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             SUMMARY of
     2010 International Press Articles

    "The world is finally sitting up and taking
    notice of celebrated burn doctor, Dr. Philip
    Savage, who specialises in harnessing the
    power of the mind. Savage is the father of
    Distant Subliminal Neuro-Bypass (DSNB).
    Impressively, his technique has been tested
    and validated under strict scientific
    protocols in Europe and America. Hundreds
    of cases studies and testimonies have been
    collected, showing the effectiveness of
    DSNB in all kinds of diseases.

    "Savage says DSNB is an approach in which
    the influence of the mind on burns or other
    diseases and accidents is either inhibited or
    enhanced in its ability to affect bodily
    functions, symptoms and reactions. This
    treatment is being made available world-
    wide as part of a humanitarian research
    project known as the Burn Eradication
    Project which aims to eradicate the
    devastating consequences of burns.

    "How Does DSNB work? "A burn is one
    of the worst injuries a person can
    experience," says Savage. "However it is the
    brain's unconscious overreaction to the
    extreme level of pain caused by the burn
    and not the burn itself which causes the
    devastating blistering, scarring and
    disfigurement we are familiar with. DSNB
    essentially mitigates the brains' unconscious
    response to thermal injuries through
    preventing the neural shock and immune
    and physiological overkill response.
    Consequently the body can allow normal
    skin repair (epithelial reconstruction) to
    take place immediately after the pain
    2012   We're Zooming!  FBD
    documentary, How'd You Guys Do That,
    premieres at Montezuma Film Festival in
    Costa Rica.  
    "DSNB is complicated and intricate in
    nature. For ease of understanding, Savage
    and internet where information is stored
    'everywhere and nowhere simultaneously
    and all sites are effectively connected.

    "All living creatures are also connected to
    one another via a 'bio-web' of sorts. If a
    computer (person) experiences a bug,
    crash or accident like a burn injury, a
    specific bio-program is written by Dr
    Savage to correct the problem. Savage
    describes himself and his fellow DSNB
    practitioners as 'hackers' capable of
    plugging into this bio-web and directing
    the 'written' specific bio-programs to the
    affected person to resolve and correct

    "All that a DSNB practitioner needs to
    direct this 'program' is a video or
    photograph or even basic personal details
    such as the person's maiden name, date
    and place of birth. Practitioners can then
    invoke a subliminal neuro-bypass which
    redirects and inhibits the physiological
    destructive signals that the burn victim's
    unconscious overreacting brain has sent in
    response to the thermal incident.

    "Savage says that time is of the essence,
    since the self-destructive physiological
    and immunological processes related to
    burns occur extremely quickly after the
    brain has 'wrongly' sent its
    disproportionate signals. "Our research
    has shown that DSNB produces optimum
    results if we receive the necessary
    information and respond within 30
    minutes following an accident. In cases of
    third and fourth-degree burns, DSNB
    should be applied with the first few
    minutes to produce the best results."

    "In the event of a burn, a victim's details
    can be given either directly through a
    phone call or an SMS to the following
    number: +1 818 332 6445. This service is
    completely free of charge, besides for
    standard international call charges that
    still apply. DSNB does not interfere with
    any traditional burn treatments.
    Recipients are requested to document
    their experience and findings to form part
    of the broader global research study."

    September 2006   Swiss TV broadcasts
    positive story on Dr. Savage's pubic Fire
    Burn experiment. Publishes local phone
    number to call when burned. After buying
    the BBC slander show from irresponsible
    UK reporters, Swiss TV producers did their
    own research and became interested and
    supportive of conducting free burn tests in
    Switzerland. They edited the BBC slander
    show and broadcast a local number to call
    for free remote burn recovery. They also
    asked Swiss burn doctors to test it
    themselves. Why not? Nothing to lose,
    everything to gain (for the burn victims,
    and the TV station).                
    March 2006  Watchdog TV Show
    Disagrees with BBC Slander Show.
    Responding positively and professionally
    to Catharsis' News Alert denying the
    vicious slander by the BBC reporters,
    Watchdog reporters instead broadcast the
    sincerity of Catharsis associates of Dr.
    Savage and encouraged viewers to test the
    Burn Doctor and see for themselves if it
    works. Catharsis lawyers had warned BBC
    producers that their show was slander and
    to not broadcast it.                      
    March 2006  BBC Slanders Catharsis
    and the FBD.  Ignoring their own live
    interviews with people who had been
    profoundly helped by Dr. Philip Savage,
    BBC reporters produced a slander show
    paid for by the father of one of his clients.
    Christian Forlani was a heavy drug user for
    20 years. His drug use ended after one
    meeting with Dr. Savage, while childhood
    memories of his father's violence and
    pornographic activities came to the
    surface. Christian's father threatened to
    destroy Catharsis, and did so by hiring his
    friends at the BBC to do the dirty work. Dr.
    Savage responded to the BBC with his offer
    to prove his results by testing the Remote
    Burn protocol themselves.
    June 2004  Healed of AIDS by Philip
    Savage.  Catharsis opens an office in
    Switzerland. Extraordinary experiences for
    many suffering people, including a man with
    HIV/AIDS for 10 years whose viral load
    decreased from 37,000 copies to less than
    50 after one treatment and no change in
    medication. This medically documented
    story was published in several US
    newspapers.                                      read more
    May 2005   Catharsis: Awakening
    Humanity's Full Potential. American
    filmmaker releases the first U.S.
    documentary on the work of Dr. Philip
    Savage. Using exclusive video interviews
    with Dr. Savage and his students, this film
    reveals the unprecedented results that Dr.
    Savage routinely delivers and his own  
    explanations of how he does it to an English
    speaking audience. It documents amazing
    cases of cystic fibrosis, kidney failure,
    severe burns, shingles (Herpes Zoster),
    cancer, AIDS, Alzheimers, birth defects,
    shielded room experiments and more. And
    includes vital information on Dr. Savage's
    science of Subliminal Influentiality and
    technologies of SDI, DSNB and MCC, as well
    as his most important Project IMAGO, vital
    for the crises the world faces today.           
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    December 24  Washington Post
    Article Deported Druid Becomes
    Cause Celebre: Religious Freedom
    Advocates Defend Healer.  Supportive
    article for American religious freedom,
    when Philip Savage was wrongfully and
    illegally deported from the U.S. on
    November 9, 2001. Unfortunately, this
    Washington Post journalist misrepresented
    the facts, especially the time line of Philip
    Savage's political asylum case and
    exoneration by Federal Judge Moskowitz
    who documented the life-threatening
    persecution of Mr. Savage by Mitterand's
    French government. These inaccuracies
    created misunderstanding and slander in
    future publications such as the BBC, who
    based their false "facts" on the Post article.

    Druidic Medicine article on Philip
    Savage in the Whole Life Times in
    1999. Here the unprecedented results of
    the historic double-blind burn study
    were published for the first time. All five
    children in a Los Angeles burn center,
    who were processed for free from a
    distance by Philip Savage, dramatically
    recovered in less time, with no grafting
    and no scarring. Such results have never
    been seen from standard medical
    treatment, before or since.     read more
    February 1993  Extradition Denied.
    U.S. Federal Judge Barry Ted Moskowitz
    denies the French government's trumped-
    up Extradition Request designed by a
    vengeful and dying president Mitterand.
    Philip Savage was then released from four
    months in prison to live freely in the U.S.
    while he filed and appealed for political
    asylum. Philip Savage's case is the most
    important religious freedom case in recent
    American history. It documents vicious
    government persecution by a European ally
    of the U.S., which much of the world still
    considers to be a free, democratic, religious
    country, which it isn't. Complete
    documentation of this heart-breaking case
    is available from Catharsis.
    1991-1996  Political Persecution by
    Vengeful Dying President Mitterand
    This sample of articles document the
    vicious and vengeful story of Mitterand's
    French government's illegal attempt to shut
    down the one independent TV station TF1
    and inflict life-threatening harm on Philip
    Savage. In raging retaliation for Philip
    Savage's refusal to help Mitterand survive
    cancer in 1991, this dying French president,
    who didn't tell the French public about his
    cancer for more than ten years, created one
    of the most vicious public scandals in
    recent European history.

    First, the French police arrested the TF1
    TV host and producer who invited Philip
    Savage on their very popular talk show,
    then raided Philip Savage's office and
    home, stole all his client files and names,
    and arrested his organization's leaders and
    workers. They failed to arrest Philip
    Savage, as he was working in Greenland to
    set up an holistic healing institute there.
    When the French public demonstrated their
    overwhelming outrage, which was fully
    covered by the French press, the
    government released the television host
    and producer and Philip Savage's
    colleagues, but held the head of his
    organization in prison for 4 months of
    tortuous conditions.

    A year later, the French government issued
    an Extradition Request to the U.S. officials,
    with all kinds of false charges and no
    evidence, for the extradition of Philip
    Savage who had arrived in the U.S. in 1992
    to seek political asylum and save his own
    life.  In 1993, U.S. Federal Judge Barry Ted
    Moskowitz denied the extradition of Philip
    Savage, thereby saving his life. Mitterand
    died in 1996.

    Read English translations of sample
    French press artices here:
    1986-1991  Philip Savage (Gouezh)
    was the most famous and most
    controversial "TV star" in France in
    the early 1990s.  The popular Patrick
    Sabatier show in December 1990 featuring
    Philip Savage drew the highest audience
    ratings in history.  A TV debate with a
    medical professor showed Philip Savage
    winning the viewer rated debate 83% to the
    professors 17%. Hundreds of radio shows
    and press articles were written about him, a
    sample represented here.

    Coming from an ancient tradition of
    "healers" in his immediate family - mother,
    grandmother and great-grandmother,
    Philip Savage was respected, protected and
    even revered due to his clan's status. On top
    of this, his work produced results that no
    one in his clan had ever done or even tried
    to do. In addition, after having survived his
    final initiation ordered by his matriarchs to
    work for the French police and completing
    years of university study in law,
    architecture and paleontology, Philip
    Savage decided to go public with his global
    eco-humanitarian mission in the late 1980s.

    His popularity spread not only amongst the
    public, but also with private and
    government scientific institutes and
    laboratories who tested his abilities on
    many "subjects" including animals, cells,
    viruses, and more.

    Those persons in power who worked with
    Dr. Savage then (and now) were of course,
    also familiar with his extraordinary powers
    to intervene in almost any social, political,
    legal,  environmental, military, intelligence
    situation to bring changes in behavior that
    would not ever have happened without his
    Subliminal Distant Influence processing.

    To protect his children, Philippe Sauvage
    used the Breton name for Sauvage (Gouezh
    or Gwezh, which means "wild") for his
    public media campaign.

    Read English translations of sample
    French press articles here. For Engish-
    speaking audiences, Philippe Sauvage uses
    the American spelling of Sauvage (Savage,
    which also means "wild"):

Philip Savage published many articles, conducted valuable
experiments, and inspired the Catharsis organization while he
was in the U.S. from 1992 to 2001 helping thousands of people and
animals suffering and dying from all kinds of crises.
Books available from Catharsis include:
FBD Team travels to Africa, Asia and Europe to spread
the word about FireBurnDoctor Philip Savage on TV,
radio and press.  
+1 818 332 6445  SAVE the number,
SAVE a life.
    1992 Mythopia
    1993 Lycurgian Order
    1999 Journey into the Absolute Elsewhere
    2001 The Warshal
    Dr. Savage's thesis: Phylogenesis and the
    Involution of the Human Species (in French)
    March 2009  Philip Savage's team
    officially launches the FireBurnDoctor
    free public scientific experiment with
    central U.S. phone number, protocol and
    website. Call +1 818 332 6445 within 30
    minutes of burn injury.                      

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    August 2010  Dr. Philip Savage Saves Adelaide's Life.    As a
    result of the FBD team's international press efforts, three young children
    in Ghana, who were burned in a house accident, recovered in record
    time. Six-year old Adelaide's case was so severe she would not have
    survived. After Dr. Savage's remote DSNB (Distant Subliminal Neuro-
    Bypass) processing, Adelaide not only lived, her skin grew back without
    grafting and in the same color.               read more                    
    December 2016  International
    Press coverage of the Russian Premiere
    of RUSH at Sochi International Film

PRE - 2001
Huge Public Outcry against Blatant Political Persecution
of Philip Savage (Gouezh) by French President Mitterand
who arrested the popular TF1 host
Patrick Sabatier for
having Philip Savage on his TV show in 1990.
Huge Public Outcry against Blatant Political Persecution
of Philip Savage (Gouezh) by French President Mitterand
who arrested the popular TF1 host
Patrick Sabatier for
having Philip Savage on his TV show in 1990.
Philip Savage's appearances on French TV drew the
highest audience ratings in television history.
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