There is one thing in life that brings us all to our knees. Even the most wealthy, intelligent or successful among us are not
Anyone, at a moments notice could come face to face with their own humanity. Our health is priceless; the lives of
our loved ones are priceless. We would do anything in our power to prevent a loved one from suffering.  At least that's the

way we were designed to react.

I've experienced this first hand. First, as I lay in my hospital bed, paralyzed from the waist down, fortunate to be alive after
the ground skydiving. The love of my mother inspired me to live and not give up. After well over a million dollars in
medical bills and physical therapy, I began to rebuild my life. I did more than rebuild, I began a new life as an international
speaker, mentoring children, a professional wheelchair triathlete and personal trainer.  My face to face
moment with my own mortality came at the age of 29.  My doctors, healthy life-style and physical therapy helped me heal
to a point. But there were still many things on the inside, no one could seem to touch. For me to be fully healed,

I needed a REAL miracle.

A friend of mine told me about the remarkable "spiritual physician" and his use of a higher science technology that's taken
the medical and scientific world by storm -- a quiet storm -- that had been tested and proven to be real for many years. The
evidence continues to grow as more and more people are being treated and more studies of the results are documented.

Please take a few minutes to read my story and pass it on to EVERYONE in your network. That's how I got my miracle and
I pray others will get theirs as well.  Thank you.


I have something extremely important and sacred I need to tell you.

If you were to look at my life from the outside, it might appear "pretty together". International motivational
speaker, World Class triathlete, personal trainer to the stars and successful entrepreneur.  All of this and
doing it from a wheelchair for the last 11½  years.  On the outside I appeared "together", successful and
happy.  On the inside, I was unfocused, damaged and scared. Having lost my father at 2 years old to
suicide, and spending a large part of my child and young adulthood being abused both sexually and
physically, I used drugs and alcohol to numb the pain. It would be safe to say that I was miserable. Then, at
29, when skydiving had become my latest "thrill," I suddenly hit the ground at 100 mph in a terrible accident,
which was more likely an unconscious suicide attempt. The abuse I sustained as a child and the damage it
caused were at the roots of my accident, and although I survived, so did the pain of my childhood.

Ever since I "hit the ground" in 1997, I've been trying to rebuild a life, knowing all along that my future was at
best dismal, and at worst hopeless. But not just for me (stuck in a wheelchair for the rest of my life), but for
our environment -- for the animals, the forests, the oceans and Mother Earth herself.  I've always known
about the inter-connectedness of all living things. As a Kriyaban, I've meditated religiously and talked to as
many people as I could about changing our ways --  ALL our ways -- but I knew it was NOT going to
happen.  This knowing filled me with a deep inner sense of despair. I did not see or know of a way out.

That was until I heard of Philip Sauvage -- scientist, author, Celtic Holy Man from Brittany (France), eco-
humanitarian "green angel" – who has been persecuted for his extraordinary accomplishments and
unprecedented healing results (considered impossible by medical science). I found out that Dr. Sauvage has
real tools from a higher dimension to help humanity through the catastrophic times to come, offering our
bailout from probable extinction. Precisely, he is able to remove the pain and suffering from lifetimes of
entropy (degeneration) and bring a balance and wholeness to the person, the way we were designed to be.
In his words, he "takes care of the CAUSE of our suffering" -- consequences of our disconnection from our
Divine Source and betrayal of our duty as guardians of the planet.  Philip Sauvage has been tested for over
30 years, and the results have been proven and documented in Europe & America.  These empirical studies,
first-hand accounts and media reports are publicly available.

I heard about Philip Sauvage three months ago from a colleague who introduced me to one of Philip's
clients. She had also been sexually abused as a child.  She told me of her holy experiences with Philip,
exclaiming, "It's totally gone -- all the pain and trauma -- just gone... overnight!”  I also heard about (and
subsequently met) Tad Dodge. Philip helped Tad escape a very serious car wreck that should have left him
paralyzed or dead.  His only injury was a broken neck, which healed completely in six weeks. According to
his neurosurgeon, Tad suffered the same C2 break as actor Christopher Reeve, but Tad returned to work in
a week!  I also met Christian Forlani (brother to Hollywood actress Claire Forlani) who at 36 had nearly
wasted his entire life seriously addicted to hardcore drugs. Christian went to see Philip and found his drug
and alcohol addictions completely removed in less than an hour. There were no withdrawals, suffering or
pain. These (people I've actually met) are just a few examples of the tens of thousands of human and animal
subjects Dr. Sauvage has helped.

I knew RIGHT AWAY I was going to see Philip. I called, made an appointment, gathered up a substantial gift
for his eco-spiritual crusade -- Earth's survival! -- and was on my way to Europe to meet him. August 8,
2008, I was at LAX airport ready to board the plane, when the elevator broke. To make a long story short,
the authorities took my wheelchair and left me to make my way alone to the plane. Having no choice (other
than to miss my flight), I proceeded to walk down over 100 stairs, cross a VERY long corridor, board a bus,
walk up a flight of stairs, then walk all the way to my seat in the middle of the plane -- all without any pain.
To me this was IMPOSSIBLE, but I did it!  (Later, I understood that Philip is able to remove pain and replace
it with another reality -- immediately! -- even from a distance.)

Another extraordinary experience, even before I met Philip in person, had to do with my learning/reading
disorder, ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), whereby I was not able to concentrate or read
much of anything at all.  Philip's website consists of 300+ pages and I had but read a few.  When I arrived in
Europe, out of basic respect, I attempted again to read his website in printed form.  I normally need 8 to 10
hours of sleep, but this night I stayed up until 1:00 am watching DVD's about Philip and then up at 6:00 am
reading for eight hours straight. Comprehending, absorbing and understanding at a rate that I had never,
EVER experienced in my entire life!

Two days later, I got to meet Philip. It was truly the most sacred, personal experience ever.  I am still trying to
put words to it.  This I can tell you; Philip knew how much pain I had endured AND was in. Though he never
laid his hands on me, it felt as though he was touching me from the "inside".  Afterwards, alone and awake, I
began to experience an incredible sense of freedom – freedom from pain! All of it – completely relieved.
Freedom from the nightmare of my childhood trauma – gone! That freedom has stayed with me ever since --
I AM FREE, truly FREE from the darkness that used to grow inside of me like a flesh-eating disease, since I
was a very small child.  The only thing that still haunts me today is the damage we are (collectively) doing to
the planet. Although I do not have all the answers on how to stop it, I will never be satisfied until we have
righted ourselves before Life and Justice. (For that, we need Philip's IMAGO project.)

Since I have returned from seeing Philip, I have had incredible breakthroughs in my own spiritual practice.  
My daily meditations are immediately very deep and accelerating at a phenomenal rate. My friends say I'm
shining -- literally glowing -- with a new happiness and energy. They say I'm focused (not scattered
anymore!)  They're astounded that I'm standing and walking around without pain, something they've never
seen me do before. In fact, this ability to walk without pain has improved so dramatically that I now have
REAL hope that someday I’ll be able to get rid of
the wheelchair (forever). What’s clear to me is that all the undercurrents of my suicidal tendencies – in
behavior, thought and inclinations – are simply gone.

There’s no doubt Philip’s powers are real. I’m writing personally to tell you that it’s true and worth every
penny. There are so many people suffering (as I was), and even children are dying of deadly diseases for
which doctors have no solution. I was someone who was very desperate inside, but no one knew it. I’m SO
grateful that somebody happened to tell me about Philip.

Please help me spread the word so I can help others get to see Philip. I got the chance to check it out for
myself and then to meet him. Please do the same for your network. Forward my email to EVERYONE! You
likely don’t know who’s suffering… or dying (as in the case of AIDS or cancer victims). But they do!  Give
them the chance to decide for themselves to call for help like I did.

Jeremy Newman

Jeremy Newman, 41-year-old world-record triathlete,
was sexually and physically abused as a child. Now, he is
FREE from life-long pain and trauma after one appointment with Dr. Savage.
Child Abuse Trauma
No more sore throat, coughing, allergies – all gone.
  • Heart fluttering like a butterfly, free of those deeply painful traumas. (Childhood
    only a memory now, pain not hers anymore.)
  • Eyes clear and healthy looking, full of joy (“That’s the real reason I wanted this!”)
  • Body eliminating “toxic waste” at accelerated rate (5 times in 10 hours).
  • Chronic pain in knees from a car accident, THREE years earlier, completely gone.
    (Tried to poke and make them hurt – her knees won’t hurt).
  • 5 days later, everything continues to get better: Increased range of motion in
    neck, highly increased ability to handle duties and stress at home and at work,
    dramatically different happiness shows in voice and face to everyone she meets.
  • Overnight transition to new reality confirmed and ongoing.