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Car Crash:  Tad Dodge boke his neck in a near-fatal car crash. Same
C2 break as Christopher Reeve. After immediate SDI processing, he
was walking the first day and BACK TO WORK in ONE week, with full
range of motion within one month.
"I didn't need any therapy for this
 This case is fully documented by police reports and UCLA
medical personnel.  
Video Report
Broken Neck
Scientific Results of SDI
Global Security
SECURITY:  SDI "Signature" cases are highly classified.  Details are
available only to authorized agents. For general information, see the
many documents about Subliminal Distant Influence technologies on the
Science page of  "People actively exposed to my
subliminal procedure are driven to do, unconsciously, things they
otherwise would not do, or vice versa, not do things they otherwise
would do."  
Video - Science of Subliminal Distant Influentiality
Drug Addiction:  Christian Forlani, brother of Hollywood actress
Claire Forlani, was a violent drug and alcohol addict for 20 years. After
SDI, he was drug-free, suffering no pain, no withdrawals, and no need for
a rehab center. "Rehab without rehab"... every drug addict's dream come
"Without Philip's cares, I would already be dead. Thank you,
Philip, for my life. I now see how important your presence is for
everything. Thank you."
 Video Report
Project IMAGO
Age 50, looks 30
EARTH:  Rescue, Transformation, Survival  Dr. Savage's most amazing
cosmic project is called IMAGO, Quantum BioCybernetic Evolution. Raise
human consciousness quickly. Build transmutational pyramids all over
the planet, turn everyone into an IMAGO complete being.
"So come to my
machine, get awakened, and get transformed."
HEALTH:   Individual Restoration, Enhancement, Morphogenic
. Cases from A-Z, including Cellular Anagenesis
(reverse aging), Genomics (changing DNA), Optimization (back to
original blueprint), Crises (chronic and life-threatening) Brain Reset
(partial and full).
"In a year, 8 million people can be healers."  Video
Arthritis Horse:  Paddy, 19-year-old Irish Cob crippled with arthritis
for three years, RUNNING around the field, pain-free, FIVE minutes after
one Subliminal Distant Influence (SDI) treatment. Biologist says,
"I have
witnessed miraculous changes in Paddy, who I have known for many
years. After his treatment, he was keen, moving normally, with
soundness and suppleness and has beautiful new skin and coat....
His eyes are bright and his manner upbeat. Just unbelievable!"
Watch Live Video here.
Child Sexual Abuse Trauma:  Toni Bourke, 67, and Jeremy
Newman, a 41 year old world-record tri-athlete, sexually and physically
abused as children, were FREE from life-long pain and trauma after one
SDI treatment. Toni reports,
“I didn’t realize what a huge painful burden
it was and how much it had been dragging me down until Philip took
care of me and it was gone. Tell people he’s a bargain!”
Video Report
HIV/AIDS:  Buz Crump suffered from AIDS for 10 years. After seeing Dr.
Savage once in June 2004, Mr. Crump's viral load suddenly dropped
from 37,000 copies to less than 50, without any change in medication
or diet. Mr. Crump's medical doctor reports,
"There is in my
understanding, no medical explanation to explain why Buz Crump's
viral load had such a dramatic decline from an average of 37,000
copies to a test result of less than 50 copies in August 2004."
BURNS: Dr. Philip Savage, the FireBurnDoctor, has been taking care
of burns his whole life. Recently he has trained some of his students to
conduct the FBD experiment using Distant Subliminal Neuro-Bypass
(DSNB) technology to help burn victims worldwide. Results:
burn cases from 58 countries and 50 US states, ALL with the same
amazing results: Pain gone in minutes, burn erased in hours. No
pain, no grafting, no scarring, no risk, no cost.  Non-medical FREE
'I'nstant Burn Recovery.'"
 Just Text or Call +1-818-332-6445 within
first 30 minutes of burn injury.
ShinglesDoctor: Using the same FireBurnDoctor DSNB technology
on virus (herpes zoster), Dr Savage and his students achieve the same
remarkable results:
"It was amazing. After 5 minutes the pain was
completely gone from my head, the itching and pain around the rash
was very much less and the area of the rash itself was reduced."
Call +1 818-332-6445 within 24 hours. See Live Video documentation  
Brain Mapping and other testing of Philip Savage:  Dr.
Savage's Brain Mapping test reveals a completely unique phenomenon
known by scientists to occur only in the brains of large sea mammals,
such as killer whales. In testing at UCSD Neurobiology program, data
from resting to processing mode showed an "
increase in Alpha Band
of 40 TIMES."
Dr Savage can not only maintain his own brain level at
100%, he can also increase others, as well as do a partial or full reset
for any clients who choose to go back to their original blueprint, as they
were designed to be.  
Brain Mapping
Birth Defects - Corpus Callosum  Four-year-old Carlos was
born without a corpus callosum and was unable to move before Dr
Savage took care of him. Carlos' doctor reports the astounding clinical
progress after only a few months:
"The child is able to speak, sit up
and feed himself, produce at a special school and interact with
Video documentation of these astonishing results.
Cancer: Two year old Danielle was suffering from lung cancer and had
already had one round of chemotherapy when Danielle's medical doctor
and Philip Savage began taking care of her. After four weekly treatments
of Subliminal Influence processing, Danielle no longer needed
chemotherapy. One year later, she was still cancer free.
"Being very
young, this healing could not be attributed to any placebo."
Danielle's Doctor
Cystic Fibrosis:  Dr. Savage took care of the baby of a pregnant
woman that was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis, an incurable genetic
disease, and the mother before the birth. The child was born perfectly
normal and the hereditary anomaly had also been corrected within the
mother. This case was a premiere in genetic engineering and reported
on national French television, TF1.  
Video   Translation
Shielded Room experiment:  Scientific testing of Dr Savage's
Influence Technology at the California Institute of Human Science
(CIHS). These AMI, EEG and Faraday Cage tests produced dramatic
results and proved that what Dr Savage does goes beyond
electromagnetism, the structure of the physical world.
Influence Technology is non-medical, non-pharmaceutical,
not-therapeutic and "definitely non-electromagnetic."  
(Documented 40-minute orgasm)
Double-Blind Clinical Trials of Philip Savage’s Subliminal Hypno-
Programming Technology, March 30, 1999. Summarized report from
University of California, San Diego. 100% Success in "healing"
(Reepithelization) of Severe Third-Degree Burns for Treated Children.
"1. In all five cases in the treatment group, there was significant
reepithelization (healing) of skin in areas diagnosed with deep and
severe third degree burn. a. Compared to no reepithelization of skin
of third-degree burn in the children in the control group."
AMI & EEG Testing of Philip Savage:  Scientific testing of Dr
Savage's Influence Technology at the California Institute of Human
Science (CIHS) produced dramatic results on AMI and EEG tests. Lab
physicist states: "
As shown in the attached chart, an extremely
unusual pattern in Philip Savage's brain waves was discovered.
Although such figures still remain essentially unexplained, they
clearly demonstrate an unknown higher state of consciousness that
takes place during Philip Savage's processing."  
See Reports
Historic Hospital
Burn Study
References, Reports and Letters of Respect from Europe
and America. US Federal Judge Barry Ted Moskowitz states, in a
1993, 19- page historic decision exonerating  the Breton "faith healer,"
Philippe Sauvage:
"There being no probable cause to believe
Sauvage committed the offense charged and the facts established
not constituting a criminal offense in the US, the present appIication
for the extradition of Philippe Sauvage is denied.”
Free to work
anywhere in the world, Dr. Savage has helped thousands of people
since then, including many Americans.  
Judge Moskowitz
PHILIP SAVAGE, PhD (b.12/30/1953) is the Celtic cultural and spiritual leader of Brittany
(France), author of
The Warshal and Journey into the Absolute Elsewhere, Father of the
science of Subliminal Influentiality, and inspiration for the American non-profit corporation,
Catharsis: Biognostic Unit of Geonoetics. He is renowned in Europe and the US as,

    1) “The Unbelievable Healer” - The Real Deal (TF1 Blockbuster Television Show)
    2) Founder of a Subliminal Science and Technology whose time has come,
    3) Eco-humanitarian champion of the Global Green movement,
    4) Teacher of Non-separability and Bio-unity, proven by laboratory experiments,  
    5) Originator of the most powerful non-lethal weapons system that,
  • Governments can use for private, national and international security,
  • Citizens can use to create and safeguard democracy,
  • Groups can use to save the Earth, rescue the children and serve Life and Justice
    in the world.       READ MORE
THERE are thousands of documented cases of people and animals suffering or dying from
health-related crises and other personal, business, family or government problems, all of which
were successfully resolved by Dr. Philip Savage's Subliminal Influence Technology throughout
the last 40 years.
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