EXPERIMENT 2:  Pilot Shingles Study

Shingles (Herpes Zoster Virus) Clinical Trials


Conduct ground-breaking clinical trials to document the immediate effect of remote Subliminal Distant Influence (SDI) processing on subjects suffering from
Shingles (Herpes Zoster virus) within the first day of outbreak of symptoms. Use only the victim's name, photograph, place and date of birth, so that
results are visible, clearly understandable, incontrovertible, reproducible and currently not part of any existing scientific paradigm.


When someone who suffers a sudden outbreak of symptoms of severe pain, itching, lesions, headache and anxiety that are diagnosed by a medical doctor
to be Shingles (Herpes Zoster), can be free of those severe symptoms after a 5-minute SDI processing, without the use of vaccines, antiviral drugs or
any other physical or medical intervention or therapy, we have clearly documented the extraordinary value and efficacy of the SDI processing.  And when
we can reproduce the same 100% effective results on thousands of cases using only the subject's own immune system, we will have validated with
incontrovertible certainty the existence of a higher power, multiple realities and transcendental forces accessible through Dr. Savage's SDI processing
as well as provided the potential solution to one of the world's most destructive problems: viral pandemics and plagues.

Science, statistics and history tell us that virus infection can reach epidemic and pandemic proportions, infecting all kinds of life forms, including people,
animals, plants and other microorganisms. There are millions of types of viruses in the environment, in almost every ecosystem.
Viruses are the most numerous type of biological entity on earth. Unlike bacterial infections, there are no drugs that
can combat virus once a person is infected, leading to the medical cliche "let the virus run its course."  

Viral epidemics and pandemics kill millions of people. Every year, 500,000 people in the world die of influenza (the flu virus). In the 1918 epidemic of Spanish
flu, it was reported that 50-100 million infected people died in one year. Since 1980, HIV/AIDS virus has killed more than 25 million people.
In the 20th century, the smallpox virus killed an estimated 300-500 million people.

Viral infections in animals provoke an immune response that usually eliminates the infecting virus. Immune response can also be produced by vaccines which
confer an "artificially acquired immunity" to the specific viral infection by actually causing the original disease. Some viruses, including those that
cause AIDS, HPV infection and viral hepatitis evade these immune responses and result in chronic infections. Even while several antiviral
drugs have been developed which can slow or stop the rate of infection of certain viruses, in many cases the infection persists.

Viruses are biological life forms that are considered an important natural means of transferring genes between different species which increases genetic
diversity and drives evolution. Many scientists believe that viruses played a central role in early evolution before the diversification of our last universal common
ancestor into bacteria, archaea and eukaryotes. Researchers use viruses in their studies of molecular and cell biology as they provide simple systems
that can be used to manipulate and investigate the functions of cells, providing valuable information and the ability to use
"genetically modified viruses" to treat diseases and other research programs.

Government laboratories in most countries use viruses as biological weapons, as the smallpox virus was used in many societies throughout history before
it was eradicated. Since its eradication, only two centers in the world (Russia and the US) are permitted to keep stocks of smallpox virus.
As a result, much of the modern human population has almost no established resistance to smallpox, making them vulnerable
to the virus and its extremely severe side-effects and death toll.

Virus infection and threat of worldwide viral pandemic is a huge global problem which is very difficult and extremely expensive for science, medicine and
governments to deal with. Most people in the world have been infected by some virus and/or at least one of the herpes virus (cold sores, chickenpox,
shingles) at some point in their life. Prevention and treatment of virus consists mainly of vaccination to provide immunity to infection and antiviral
drugs that selectively interfere with viral replication.

However, the body's first natural line of defense against viruses is its own innate immune system.


Project investigators:
Dr. Ronald Santasiero, MD, Sedona Holistic Medical Center, Hamburg, New York
Dr. D. Jacobsen PhD, Neuropsychologist, Scripps Clinic, La Jolla, California
Dr. Jane Dillon PhD, Research Scientist, University of California San Diego
Dr. Larry Dossey, MD, Author, Executive Editor, Alternative Therapies

People experiencing a Shingles virus infection often suffer unbearable pain and itching with unsightly lesions on parts of their body, headaches and
tremendous anxiety while desperately seeking relief of symptoms from anywhere they can get it. While locating subjects for this experiment, one former
Shingles victim exclaimed to us: "I’ve had five children and I’ve had Shingles once, and I’d rather have five more children than ever have Shingles again!”

There is no effective medical treatment for Shingles; people can suffer symptoms for up to six weeks before subsiding. In an estimated 20% of Shingles cases,
a person can be left with a worse chronic painful condition called Post-Herpetic Neuralgia where the person suffers episodes of terrible and debilitating nerve
pain, sometimes for the rest of their life, for which there is no medical treatment. Each year in the U.S., approximately 1,000,000 individuals develop
Shingles (Herpes Zoster), of which 10-18% (predominantly the elderly) develop Post-Herpetic Neuralgia.


Four separate cases received Subliminal Influence processing
from a distance (SDI) in this Shingles Pilot Study.

Results in each case were 100% immediate positive effects, including:

Rapid improvement in symptoms, complete relief of pain and itching, shocking
evidence of rash disappearing, as one said, "before my eyes."

Case 1: October 1998 - Hamburg, New York
Mrs. D., retired. Reported by Dr. Ronald Santasiero, MD

Case 2: October 1998 - Hamburg, New York
Mrs. S., retired. Reported by Dr. Ronald Santasiero, MD

Case  3:  January 1999 - La Jolla, California
Mary Wahlberg, Administrative Assistant.
Witnessed and videotaped by medical professionals at Scripps Clinic, CA

Case 4:  April 1999 - West Seneca, New York
Pamela Pernick, clinical counselor. Witnessed by co-workers and medical doctor


Dr. Ronald Santasiero, MD, medical director, Sedona Holistic Medical Center, Hamburg, New York, documents two cases of
Shingles outbreaks on elderly women patients who "healed overnight" after receiving Dr. Philip Savage's remote
Subliminal Influence processing from a distance of more than 3000 miles.

Dr. Santasiero reports that the shocking results amazed the patients and their husbands, who were extremely
"surprised at the rapid improvement in symptoms."

Patient #1: Mrs. D.
"Onset of Herpes Zoster 10/6/98. Symptoms of pain, itching and signs of erythema [reddening of skin]
and inflammation in T 5-6 dermatome on right. 24 hours after healing: decrease in pain and itching.
Minimal change in erythema. On no med for Zoster.
3 days post healing: Minimal erythema, no itching, minimal pain."

Results:   Within 3 days of Shingles outbreak, Mrs. D's itching, pain and skin lesions were basically gone.

Patient #2: Mrs. S.
Onset of Herpes Zoster 10/5/98, in T-5 Dermatome. Seen by primary physician, and put on acyclovir. No change on 10/7/98,
until healing occurred at approximately 11:00am eastern time. Patient had moderate pain, severe itching and moderate erythema.

2 hours after distant healing: Itching decreased and pain minimal. Decreased redness around lesions.
4 hours after distant healing: She no longer had urge to itch, pain minimal, erythema same as 2 hour mark.
5 days after distant healing: Minimal erythema, almost no pain, only occasional itch.

Results:  Within 5 days of SDI processing, Mrs. S's pain, itching and skin lesions were basically gone,
despite previously taking prescription antiviral drug which had produced no change in her symptoms.

Dr. Santasiero's Conclusion:
"In both cases patient and family very surprised at rapid improvement in symptoms and redness.

It is my opinion that the distant healing had a markedly positive effect on the usual course of Herpes Zoster."


Dr. Savage has explained, in his many writings and interviews, what he is doing with SDI, the mechanisms involved, and how
he is capable of producing such unprecedented "healing" results.

Basically, he says he does three things simultaneously when he takes care of people (or animals) suffering from virus.

1. Shifts Realities

The fundamental bases of Philip Savage’s Transcendental Science and Medicine relate to a spiritual and scientific paradigm absolutely unique. This
alone distinguishes his SDI processing from any sort of ‘therapeutic” or “spiritual” healing practice. In the ancient Druidic paradigm of Dr. Savage's
heritage, for instance, there is no such thing as a well-defined single form of reality. Very much like the most advanced theories of physics, there are
actually many levels of variable realities, in fact, unlimited layers of parallel realities. He explains that it is our cultural conditioning and the anatomic
limitation of our remaining five senses that tend to keep us from approaching the real makeup of our surrounding universe.

Dr. Savage explains:

2. Boosts Subject's Immune System

Dr. Savage is able to help people recover from their particular pathological imbalances and help them permanently maintain the highest possible
standards of health by boosting their innate immune system. Through specific techniques of extreme mental concentration that take place on a
deep subliminal level, he transfers upon the consultant important amounts of bioenergies.

Dr. Savage calls this part of his
practice Ethiatrics, the spiritual science of realigning people's ethos back to their most optimal and original setting.
He explains that "the ethos represents the most fundamental spiritual and existential substance of groups and individuals, whereas the so-called "ego"
forms one's delusional man-made cultural projection. The ethos constitutes one's true self, the legitimate essence of who we are, God-Made
blueprint of our physical and metaphysical identity in this specific existential assignment which we call life. Actually, the ethos does not
represent only the interface between
mind and body, our spiritual self and our physical self, but, indeed, its primordial matrix."

Ethiatrics, applied on suffering individuals, can bring them to a healthy condition of eco-homoeostatic balance, both in their external relationship with
their societal or ecological environment and in their internal immunologic and physiological processes, and can bring them back from utmost and
complete bio-existential disintegration to healthy condition of eco-spiritual recovery.

More than 50,000 subjects (human and animals, as well) have already experienced such successful "healthening." Dr. Savage's Ethiatric techniques
have been proven valid, under the strictest scientific scrutiny, on plants, animals and isolated human cells, without any possible placebo effect or
psycho-suggestion with compelling scientific results in so
me of the best European and American universities and medical facilities.

People have lost access to their senses with which to realize the actual nature of our existence. There are actually multiple parallel realities to which Dr.
Savage is able to shift to bring about different outcomes from the usually expected "normal course of events." For example, in one parallel reality,
people become aware of their interconnections and attain greater health and happiness. This is how and where Dr. Savage can then "boost
someone's immune system" by making sure all the levels of the being are properly connected and interactive - body, mind and spirit.

Dr. Savage's Subliminal Distant Influentiality is a very advanced scientific field which can be experienced in the laboratory and taught to students.
It does not, however, and cannot compete, thwart or even modify medical cares because there is no physical contact, manipulation, drugs
or therapies involved. As a scientist himself, Philip Savage has always demonstrated an absolute respect for the medical profession. And
in forty years of uninterrupted practice, he has constantly and unfalteringly supported an
d worked with physicians, in perfect mutual
harmony, and for the greater benefit of their patients as well.

3. Influences the Virus to be Harmless to the Suffering Subject

Dr. Savage has proven hundreds of times in government and medical laboratories in Europe that viruses, bacteria and individual cells "have a
mind of their own" that can be influenced by his SDI processing. In his words, his unique ability to “break into the psycho-continuum”
allows him to “surf in it with excellent accuracy” and eventually “reconfigure it” (remotely) according to specific purposes,
authorized by his private clients.


"Any living entity actively exposed to my subliminal procedure is
DRIVEN to do, unconsciously,
things they otherwise would NOT do, or vice versa, NOT do things they otherwise would do.”

This is how Dr. Savage is capable of doing “impossible” things anywhere in the world, from a distance, on cue, with unprecedented and precise results.

In the case of cells infected with a virus, he is able to effectively “shift the reality" of the virus by “cybernetically communicating” with it to leave the
infected person alone. In the case of individual healthy cells in a burn scenario, he is able to process them in a laboratory while a technician burns the
s with a laser. The result is that the burned cells Dr. Savage processes don’t die, while the other burned cells die.

Not a theory or something to believe, Dr. Savage's experimental results are experical facts that he has already proven and which
he can reproduce thousands of times in clinics, laboratories and private homes anywhere in the world.


The immediate 100% positive results of Experiment 2 Pilot Study on Shingles validate the extraordinary value and efficacy of Dr.
Savage's Subliminal Distant Influence(SDI) processing of subjects diagnosed with the Herpes Zoster (Shingles) virus, that no scientist
or medical researcher has ever done.

When we reproduce the same results on thousands of Shingles cases globally with the same 100% rate of success, we have proven with
incontrovertible certainty the existence and accessibility of a higher power, multiple realities and transcendental forces much needed, yet to date
previously unacknowledged by current science, while at the same time using the SDI tools to begin to eradicate one of the deadliest diseases
on Earth, virus infection and pandemics, for which reductionist science does not have an effective solution.

Mary Wahlberg, administrative assistant and mother of two young children, documents the "miraculous" healing from virulent Shingles of herself and her
four-year-old daughter. She
reports that her daughter was immediately healed from an excruciating outbreak of blistering Shingles by Philip Savage
after a 15-minute local subliminal treatment.

About two years later, Mrs. Wahlberg herself broke out in a shingles rash,
with horrible pain and itching, which was completely relieved after a 5-minute distant processing by Philip Savage.

Mary's entire SDI treatment was observed and videotaped by medical doctors and researchers at Scripps Clinic, La Jolla, California.
(Transcript below)

Dr. Savage




“It is those strange shifting abilities of mine that drive some of my "healees" to feel just like in the "twilight zone" after my "treatment”.
We have actually shifted together from one former pathologic reality into an harmonious non-pathological parallel reality, another
dimension in which people have never been sick, have never been in secession from the Divine Natural Order and where self-
empowerment, also self-identification, reign instead of chaos and entropy, in which the interaction of all things and of all processes is
part of an organic and holistic Native philosophy.

When applied to human health, the cybernetic functioning of our body as a whole (bones, muscles, physiological systems, and
psychological aspects) represents a much better therapeutic approach than the divisive and non-inclusive paradigm of traditional
Western medicine.

Every human being is part of the living whole, as are all other living things on Earth. All living things are connected to one another and
functionally interactive. Our divinely thought-out immuno-physiology, after hundreds of millions of years of evolutionary perfecting
provides a sublime bio-harmony within and without. When connected with our common
Divine Life Force and common Divine Primal
Animalistic Homeostasis, what I call the Bio-Continuum or Bio-Matrix, people have within th
emselves an undreamed-of state of inner
and outer balance whereby they are perfectly united in their mind-body connections, united with one another, united with all living
things on earth, and, above all, united with God.

The glorious primeval condition in which our individual physiological balance (homeostasis) echoes the collective physiological harmony
of our sacred Earth (eco-homeostasis). A time of no disease, no antagonism, no doubt, no alienation, no delusion and no injustice. A
time that still survives in our deeper unconscious as this universal human nostalgia of a long gone "golden age" of total happiness.
Sometimes when people are going through some kind of deep mystical ecstasy and experience feelings of unconditional compassion
for God and for all living things, they recall a like homeostasis."

Dr. Savage writes, "Genuine healing must treat the Ethos, that deeper vital and existential essence of all
things. Medical cares only deal with our physical body, and spirituality relates to abstract speculations on
the metaphysical realm. The necessary interface that must unite the physical and spiritual, is Ethiatrics,
the science of our mind-body interactions."

Dr. Santasiero's Medical Report

Experimental Procedure

Project investigators invited medical doctors to submit basic identification information on any patient
who they diagnosed with a recent outbreak of the Shingles (Herpes Zoster) virus.

The information required was the patient's full birth name, birth date, and place of birth submitted
within the first day of outbreak of symptoms.

Doctors were informed that Philip Savage would process the person from a distance for 5 minutes,
immediately following receipt of the case information.

Doctors were asked to report to us details of the subject's condition directly after the SDI
processing and then again a few hours later and again the next day.

No other conditions or instructions were issued to doctors. The control group for this study is the
well-documented medical outcome that follows the "normal course" of treatment for Shingles.

All the subjects in this experiment knew they were participating in a "distant healing" experiment.
Pamela Pernick, clinical counselor at Health Care Plan in West Seneca, New York, 48-year-old mother of three adult children, documents
below, the "pain-free" results both she and a colleague received from the distant healing treatment of Dr. Philip Savage.

Mrs. Pernick reports that
she suffered from Shingles six times in her past and was an expert on the horrible pain and itching that accompanies this
disease, often for 4-6 weeks while the disease runs its natural course.

After Dr. Savage's subliminal treatment (from San Diego to New York), to the amazement of herself and
her co-workers, Pamela woke up with no itching, no pain, and to witness the "scab was shrinking almost before my eyes."
Mary Wahlberg BEFORE 5-MINUTE SDI Processing
Mary Wahlberg's Summary Report of Mary and Daughter's Shingles Cases

Two Women Patients Diagnosed with Shingles
Reported by Dr. Ronald Santasiero, MD, Hamburg, New York

Mary Wahlberg, Medically Diagnosed Shingles Experiment
Witnessed and Videotaped at Scripps Clinic, La Jolla, California

Pamela Pernick, CASAC (Counselor), Medically Diagnosed Shingles Experiment
Witnessed at Health Care Plan, West Seneca, New York - April 1999

Video TRANSCRIPT with Explanation of SDI Shingles Processing and Mary's Immediate Results

Dr. Jane Dillon (experiment coordinator):

We’re at Scripps Clinic in La Jolla, California, with Dr. Jacobsen from the neurology department. We have Dr. Joseph Watson with us, medical doctor,
osteopathic medicine. We have guests. I’m Dr. Jane Dillon, sociologist from UCSD. We’re studying the effects of distant healing treatment in the field of
Subliminal Science and Technology.

This is Mary Wahlberg. She’s complaining of symptoms of Shingles, Herpes Zoster, and has been diagnosed today by her medical doctor with a blood
test that confirms the diagnosis of Shingles. Mary’s 4-year-old daughter was taken care of by Philip Savage two years ago also for a case of Shingles.
Mary told us that Philip Savage,
"Came into the room and he did a 15-minute session and she was healed. She had no pain, no itching and I was very
surprised. And really, she had been screaming."

The significance for our study is that this was a 4-year-old child screaming in pain and then within a few minutes the pain was gone. In this case, there
was no "belief", no placebo (psycho-physical suggestion). This was a child who didn’t know anybody was taking care of her, or that she was getting any
special treatment.

Now two years later, Mary has developed the same symptoms which look and feel like chicken pox, exactly like what Jessica had. Mary's rash is starting
to spread and the itching is bothering her and the pain was so severe she was crying this morning in the shower. During the day, we have monitored
the pain and itching levels which have fluctuated up and down from a medium level which Mary currently describes as being medium, or on
a zero-to-ten-point scale, between a 6 and a 9.

Mary says:
"My head is probably at right now about a seven, and my itching is probably about a six. Itching had been about a nine I would say earlier this morning
when first I woke up and really started itching very, very badly and noticed the rash.... I was 27 when I had chicken pox and that’s what it felt like the day
before I got the rash. I felt like my head had been hit by a freight truck. Earlier today it felt at its worst and then it subsided and now it’s starting to come
back to where it’s starting to hurt more - medium, where it was high around 11:30 this morning."

Doctors observing the experiment asked several questions:
Mary answered to say that she has never before experienced a headache like being hit by a truck, only when she had chicken pox more than 15 years
before, adding that she also never gets rashes.

Mary continued to explain that.
"When my daughter first got Shingles, I noticed that so long as I kept her busy, she was ok and once in a while the
itching seemed to really bother her and then half an hour later, it seemed she got busy and it wasn’t so bad. It wasn’t until she was diagnosed and then
later that night when the blistering started happening that it was constant, there was no time when it didn't hurt."
Mary said she would feel very anxious
right now if she didn't know Dr. Savage was going to take care of her.

Dr. Dillon continues:
When Mary's daughter, Jessica, suffered Shingles two years ago, her rash had broken into lesions. They were open and the pain was severe. Instead
of waiting until that happens today, Dr. Savage is going to treat Mary tonight. Mary agreed to wait throughout the day until we could gather this team of
professionals and video the live experiment to monitor the pain and itching levels before and after the SDI processing.

The significance for our Shingles study is, even though Mary now believes in Dr. Savage's SDI treatment, therefore we cannot eliminate the placebo
effect with Mary because she has seen this work, Dr. Savage is going to treat Mary from a distance. He will not be present in person as he was with
Mary's daughter. Dr. Savage is more than 20 miles away right now, so this experiment is a remote, "non-local" intervention. If we get the same positive
results, It will demonstrate the validity of "non-local effects" of the SDI treatment.

We will now page Dr. Savage [on his pager] and give him the three pieces of information that he needs:
the name, the birth place and the birth date. Then he will do a treatment and in ten, fifteen minutes we can see the results.

"Hello Philip. We’re at Scripps and I have the information you need. [Dr. Dillon gives the information and repeats Dr. Savage's instructions for the
You need exactly one minute from now. Ok, in one minute, she will close her eyes for FIVE minutes and totally relax. Ok, after five minutes
she will open her eyes, observe what’s going on, and then we will observe her reactions for half an hour. Very good, thank you."

Dr. Dillon asks Mary to relax and close her eyes for five minutes.



Dr. Dillon asks Mary:  So that’s five minutes? How are you feeling?

Mary: Well my head feels pretty good, shall I touch it to see?

Dr. Dillon – Sure.

Mary: Wow, it looks like it should itch!
It looks the same to me, but I’m touching it. The feeling I had when I touched it before has subsided.
I still can feel a little, but it doesn’t feel the same! It looks like it should hurt, doesn’t it? It looks the same?

Dr. Dillon: Tell us what it feels like, zero to ten.

Mary: Right now? I don’t feel the itch right now but when I touch it – well about a 3.

Dr. Jacobsen: So by comparison to a six earlier, it's now a three.

Dr. Watson: Where is your head in discomfort now?

Mary: One, my head feels fine. My head doesn’t hurt anymore.

Dr. Watson: Down from a seven to a one.
Excerpts from Onsite LIVE Shingles Experiment
Mary Wahlberg AFTER 5-MINUTE SDI Processing
Clinical Trials of SDI on subjects suffering from Shingles (Herpes Zoster) Virus 1998