EXPERIMENT 8: Brain Mapping


Laboratory Testing of Dr. Savage's Brain while Processing
documenting transdimensional activity


Conduct laboratory tests to record the effects taking place within Philip Savage's brain when he is actively "processing" subjects, while at the
same time scientists are measuring his brain activity on clinical Electroencephalogram (EEG) and Brain Mapping test equpment.

Then compare the results of the brain tests of Dr. Savage with data already gathered on various groups of people, including known "healers,"
in order to determine whether anything atypical is taking place when Dr. Savage processes subjects using his SDI technology.


Experiment 8 hypothesis is that the results of EEG and Brain Mapping tests of Dr. Savage's brain will document unusual activity while he is
processing which would indicate that something is going on at other levels of his consciousness that may account for Dr. Savage's immediate,
positive, unprecedented results on thousands of people and animals who received his Subliminal processing as reported over the past 40 years.

The electroencephalogram (EEG) is a neurological test which tracks and records the electrical activity at the surface of the brain by way of
electrodes (small metal discs) placed on or in the scalp.  Brain cells communicate via electrical impulses and are active all the time, even when
the subject is asleep. This electrical activity shows up as wavy lines on the EEG recording. Because the EEG reveals changes in the electrical
activity of the neurons in the brain, it is used to help diagnose various diseases.

Brain mapping is a set of non-invasive neuroscience scanning techniques predicated on the mapping of (biological) quantities or properties onto
spatial representations of the (human or non-human) brain resulting in maps of the anatomy, physiology, perfusion, function and phenotypes of
the human brain. Both healthy and diseased brains may be mapped to study memory, learning, aging, and drug effects in various populations.

All neuroimaging is considered part of brain mapping, which is a higher form of neuroimaging, producing brain images supplemented by the
result of additional (imaging or non-imaging) data processing or analysis, such as maps projecting (measures of) behavior onto brain regions.
Brain mapping techniques are constantly evolving, with
functional and structural neuroimaging at the core of the mapping aspect of brain
mapping. In the late 1980s in the United States, the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Science was commissioned to establish a
panel to investigate the value of integrating neuroscientific information across a variety of techniques, which eventually led to the establishment
of the Human Brain Project and an International Consortium for Brain Mapping (ICBM).



Lab Director. Dr. Chevalier's statement on Philip Savage's EEG test:

"As shown in the attached chart [EEG] an extremely unusual pattern in Philip Savage's brain waves has been discovered.
Although such figures still remain essentially unexplained they clearly demonstrate an unknown higher state of
consciousness that takes place during Philip Savage's processing."

Clinical Neuropsychologist, Dr. Jacobsen confirms Philip Savage's EEG findings:

"I reviewed electro-physiological measurements (electro-encephalographic and acupuncture meridian energy measurements)
obtained during a Savage Bio-Mediation (meditation).

The EEG revealed the presence of atypical slow wave (delta) activity of the type most frequently associated with deep sleep. In
addition, the level of energy measured in the main acupuncture meridians increased by 38+% over one hour. The magnitude of
this increase was unprecedented in previous research conducted upon other "healers."

Subliminal Distant Influentiality (SDI) appears to be a uniquely precise form of bioenergetics in which molecular polarity of
neurons is modified at deep pre-conscious levels of the brain. This unique mind force can be utilized to alter human
consciousness and behavior in subtle but pervasive ways."

Neuroscience Researcher, Dr. Pollock"s statement on Philip Savage's Brain Mapping:

"Alpha Band (7-12 cps) increased 30 to 40 times over right frontal cortex.
This phenomenon is unprecedented.".

1. Dr. Chevalier explains the EEG test:

"A recording of Mr. Savage EEG was done during the healing session. The Location of the single active electrode was on the left
frontal site (Fp1) with the ground electrode being on the left ear (A1). the treatment consisted of a 1 minute distant healing attempt
preceded by a 1 minute rest period.

"The intriguing feature of this EEG recording is the high amplitude of the Delta frequencies both before and during the treatment. All
frequencies amplitude increased during the treatment but the Delta frequencies all the time remained the highest.
Delta is a normal
component of sleep at all ages.
It is considered abnormal in the adult waking record of when focal in sleep. This could indicate
an altered state of mind that has already taken place during the rest period."

The question is "Is this delta predominance always present during Mr. Savage other activities?

2.  Dr. Pollock reports the Brain-mapping test results:

Savage, Philip  2/16/00

"Alpha Band (7-12 cps) increased 30 to 40 times over right frontal cortex.

This phenomenon is unprecedented."

According to Dr. Pollock, Philip Savage's brain mapping tests show pictures (maps) of the extrememly atypical Alpha band brain waves
that increased 40 times from resting to processing state, which is unheard of in a human brain. Scientists have seen similar alpha band
wave pictures in large sea mammals, such as dolphins and killer whales with sonar, but never in any human testing. Research
scientists are investigating whether such brain wave results can be linked with a higher state of consciousness used in healing.

The laboratory tests in California on Dr. Savage's brain activity means that when he is "processing," Dr. Savage is not there, not conscious as
he may appear outwardly to the laboratory scientists. Dr. Savage has actually gone somewhere else.

The significance of the EEG result of Experiment 8 is that the test clearly shows that, wherever he is, Dr. Savage is NOT in his brain. While his
brain's Delta activity shows he is in a "deep sleep," Dr. Savage is actually at the same time, 'processing" somewhere else where his results prove
that he is able to change the "molecular polarity at deep pre-conscious levels of the brain" of the subject he is processing.

The extraordinary significance of the Brain Mapping test in Experiment 8 is scientific documentation that Dr. Savage's brain is not 'human." The
test results specifically indicate that his brain activity is unlike any other human brain known to modern scientists, which confirms much of what
Dr. Savage has written and explained in his many writings and interviews when he refers to his work as 'transdimensional,' surfing the
Bio-Continuum, shifting into multiple realities, as well as when he states "
My 'mind' does not work as a regular 'human mind.'

While he looks human, was born into the last surviving ancient Druid lineage, and engages in human activities, Dr. Savage is best understood as
a Transdimensional Being, in his case, a Divine agent who has manifested as some kind of "super human." History has recorded other humans
who have attained a "super human" status, well-known ones such as Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, and some of their followers, as well as indigenous
shamans from all corners of the world. Also, when Dr. Savage speaks or writes about a potential future human race of advanced IMAGO beings,
he is referring to the "super human" species of transdimensional beings that humans were supposed to, but did not, evolve to be.

Dr. Savage explains in an exclusive video interview with documentary filmmaker Michael Mendizza:

"Your immediate ancestors Cro-Magnon had a brain of 2.2 litres (where today it’s 1.4), and with much better convolution and
much better wiring, not unlike a killer whale or a dolphin. And it’s only 40,000 years ago. Just try to imagine humanity of like a
couple of million years ago, which has nothing to do with the ape, nothing, nothing, nothing. We all are larvae compared to our
own potential. And there is an evolutionary leap that’s long overdue, actually that has been blocked by those forces of chaos,
those forces of destruction for millions of years. Remember, I’m a palaeontologist and I know exactly what I’m talking about. .

And that’s my project IMAGO, to turn everyone from its larval state into an IMAGO complete being, which they are not yet.
They have stopped that path toward a real humanity. We are not even using our brain at more than 10%. If only we could use
it at 100%, wouldn’t be so bad. But we can do much better than that and go back to true humanity, where there is no
separation between all beings, which means there is no separation between the mind, the soul, the body, one another... all
one, oneness, unity. that's the whole point. That's what we have all forgotten.

That's where non-local events has everything to do with it, precisely, which means when I am taking care of someone, from one
inch or one thousand miles, it’s just the same. There is no separativeness. There is no separation between things. If only you
could have one sense more than you have, as I do, the way you see the universe, the way I’m seeing you or this camera is so
different. There is no difference between the atoms of the wall and your atoms. Everything is a flux. Everything is a movement
of energy all the time. There is no life and death, then. There is a perpetual continuation and, naturally, there is no distance.
The greatest secret of the universe: There is no time. All experiments in physics prove there is no time. Each time we put time
to the test, it doesn’t exist. And yet, tell me of one human that can write a book, one simple chapter, on an a-temporal story.
How can it be possible to even conceive.

And since there is no time, there is no space. Space-time, it’s one single continuum. Actually, there is no ONE reality. That’s
why it’s so easy for me to surf, to switch, between this multiple-dimensional multi-reality universe and make things impossible
happen. They were impossible in one little reductionistic reality. But in another one, they were so simple to organise. You can
do it. Anyone can do it. I just happen to be the one right now with the key."
Even further, Dr. Savage explains in two earlier TV interviews with French journalists, one of whom was
documenting Dr. Savage processing a sick patient in Brittany, where he was called Philip Gwezh:

TV Journalist in Brittany France:
Philip Gwezh, the Breton with his mysterious powers comes in the Temple of Lanleff to get new life force from the very source.
This holy place is erected like a Druidic sanctuary, like a circle in the forest. In here, he communes with the secrets of Mother
Nature and with Celtic tradition which represents the most ancient European magic. Now full of a new life force the Druid
Healer can come back to his monastery to take care of his consultants. He heals all kinds of sicknesses from the most benign
disease to the most severe cases of cancer, but he refused to deal with the many superstitions that still exist in Brittany, such
as magic spells or witchcraft. Perhaps he has just another semantic to define them.

Philip Gwezh (Savage)
When someone tries to mention in front of me troubles allegedly related to magic practices, I endeavor to explain to them that it
may well be only too much stress or some episode of paranoid delusion. It is always very tempting for people to put the blame
on someone else or something else rather than take responsibility for whatever befalls them. It is a childish and dangerous
attitude. This is just cheap superstition where one always finds a new scapegoat. The witch hunts and the many innocent
victims burning at the stake, my own Clan has paid the highest price to know this was just all too real. Therefore, I will never,
myself, endorse such psychoses.

Journalist: We have just seen you doing some magic and laying on your hands, can you tell us what is happening when you
are so healing.

Philip Gwezh (Savage):
Honestly, I don’t have any way to describe it to you. In fact, the only thing that should matter is that I heal for real. There is
undoubtedly some system of transference from me to the consultant. Maybe it is some form of energy or something else. It’s
enough, though, for me to reawaken the self-healing ability of my consultants. They are the real healers in the whole
operation. I am just the one in charge of the healing processes. But once again, I am incapable of explaining to you exactly
what happens during the transference. I know for certain that it does not relate to the traditional field of the so-called spiritual
healing. I do not work from a system of energies like the Chi in acupuncture. Those energies are the outside of the person,
while I am taking care of the very inner bio-essence of my consultant.

Journalist asks Patients:
You  have just had a session with the Healer, what exactly did he do to you?

Woman Patient 2:
He has been laying down his hands on my head and just about everywhere on my body. You have to understand that I am very
old and pretty tired. To me, there is no doubt that Philip Gwezh possesses real powers. I have felt his energy even deep into
my head when he was laying down his hands on me.

Woman Patient 3:
God can heal the sick or heal the blind, right? In my opinion, I am sorry to say, that he is just like a God. A divine healing gift.

TV Host on French TF1 Show in Paris France asking about this "gift":  

Patrick Sabatier:
So you have always had this gift. And you founded the “Ordre des Guerisseurs” [National Healers Association]?

Philip Gwezh (Savage):
I maintain that it is not really a gift.  I think that we all have this sense at our disposal, but it has been fossilized or frozen in
some people, whereas in me, it has been awakened, in the same way, if one does not learn how to see, feel and hear. This
has been tried several times on a young animal with some appliances. When you remove the appliances, the brain has not
learned to see and to hear, so you are deaf and blind. I was taught how to heal, in its own good time. I underwent a teaching
coming from ages immemorial, and a mcapable of inducing among consultants an awakening. I was taught how to heal. I am
going to explain to you very sincerely what it is. I think that we all are like self-cleaning ovens, we are all self-healing, but this
has been forgotten. So, my role is to reawaken those self-regenerating processes, which may go very far.

1. Electroencephalogram (EEG) Test

    An EEG test was conducted by Dr. Gaetan Chevalier at the California Institute of Human Science in 1996
    while Dr. Savage was processing a subject using his SDI technology.

    Standard EEG testing procedures were followed.

    2. Brain Mapping Tests

    Two Brain Mapping tests were conducted by Dr. John Pollock at the University of California San Diego in 2000.

    The first test was done while Dr. Savage was in his normal state relaxed and not processing.

    The second test was done while Dr. Savage was processing a subject using his SDI technology.

    Standard Brain-mapping procedures were followed.

    In each test, there is no risk, no interference with normal medical procedures, and no drugs.

The results of both the E.E.G. and Brain-mapping tests are not only atypical, they are astounding.

In both types of tests, research scientists concluded that Dr. Savage's results are "unprecedented."  Three researchers who were
investigating the effects of SDI summarize their findings from the tests on Dr. Savage's brain activity as follows: