Advanced "Morphing" Computer System - Blending DNA and
Morphic images for Unique Cybernetic Processing

Change the World with MCC - Reduce crime 25% the 1st month
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    December 16, 2016
    RUSH honored in Russia with  
    award for best feature humanitarian
    documentary at Sochi International
    Film Festival because of its strong and
    important global message.
         RUSH with Russian subtitles

    December 12, 2016   
    Catharsis announced Phase 2 of
    the FireBurnDoctor's Burn Eradication
    Project at the Sochi Festival press
    conference: Burn Cells in Laboratories
    on Live TV to prove indisputably
    and scientifically the unprecedented
    results of Dr. Savage's Subliminal
    Influence technology on burns.

    May 2016   
    Viggo scores in Cannes! A hero in
    real life also, TV crews filmed Viggo
    handing out FireBurnDoctor stickers
    to the crowd. Also at Cannes, the FBD
    team was invited by film producer Dr.
    Sohan Roy to submit RUSH to the
    largest film festival in India.

    February 2016  
    Catharsis introduced MCC, Dr. Philip
    Savage's unique Morphogenic Cybernetics
    remote technology to American city
    mayors, crime lab experts and a former
    US president's team. Ready for demo,
    MCC can be used to reduce crime in
    any city anywhere in the world.

    January 2016   
    Bewildered Wins at MIFF, Best
    Humanitarian Screenplay Award at
    Monaco International Film Festival.
    Bewildered tells the true story of the
    first FireBurnDoctor team: "Three
    ordinary British women discover their
    latent abilities when they meet the
    world's one and only Cybernetician
    and Bio-Matrix Hacker, and decide
    to drop everything and change their
    lives to access the most powerful mind
    control technology on the planet."

    October 2015   
    FBD team attended the Genomics
    10th annual meeting of ICG, a leading
    Genomics Institute in China.  Scientists,
    students, technicians and business
    professionals from East and West were
    personally introduced to Dr. Philip
    Savage's  ground-breaking morphogenic
    technologies, including MCC and
    IMAGO. Many were fortunate to also
    witness,s first hand, the most recent
    mind-boggling case of Cellular
    Anagenesis whereby a 50 year-old
    woman looked 30 years young after one
    meeting with Dr. Savage.  

    September 2015
    FBD booth at MIPCOM. The event
    organizer remarked that the FBD team
    contacted more TV people in those 4
    days than anyone ever did before.
    FireBurnDoctor is the most valuable
    news story in the world right now. It's
    for everyone and it's free. Global TV
    needs to broadcast it far and wide so
    people in every country can be trained
    to take care of burns whenever and
    wherever they happen.

    January 2015
    SDI "Remote Doing" Goes Global.
    Who knows about FireBurnDoctor?
    Among many others, Quenton, John,
    Uma, Ray, Robert, Snoop, Alec, Rupert,
    Marilyn, Graham, Suzanne, Larry, Jim,  
    Burning Man, NAB, CNN and the Boss.

    December 2014
    RUSH wins Angel Award at MIFF,
    Monaco International Film Festival for
    humanitarian feature documentary.
    Based on all-true events, RUSH tells the
    story of a breakthrough earth, health
    and life-saving technology... abilities
    that we have now. "If you can dream it,
    you can do it."

    May 2014
    We Rocked at Cannes. With more
    than 1000 successful burn recoveries,
    the FireBurn Doctor team was able to
    tell everyone they met at Cannes 2014
    all about the amazing free global burn

    April 2014  
    On the Way to Cannes with 1,070
    amazing FBD Burn Victim Reports, ALL
    with the Same results: Pain gone in
    minutes, Burn erased in hours. No pain, no
    grafting, no scarring, no risk & no cost.

    February 2014   
    FBD Weekend Workshop was held in
    Los Angeles, California exclusively for
    burn victims helped by FBD. Here they
    learned, for the first time, about the
    FireBurn Doctor Philip Savage.
    Following the event, they told their
    stories on camera for FBD's new
    documentary film Interception.

    January 2014  
    1000 Cases! FBD Burn Eradication
    Project. The FireBurnDoctor team reached
    1000 "Instantly Recovered" burn
    victims from 52 countries in the world.
    All from people spreading the word
    through social and personal networking.
    Keep going everyone and we can
    eradicate the devastating effects of
    burns by training teams everywhere.

    August 2013
    Anyone can help. Already there
    are 30 pages of FireBurnDoctor reports,
    mostly thanks to people handing out
    those unforgettable FBD stickers. Look
    what one email can do!

    May 2013
    Hundreds of successful reports
    from burn victims all over the world
    reporting "Instant Burn Recoveries"
    using FBD... "just like it never happened."

    March 2013
    FBD team in Michigan, Utah, Ghana
    and Costa Rica. The "world" now knows
    about FBD's FREE "Instant Burn

    February 2013
    We're Zooming! Amazing FBD results
    for Burn Victims  in Costa Rica, thanks
    to the FireBurnDoctor film screening at
    the Montezuma Film Festival.

    December 2012
    In Costa Rica, the FBD team
    screened its first short documentary
    film on the extraordinary results of the
    FireBurnDoctor's public free burn
    experiment at the Montezuma Film
    Festival.  How'd You Guys Do That: The
    Technology of Possibilization tells the
    remarkable stories of some of the first
    FBD cases recorded on film or phone.

    August 2012
    One Instantly Recovered Burn Victim sang
    "Oh God Beautiful" 20 minutes after calling
    the FBD for help with her severe leg burn.

    March 2011
    300 "Instantly Recovered" Burn
    Cases, 22 radio shows and several TV
    show accomplished by the FBD team.  Tell
    All, Just Call.  A Million Mothers By
    Monday, EVERY Monday, so everyone
    knows about We can
    end the suffering from burns now.

    August 2010
    REAL Shock and Awe caught on live
    video. FireBurnDoctor Philip Savage
    took care of burn victim Grant Fryer
    while sports journalist filmed the remote
    SDI recovery on site in real time. Never
    before seen on camera, this video marks
    the beginning of a new future for  burn
    treatment worldwide, for free.

    June 2010
    TV, Radio and Press in Africa,
    Europe and India.  The FireBurn Doctor
    team travels the world to spread the
    word.    Save the number, Save a life.
    This is how Adelaide not only survived,
    but also recovered with her skin
    regrown in the same color:  FBD team
    was on Ghana TV.

    June 2006
    Helping War Children. Dr. Philip
    Savage and his team took care of 20
    delegates from war-torn Cheznya, helping
    to remove their debilitating suffering and

    March 2006
    Catharsis counters BBC slander
    show, which their lawyers warned the
    irresponsible TV producers and hosts to
    correct before they broadcast. Philip
    Savage's response to BBC was: test him
    and prove publicly the results of his
    processing on burn victims anywhere in
    the world.

    September 2005  
    New Documentary Film,
    Catharsis: Awakening
    Humanity's Full Potential, was
    produced from exclusive interviews
    with Philip Savage and in-depth
    research on the unprecedented results
    of his work.

    June 2004
    Healed of AIDS. Catharsis opened an
    office in Switzerland. Extraordinary
    experiences for many suffering people,
    including a man with HIV/AIDS for 10
    years whose viral load decreased from
    37,000 copies to less than 50 after one
    treatment and no change in medication.
    Medically documented.

    February 2000
    Unprecedented Brain Mapping of Philip
    Savage from University of California
    San Diego Neurobiology Program.
    Results were labelled “Unprecedented”
    when the Alpha Band Power increased
    30 to 40 TIMES from resting mode to
    processing mode. Scientists said this
    phenomenon has never been seen in
    human beings, only in large sea

    March 1999
    Scientific experiment on Shingles
    (herpes zoster virus) showed
    dramatic immediate results in all cases,
    from Philip Savage's  SDI remote
    processing. Documented by medical
    doctors in New York and California,
    pain and itching gone in hours.

    October 1999
    Catharsis incorporated as 501(c)(3)  
    in California. Inspired by Philip Savage and
    founded by medical doctors and academic
    professionals, Catharsis serves people

    March 1999
    Philip Savage opens Beverly Hills
    office in California with medical colleagues.
    Druidic Medicine article appears in major
    Los Angeles magazine, Whole Life Times,
    publishing for the first time the
    unprecedented results of the historic
    double-blind burn study.                            

    March 1999  
    Unprecedented Double-Blind Burn
    Study completed. Miraculous results
    for burned children who, after remote
    processing by Philip Savage's Subliminal
    Distant Influence technology, were
    released from the burn center in record
    time with little or no grafting.

    Philip Savage's Shielded Room
    experiments, where dramatic results
    of his processing were filmed by the
    California Institute scientists, proved
    without a doubt that what he does goes
    beyond electromagnetic waves.  Astonish-
    ing 40-minute full-body orgasm video
    documentation of indisputable results.

    February 1993
    Federal Judge Moskowitz denied
    extradition request from Mitterand's
    French government and released Philip
    Savage to live freely in the U.S. while he
    appealed for political asylum. Philip
    Savage's case is the most important
    religious freedom case in recent
    American history. It documents vicious
    government persecution by a European
    ally of the U.S., which much of the world
    still considers to be a free, democratic,
    religious country, which it isn't.

    December 1990
    Philip Savage broke all global TV
    viewer ratings in Paris when a Patrick
    Sabatier audience of 12 million people
    (equivalent to 70 million on US ratings)
    tuned in to watch the famous Breton
    "Unbelievable Healer" and 5 of his
    clients explain the amazing results they
    received.  A premiere in genetic
    engineering of a case of cystic fibrosis
    was announced that night.

    July 2006
    Paddy, the Miracle Horse. Philip
    Savage took care of Paddy the horse
    from a distance of more than 1000 miles
    with astonishing results. Immediately
    after the SDI treatment, crippled 19 year
    old Irish Cob runs for the first time in 3
    years. Watch "before and after" video
    footage of this unprecedented event,
    which is definitely a first in human
March 2009  
Philip Savage's team
launched his FREE FireBurnDoctor
public scientific experiment on burns
anywhere in the world, with a central
U.S. phone number, protocol and new
website. Call
+1 818 332 6445
within 30 minutes of burn injury.            
    May 2005
    20-year drug addiction gone in one
    weekend with Dr. Philip Savage. No
    pain, no drugs, no withdrawals, no
    'rehab." Christian Forlani recovered
    immediately after one treatment,
    explaining, "It's an ecstatic experience
    to be blessed by Philip's cares...."
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