Tad's Story and Medical Documentation,
Car Crash 12/19/2007:

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I had gone to see Philip Savage several times in the past four years. In April 2007, I went to ask for help revitalizing my
“stuck” 36-year-old life in crisis. And that’s exactly what I got.  Within a month, I had moved out of my parents’ house in
Washington, into my own house in California, got a great job in a new career, found a woman to love, and started public
speaking. Just what I wanted… and more. Although I didn’t know it yet, I also got Philip’s full protection in any accident.

Eight months later, on December 19, 2007, I was driving through an intersection when a big Jeep SUV ran a red light and
smashed into my little Nissan.  According to the police report, the speeding SUV slammed into my driver’s side door and
front fender, flattening the wheel to the ground, crushing the engine compartment, punching the door into me and
slamming the side window into my head and left temple at up to 40 mph. The window shattered on impact, but not before
breaking my neck. My car spun across the intersection and sheared off a light pole, crushing my car from the other side
and pinning me inside. The firefighters had to cut me out of the car with the “jaws of life.” The police officer on the scene
said he was surprised I wasn’t “mashed potatoes” or worse. Not only did I not die, I didn’t even lose consciousness.

My body was in one piece, still alive, a broken neck and a lacerated left eye from where my glasses had embedded in the
flesh and bone, but not much else seemed to be wrong.  Being awake, alert, and calm, I gave specific instruction to the
first person on the scene: “Call (this number), give them my name and tell them what you see.” So within minutes of the
accident, Philip’s team was notified and he responded, “I will take care of him right away.” At the time, Philip was on the
other side of the planet in Europe!

When I arrived at UCLA – Santa Monica Hospital, I was bombarded with x-rays, CT and MRI scans. Those ER records and
doctors’ reports document some of the most unusual medical results ever seen: In a near, if not, fatal crash, instead of
being killed or at least paralyzed with massive brain damage, I walked out of the hospital the next day, and only lost 2 days
of work despite being diagnosed with a broken neck with clean 3 millimeter displacement between pieces of the C2
vertebrae. No concussion and no other major damage either. The nurses and EMTs were dumbfounded that I refused
pain meds. In fact, from the scene of the accident through final release I did decline medication every time they offered it,
specifically because I didn’t need it. A broken neck, stitches in the hand and eyebrow and severely swollen brow and there
was no pain!!!

The neurosurgeon said, “You have the same break as Christopher Reeve....” He said the only difference between Reeve
and me was that my tendons held!  Reeve’s tendons gave out -- then, since there were no tendons to hold his bone
fragments in place, the bone exploded, severing his nerves. Reeve, “Superman”, the body builder and expert horseman
was in a coma for weeks, had to have bolts to hold his head on, and was quadriplegic for the remainder of his life. My
tendons held, despite having a thin neck and certainly being no bodybuilder or expert athlete. In a follow-up visit, the
neurosurgeon also told me, “Nobody comes out of an accident like that without multiple facial fractures, skull fractures,
torn tendons, brain bleeding  (if not permanent brain damage), and chest cavity injuries.” He was pleased to report that I
had none of the above. He was also very surprised that I didn’t need my neck collar at that first appointment. It’s certain
that it wasn’t my pencil-thin neck that protected me from the same kind of fate that destroyed Reeve. Only Philip could
have done this for me… and I thankfully knew it.

In fact, I knew it as soon as I saw the SUV coming. There was NO fear. From point of impact, broken neck and spinning, I
never lost consciousness, and was actually feeling Philip’s presence through the whole experience. By the time the
ambulance reached the hospital, accelerated healing had already kicked in. During the 18 hours in the hospital (so long
because they wouldn’t let me out no matter how much I asked), I went myself to the bathroom (rather than use the bedpan
as nurses insisted) and I demanded to be fed. When they didn’t feed me, I walked out to the nurse station and repeated
my request for food and didn’t leave until they promised to feed me.

I was out of the neck brace, except for sleeping, within a couple of days. Full range of motion without pain was restored in
the space of about 25 days.  I was back to work in a week and went to the ophthalmologist with my lacerated cornea for
recommended treatment, only to find out that within five days the cornea had healed over so completely that not the
slightest scar tissue remained. Twice I had to correct the ophthalmologist when he insisted on writing his report on the
wrong eye! There has been no physical therapy on my neck; the only “professional” attention it received was the neck
brace applied at the hospital, lots of X-rays, MRIs and CT scans and a few follow-up visits with the neurosurgeon and
orthopedist to document recovery.

When I went back to see Philip in March 2008 to thank him and receive final processing for this accident, I found out when
I returned home that I don’t even need to wear glasses anymore!  I also found out that anyone who goes to see Philip as I
did in 2007, receives the same “accidental death” protection that I got, regardless of the circumstances: Car/plane/motor-
cycle accident, criminal assault/rape, dangerous stunts, drug overdose, terrorist bombing/fire burns, heart attack or
stroke. And, this includes their children -- offspring of Philip’s active consultants get the same protection in any accident.
These are the people that have “good credit” with Philip Savage. Fortunately, I’m still one of them.  

TAD Dodge, July 18, 2008,   818-569-9071
One week later!  Back to work... IMPOSSIBLE... but true!
Six weeks later...  Full range of motion!!!  
Full Medical Documentation:
Police Accident Report, Emergency Room, Hospital and Neurosurgeon Reports
The neurosurgeon told Tad that his "tendons held," Reeve's didn't and the nerves were severed!
To Contact Philip Savage:   (1) 760-415-4550     PSproof@yahoo.com
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Tad Dodge bike accident
"Patient is recovering well after this [bike] fall and
has no new symptoms. His cervical x-rays continue
to show a well-healed C2 fracture site and on
evaluation [1.21.2010] he is neurologically intact."
      Dr Larry Khoo, MD
Police Interview with Witness

Q        My name is KW (name protected), I'm the
investigator representing Theodore Dodge and I'm
recording the conversation now, do I have your
permission to record?
A        Yes.
Q        Can I have your full name?
A        ...
Q        How old are you?
A        Thirty eight.
Q        Your home address?
A        In L.A. ...
Q        And your permanent address?
A        ... New York
Q        Your home phone?
A        ...
Q        And your cell phone number?
A       ...
Q        Calling your attention to an accident that
happened December 19, 2007 at approximately 10:
45 p.m. on 11th Street and Olympic, did you
witness that accident?
A        Yes.
Q        Were you operating a vehicle at the time?
A        No, I was a passenger.
Q        And who was driving?
A        My boyfriend, ...
Q        Was the accident during dark hours with the
weather clear and streets dry?
A        It was dark, the streets were clear and there
was no fog or anything.
Q        Were the headlights on in your vehicle?
A        Yes.
Q        Did both vehicles involved in the accident
have their headlights on?
A        Yes, my understanding they both had their
Q        Which direction were you headed?
A        We were headed down Olympic, we were in
the left hand lane waiting for the light to change to
Q        Ok, of the vehicles involved in the accident,
which one did you notice first?
A        I noticed the car, I don’t know what the
vehicle was, but it was a car heading, I guess, down
Olympic, went past me pretty fast, and then it hit–
Q        Which lane was it in?
A        I think it was in the lane right next to us, I
think there was a total, you know, the left hand
turn lane, then the one lane next to us, then another
lane closer to the sidewalk.
Q        Could you estimate the speed of the car on
A        I’m sorry, I don’t know, it was, you know,
we were parked, like how, it felt fast because it
happened so fast, but I couldn’t tell you actually.
Q        What color was the traffic light on for your
direction when that vehicle entered the intersection?
A        It was red.
Q        Red for all traffic going east-west?
A        Yes.
Q        How long was it red before that car entered
the intersection?
A        We came up to it so I think it had just
turned red.
Q        Couple of seconds? More than that?
A        I’m so bad at this, I’m guessing, it just
happened so fast, like maybe twenty seconds,
thirty seconds.
Q        If you count a second a thousand and one,
thousand two, thousand three, was it twenty
A        Yeah.
Q        Ok, which direction was the Nissan headed?
A        Is the Nissan the one–
Q        The smaller car.
A        The smaller car was heading on 11th Street.
Q        Coming from your right or your left?
A        Coming from our right.
Q        Could you estimate the speed of that
A        No, because I didn’t see that car until the
car from our side was, hit it, so...
Q        Did either vehicle swerve or do anything to
avoid the accident?
A        No.
Q        What parts of the two cars hit?
A        The vehicle, the front, all I saw was the
vehicle from our side, the Olympic side, the front
of their car hit the side of the other car and then I
saw, it happened so fast but then I saw they both
went up in the middle, the median
Q        How many people in each vehicle?
A        One in each.
Q        Did you talk to the driver of the car on
Olympic that ran the red light?
A        I did talk with him.
Q        Did he admit running the red light?
A        No, he said that it was green.
Q        Did the police come to the scene?
A        Yes, I actually made a call to the police and
I was there when the police came.
A        I did give them a statement.
Q        Do you know the names of any other
A        I don’t know the name of, other than my
boyfriend there was a gentleman who was walking
at the time and saw the incident as well but I don’t
know his name.
Q        But the driver on Olympic clearly ran the
red light?
A        Yes.
Q        Ok, let me establish for the recording
today's date as being January 15, 2008, time now 4:
31 p.m., can I have your birth date?
A        10/13/69.
Q        Do you declare under penalty of perjury the
statements you made on this recording are true and
A        They’re true and correct.
Q        I'm turning off the recorder.