The Who, What, Where, When, How of FBD       Northern Spirit Radio Show
with burn witnesses Mary Badham (Scout in
To Kill a Mockingbird), Judge Barnhart and Scientist Vitali Korobov

"My theory on how this works? I haven't a clue. You show me how quantum entanglement works, I don't know.... This works."

World Premiere:  FBD Burn Witnesses Talk Show      Rense Radio - Part 1  

"This is an amazing subject. You'll hear from 6 or 7 people and how this new technique gave them instant relief!"

Follow Up FBD Stories: Amazing Instant Burn Recoveries       Rense Radio - Part 2
including Instantly Recovered Burn Victims Grant Fryor, Chris Fleming, Greg "Trailblazer", etc.

"We have a batch more... and for the first time a video tape of a burn and then the near-instant healing that occurs."

FBD Update: Burn Victims from Rense Talk Show Give Their Own Reports   Rense Radio - Part 3  

"It's fascinating to hear people who have had experiences with burns, pain goes away, no grafting, no scarring, no risk, and it's free."

FBD Team on Distant Subliminal Neuro-Bypass, DSNB      Medical Dr Deagle Talk Show

"How this technology is working in many countries and... changes the paradigm of people's viewpoint of what reality is... how we can
create a problem that then can be bypassed by using this technology."

How DSNB works on Non-Believers        Erskine Overnight
FBD spokesperson Alison McDermott explains how DSNB works on skeptics, the FBD team's favorite people.

"It's actually a bio-matrix hacking that's taking place... bypassing the brain's self-destructive impulse." Since this interview, there are
now 1550+ confirmed Instantly Recovered burn victim reports, all with the same results: Pain gone in minutes, burn erased in hours.

FBD Team on Distant Subliminal Neuro-Bypass, DSNB       Matrix Radio Show
with Mary Badham (Scout in To Kill a Mockingbird), Burn Victims Greg and Sonya

"All I know is that by the end of this interview, the number 818-332-6445 may have some important meaning to ALL our listeners."

Healthening Beyond My Own Determining      Open Your Mind Radio
FBD spokesperson Alison McDermott shares her personal story with FBD and DSNB

"People need to know about your service and what you offer.... We have to reverse our self-destructive consciousness."

Amazing FBD Burn Recovery Testimonies      Blog Talk Radio:   
with Mary Badham (Scout in To Kill a Mockingbird), Instantly Recovered Burn Victims Judge Barnhart, "Trailblazer" Greg, Brad,
Nancy, Patricia, and Grant's live "before and after" video story.

"As soon as she talked to me, the pain went away. Everyone said you must be in terrible pain... Told them, 'I have not one bit of pain.'"

FBD Burn Witnesses Walk Their Talk      Body Mind Spirit Radio - Part 1  
with Instantly Recovered Burn Victims Carol, Rose, Bruce, Etc.

"There are a lot of modalities out there....  Nothing works like FBD and DSNB."

The BioMatrix Hacker and DSNB       Vinnie Eastwood Show
FBD spokesperson Alison McDermott explains how DSNB works in less than 30 seconds

"It's an Influence Technology and it can be taught.... Put the number in your phone, especially if you have little kids. One day someone's
going to get burned and you're going to be able to save them months of pain, suffering and expense."

Remote Doing Beyond the Matrix      Spiritual Broadcast Network  
FBD spokesperson Alison McDermott explains how DSNB works in less than 30 seconds.

Wouldn't it be nice if we lived in a world where in addition to the standard medical treatment for burns, there was a treatment that is
non-invasive, natural and helped stop the pain within minutes utilizing the healing power of our own body and mind. Well, that world
is already here... in a service called for free.

A Million Mothers by Monday... Every Monday     One-Minute FBD PSA for Radio Shows anywhere in the World

"Tell All, Just Call: +1 818 332 6445 within 30 minutes of burn injury... Save the Number, Save a Life!"
Amazing life-saving reports and detailed explanations of how FBD works and
how everyone can learn to do what the FBD team does
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