Summary Report, September 7, 2006

Two weeks ago on August 24, 2006, I arranged for Philip Savage to take care of my neighbour's horse, Paddy, which he did, FROM A DISTANCE,
bringing about the most dramatic restoration of life that I have ever seen !

I had been riding and exercising Paddy for months, until 3 years ago when he was so badly crippled with arthritis and tormented by Sweet Itch (allergy
to midges), which he had suffered all his life, that it was too painful for him to move much. Now at 19 years old, most owners and vets recommended
that he should be put down, to end the horrible pain in his arthritic legs and uncontrollable itching all over that left him with scabs, open sores, thick hard
skin and a severe loss of mane and tail. Paddy was shrunken, miserable and barely able to move for lameness, with a staring coat and a permanently
resigned grimace on his face.

Today, just two weeks after Philip's help, Paddy is pain-free, racing with Dolly, his three year old companion, displaying an impossible transformation
and improving dramatically every day. He has regained his original size, stature and musculature of a heavy Irish Cob. His coat and skin are now totally
restored, his eyes are shining and keen, and his mane and tail are longer and bushier than I have ever seen them ! He can now be ridden and exercised
daily and does so with amazing agility, dynamism, and a youthful zest for life. He runs all over the field with energy, enthusiasm... and great beauty --
which before was totally impossible for him !

Before Philip Savage took care of Paddy, I invited a few dozen people to view this poor horse so that AFTER Philip's processing, these people could
witness something that they would never believe unless they saw it with their own eyes. For two weeks, these (very fortunate) people have been coming
back to view the horse AFTER Philip's treatment. Oh, yes, everyone is AMAZED, wiping their eyes, jaws dropped and virtually speechless. "Wow" is
repeated over and over. So are comments like, "Before he looked at least 28; now he looks half is age". Some proclaim him to be "a totally different
horse" !

My grandmother, a renowned horsewoman who lives hundreds of miles away, asked that we take BEFORE and AFTER videos of Paddy so she could
see what happened without coming in person. We did that and now with such a DRAMATIC VISUAL documentation of Paddy's "miracle", which,
please notice, was SCHEDULED, anyone can see for themselves the life-saving transformation. They can recommend Philip Savage to EVERYONE, and
help relieve SO MUCH UNNECESSARY SUFFERING in the UK and in America ... wherever there are animals that the owners and the vets have to "put
down" because there's no other hope.

NOW there is HOPE... for them and for US! (Soon also, there will be a lot of people calling to tell me, "Rosie, you were right! That will be a fantastic
reward for me!)

Rosemary Holt, Cornwall, UK

I.    Paddy BEFORE and AFTER Videos: unedited videos -- ABSOLUTELY unprecedented proof of SDI!
BEFORE and immediately AFTER Philip Sauvage's Subliminal Distant Influence! (Evidence like this does not
exist anywhere on this planet because no one else can do this, in person or from a distance).

    Paddy BEFORE -- unedited footage of Paddy BEFORE SDI processing
    Paddy AFTER -- immediately after SDI processing, astounding unedited footage

II.    Paddy Edited Videos – Over a period of 6 weeks after Philip Savage SDI processing


III.  Eyewitness Accounts -- amazing reading!

Paddy AFTER!  WATCH the "unbelievable" videos!!  

BEFORE and AFTER Dr Philip Savage's SDI intervention.

READ absolutely amazing EYEWITNESS ACCOUNTS below!
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Arthritic Horse
CRIPPLED WITH ARTHRITIS for three years.  

    FIVE Minutes AFTER Dr. Philip Savage's SDI Treatment,
    Paddy is Running, Running, Running all over the field!!!  
    (see astonishing videos below)
EARLY -   2 weeks after SDI processing
MIDDLE - 4 weeks after SDI processing
LATER -   6 weeks after SDI processing

Paddy, The Miracle Horse (from RUSH)