a 50-year-old woman who immediately afterwards looked 30 years old (cellular
    anagenesis), and changing the genetic structure of many of his clients (genetic engineering). Given accurate data and using advanced
    computer programs, he is also capable of blending the DNA and morphic images of large groups of people (millions) in a process called
    Morphogenic Composite-Ideogram Cybernetics that produces a complete morphogenic transformation with extraordinary results,
    reduce the crime rate or enhance other desirable outcomes to help people anywhere in the world.

  • Dr. Savage is widely known in Europe and America as the pioneer in quantum practice. His “before and after” results are documented in
    hundreds of cases that defy conventional physical laws, such as Immediate recovery from trauma, crisis or threat, including rape,
    genetic defects, childhood disorders, abduction, and addiction (including to drugs, alcohol and sex). In cases of accidents and injuries,
    the person experienced a “shift” to a reality where there was little or no injury, with no pain (such as the car crash case on PSproof.
    com). In cases of autoimmune, respiratory and other diagnosed diseases (cancer, AIDS, fibromyalgia, emphysema, asthma, diabetes,
    etc.), the person experienced an immediate restoration of their entire biological organism from totally debilitating or dying to complete
    ability to function normally. In cases of abuse, addiction, crisis or threat to life, the person experienced an immediate relief of “trauma”
    and transformation to a new person in a new life with tremendous energy and physical potential. In cases of already healthy people,
    athletes, CEO’s, or racehorses, the person (or animal) experienced an extreme boost of vitality, capability, enhancement (“legal
    steroids”) that enabled them to do more than they usually can do. Operating at “full potential” for that period of time, those clients won
    their races, in whatever competition they were engaged.

  • Since 2010, Dr Savage is most often referred to as the ‘Fire Burn Doctor” or the “Bio-Matrix Hacker” due to his unprecedented work on
    Burns and Shingles. There are more than 2000 scientifically documented cases of “Instant Burn Recovery” (pain and burn gone within
    hours) for burn victims from 58 countries worldwide. Those people participated in the global Burn Eradication Project organized by
    volunteers trained by Dr. Savage to take care of burn victims remotely within the first 30 minutes of injury, as well as people suffering
    from shingles, a herpes zoster virus, who call the Burn Team within 24 hours of diagnosis. Dr. Savage explains these remarkable results
    as the outcome of hacking into the “unified field” (the Bio-Matrix) where all life is interconnected, then writing a “new program” for a body
    without injury, and then downloading that program to the suffering victim. In terms of his internet analogy, it is like fixing a damaged or
    “crashed”’ computer; we may not know how it’s done, but we know it works when we turn the computer back on. In common physical
    terms, Dr. Savage calls his processing a “brain reset,” partial or complete according to the need of the client. (

  • Many important, far-reaching (and necessarily classified) results of Dr. Savage’s work have been in the field of Subliminal Distant
    Influentiality (SDI) on “targets” that threaten or impact international, national or private security. Over the span of his life, he has
    “intervened” in several world war III scenarios (changing the expected course of action), “removed” individual terrorists, dictators and
    others who threaten security, “forced” witnesses to tell the truth to investigators or court authorities, and helped “agents” to succeed in
    whatever political, economic, social, or governmental endeavors they were engaged in. Using SDI, Dr. Savage was able to bring about a
    complete “change of attitude” of the targeted individual(s) to accommodate the specific requests of his clients who were seeking a
    concrete goal or material outcome. He was also capable to protect his clients from dying when involved in accidents, injuries, fire or
    sudden attacks (such as heart attacks, drug overdoses, terrorist attacks, etc.) As he writes, “People actively exposed to my subliminal
    procedure are driven to do, unconsciously, things they otherwise would not do, or vice versa, not do things they otherwise would do.”

  • As many other holy persons throughout history have endured, Dr. Savage also was brutally persecuted by the illegal attacks of
    government agents and their corrupt legal and media representatives. Working unceasingly, while surviving twenty years of untold
    suffering, Dr. Savage has continued to this day to repair, rescue and restore those who seek his help.

  • Dr. Savage's immediate and urgent priority is survival of Earth and a future human race by activating the only option left in the short
    time remaining: Build the first IMAGO Transmutational Pyramid, the Quantum Biocybernetic Evolutionary transformer that will result in a
    long-overdue metamorphosis of the human race to an advanced life form with higher consciousness and extraordinary powers
    necessary to survive the imminent extinction catastrophes, sustain life on a renewable earth, and attain actual immortality.  

    PROFESSIONAL REFERENCES: Available Upon Request

    VII. The Next Step

    Project IMAGO requires less than six months to build, secure and activate. It is urgent to begin immediately. Our future depends on it.

    Persons interested in funding or participating in Dr. Philip Savage’s IMAGO project may call:

    Dr. Jane Dillon, PhD (Sociology, UCSD)
    President and CEO, Catharsis
    +1 760 415 4550

humanity's long-overdue quantum evolutionary leap


Thulea - Ark of the IMAGOS
the last solution in the time we have left

IMAGO transmutational pyramids are essential to the awakening of a higher bio-consciousness within people to help them break free
from their larval condition and reach the IMAGO phase of a cosmically integrated real umanity, a new Humanity, ready for the
long-awaited evolutionary leap that ushers us into a new and all-inclusive Paradigm established from concrete proven truth.

Most importantly at this critical moment in history, fully evolved IMAGO beings will have access to the unlimited power and
immortality that original humans were designed to embody.
"If man is to avoid the worst of the coming cataclysms, which are agents of Earth's own auto-immune response to
our crimes against Nature, Life and Justice, man must clean up his act quickly. Man must voluntarily purify himself
by atoning for past crimes against Life and Justice or be eliminated by Earth's own cleansing mechanisms. Man
must recognize that Life is absolutely 'divine,' Natural Laws are absolutely 'sacred', anything that abides to the
'Divine Natural Order' is righteous; anything that deviates or opposes it, is not, period."   
Dr. Philip Savage
To help our families, our Earth and a future human race, some of us, humans, must survive extinction:
Leaders, truth-seekers, light-workers, extinction rebels, wisdom-keepers, shamans, entrepreneurs, investors, philanthropists,
project managers, educators, scientists, doctors, organizers, activists, altruists, Gaiatricians, warriors, monks, etc.
Dr. Savage speaks directly about IMAGO
excerpts from his Exclusive Video Interview

"But my real project is called Imago -- I M A G O – which, in terms of psychoanalysis, means the state of perfect
completion. In terms of entomology (insects), it is the perfect insect after a larval life. Sometimes the Imago state
lasts only one day, but what a day! We all are larvae compared to our own potential. And there is an evolutionary
leap that’s long overdue, actually that has been blocked by those forces of chaos, those forces of destruction for
millions of years. Remember, I’m a paleontologist and I know exactly what I’m talking about. Just thinking that
your immediate ancestors, Cro-Magnon, had a brain of 2.2 litres (where today it’s 1.4) and with much better
convolution, you know, and a much better wiring, not unlike a killer whale or a dolphin. And it’s only 40,000 years
ago. Just try to imagine humanity of like a couple of million years ago, which has nothing to do with the ape,
nothing, nothing, nothing….

There is a leap that’s long overdue. And that’s my project: To turn everyone from its larval state into an IMAGO
complete being. What it takes, at that point, is for me (because I have the machinery for change, the schematics),
is just to build a few machines, very special pyramids, with nine angles, 2/3 on the outside, 1/3 on the inside and
then a sphere in a very strange alloy with a special bio-liquid inside – whose schematics, once again, the
blueprint that I already have, that doesn’t really exist on this planet -- then, through thermal imagery, I would be
connected to those people and submit them to my own processing with my strange powers.

What I can guarantee is that people entering the sphere and people going out of the sphere, less than an hour
later, will be the same species -- they’ll be real humans, complete. It’s not to replace humans, it’s to make them
really human, which they are not yet. They have stopped that path toward a real humanity. We are not even using
our brain at more than 10%. If only we could use it at 100%, wouldn’t be so bad. But we can do much better than
that and go back to true humanity. That’s exactly my idea in which there is no separation between all beings,
which means there is no separation between the mind, the soul, the body, one another, parents with children,
children with family, family with the village, the village with the country, the country with the world, and the world
with the universe and with God. All one, oneness, unity. That's the whole point. That’s what we have all forgotten.

People need, we need athanors, those alchemical cauldrons of transmutation. With my technology, added to my
own power, we can turn people not only into a different being, an evolved species in less than an hour. We can
do that millions of times a day. We have the technological means to do so.... We can't just sit down and meditate
and wait until the great consciousness rises. We don't have that opportunity, that chance today. We need to go
fast, be very effective, give people proofs, give them examples and then to associate them, re-empower, that's it.

And, remember, if you can dream it, you can do it. So, come to my machine and get transformed."