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The Most Amazing Cosmic Project in All Human History

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Dr. Philip Savage, PhD

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1. Exclusive Interview with Dr Philip Savage
"I have the key, I can pass it to you."
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Essential Videos to Watch
Most Important Cases to Review
2. Award-winning Documentary Film
"The most valuable movie you will see this year!"
1. Broken Neck:   Tad Dodge broke his neck in a
near-fatal car crash. After SDI processing, he was
walking the first day and back to work in one week, with
full range of motion within one month. (Fully documented
at UCLA medical center.)
2. Drug Addiction:  Christian Forlani, brother of
Hollywood actress Claire Forlani was a violent drug and
alcohol addict for 20 years. After SDI, he was drug-free,
suffering no pain and no withdrawals, with no 'rehab.'
Video clip
3. Arthritis Horse:  Paddy, 19-year-old Irish Cob
crippled with arthritis for three years, RUNNING around
the field, pain-free, FIVE minutes after one Subliminal
Distant Influence (SDI) treatment.
                Video here


  • Voluntary League - where you can contribute your time, energy, skills and
    commitment to Dr. Savage's Global Green Crusade and Project IMAGO

  • Eco-Humanitarian Club of Givers - where you may have direct contact with
    Dr. Savage and receive the tools you need to be re-empowered and on duty
    for Life's higher purpose and meaning.

  • Philanthropic Sponsors Circle - where you have the privilege of personally
    sponsoring one of Dr. Savage's health, life and Earth-saving projects, and
    receiving the unlimited reciprocal benefits reserved for his closest team.  

  • Investors Group - for the very few who realize the higher purpose of their
    individual life, understand the miraculous power of giving, and personally
    qualify for partnership with Dr. Savage to build the IMAGO Pyramid
    Transmutational Machine, expand the Sapiential Bio-Institute (SBI), and provide
    the only solution left for Earth and the future human race... raise human
    consciousness, quickly.

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  • Businesses, Corporations, Municipalities, State and Local Law Enforcement
    Departments, Special Interest Groups, Private Security Organizations and
    Government Entities
  • Special Candidates for Inner Crew Members
  • Individuals in Crisis or Seeking Enhancement in Health, Legal, Financial or
    Existential Situations
  • Theriatrics (very Important Animal Contracts)

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